Web Project Builder

Web Project Builder is a powerful and scalable environment that supports admin panel development with no code efforts. Developers can easily use the template to create new functionality of the interface easily.


  • User management for better interfacing
  • User-friendly table and form builder
  • Custom dashboard builder
  • A wide variety of ready-made project modules
  • Inventory Management Solution

    The Inventory Management Solution can manage individual items and groups based on the business’s criteria. The software assists online shopping portals to provide inventory management for companies in the warehouse, logistics, distribution, supply chain, sales, and so on.


  • Creating a new transaction
  • Add product to the inventory
  • Edit/update an item in inventory
  • Listing an item in a group
  • Turn-Key Cyber Security and Privacy Solutions

    The platform is trustworthy for being a quality, cost-effective, and innovative solutions provider to all of your security and privacy needs. Through our experienced team, the user’s data privacy is rest assured.


  • Continuously updated data resources
  • Commonly interfaced with technical and program support.
  • Reduction of privacy risks and complexity by using vetted tools.
  • Faster and highly competitive business environment with a cost-effective.
  • Kindness Tutoring

    Kindness tutoring is a new and exciting global learning platform that connects students with high quality Muslim teachers and experts from around the world. From Quran, Islamic Studies, Computer Programming to Mathematics, our platform allows you to take 1-on-1 sessions with the teacher of your choice, anytime, anywhere.


  • High quality teachers
  • Available everytime everywhere
  • Connects students with high quality Muslim teachers
  • Easily booked teachers
  • Digital Menu

    Capture your guests’ dining experience in real-time and gain insights on what your customers love about your restaurant and what you can improve. Coach and empower your staff with the right actionable feedback to provide world class service and ensure all your guests leave happy.


  • Coach and empower your staff
  •  Immediately resolving problems
  • Ilmsquare

    From Islamic Studies, Computer Programming, to Mathematics, take 1-on-1 session with high quality Muslim teachers from around the world. Anytime. Anywhere.


  • High quality teachers
  • Available everytime everywhere
  • Connects students with high quality Muslim teachers
  • Easily booked teachers
  • 360 Planner

    The software provides a sophisticated content-based search engine and data warehouse that can index hundreds of millions of user profiles. It includes tools for creating customized search queries on scholarships, grants, financial aid, and loans and a user-friendly interface. 


  • Various task management
  • Effective search and communication tools
  • Multiple data tracking
  • Business development videos
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