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Software Project Delivery

Deploying resources efficiently is the key to thriving in a business

Adapting to the technologies and trends of the current time is essential. Our aim is to leverage cutting edge technology to carry forward our legacy by providing a seamless experience to our clients with excellent results.

Software project development often involve many hidden costs. Being crystal clear from the costs perspective helps IBR InfoTech focus on trust-building while providing accurate results in a structured format. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

How to take off with your IT project?

Starting with a list of requirements for your IT development project is a good place to start with. A list of use-cases or user stories can be used herein. It could also be a written statement of the problem that has to be solved. In an ideal world, you would supply us with a comprehensive technical task description paper that details every aspect of the future product. However, because the world isn’t perfect, our PM/BA team will collaborate with you on a discovery effort to fill in any gaps in the first materials.

Send us your specification if you want to get your software development project off to a good start. Our team of developers, project managers, and business analysts will thoroughly examine it and perform more investigation, including asking you questions and recommending actions.

Ready to fly with us?

How do we create estimates?

Once the initial requirements have been clarified, we will present you with a project time estimate, usually in the form of an Excel file that breaks down your software project into subtasks. There are two figures allocated to each subtask: realistic and pessimistic. These figures represent the project’s likely price range.
Because we solely utilize the Time & Material model, the pricing changes based on the number of hours spent on the development and is subject to discussion with the customer, allowing the client to have complete control over the process. With no hidden fees; all you get is a time estimate that is as accurate as possible.

Our planning and Execution

We begin allocating resources and planning efforts to communicate the final timeline to you once we have agreed on the project scope. As a result, we have a Gantt chart that we closely adhere to.

When we’re all set, we’ll go to work on the project, keeping your budget expectations in mind. Normally, during development, you will have access to our test server, where you can monitor the progress of your product, as well as our issue-tracker, where we report the hours daily for greater transparency.

Payment Modes?

We want our payment methods to be simple, flexible, and, above all, secure. As a result, we accept cryptocurrency in addition to bank transfers and PayPal payments. We made this decision primarily to protect personal data and prevent fraud.

Our Methodology?

  1. Let us know about your project!
  2. Our experts will get in touch with you
  3. Sign in and schedule for team allocations
  4. Set up all your requirements
  5. And the results are there!

Why Choose IBR InfoTech?

  1. Exceptional Management – We communicate with our clients in the most convenient way possible, and our project managers keep you informed at all times.
  3. Our USP? Our Process – We’ve encountered several issues and devised numerous remedies throughout the years. That’s how we honed our software development process to the point where we can now safely guarantee quality and timeliness.
  1. Maximum agility – We can swiftly offer an MVP (minimum viable prototype) before the final product so you can test the most important features and logic.
  1. The pricing advantage – Hiring an outside staff allows you to concentrate on your business objectives and lets you save you a lot of money.
  1. Perfect Analysis – Many of the companies in our portfolio lacked technical personnel, and we know how to deal with it. For non-technical clients, our staff may construct the full software development process after studying the specifics of your projects.
  1. Legally alright – We protect our clients’ privacy and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). This document ensures that third parties do not have access to confidential information.
  1. Intellectual Property Rights – You have complete control over your project. The client receives total ownership of the intellectual property rights to the software we developed.
  1. Flexible Time Zones – We may alter our working hours to ensure that they overlap with your exact timezone, regardless of where you are located!
  1. Fastest Ramp Up – We have a resource pool ready to start working on the project as soon as the specifications are received.

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