Inventory management software development

IBR InfoTech provides the best inventory management software you can have for your business. Our highly skilled experts would assist you with stock syncing, visibility and quantity adjustments along with detailed precision.

Our innovative inventory management software will help you to identify the supply chain inventory items by using RFID and QR codes. The software will also help you to analyze sales performance of the employees and maintain their statistics as well.

Let us look at a few features that IBR Infotech provides along with its inventory software development.

  • Asset tracking (barcode and RFID) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Inventory and Warehouse management

  • Shipping, logistics and Order processing

  • Manufacturing and material requirements planning

  • Inventory aggregation and sync software

Our software helps to sync inventory across multiple channels and gives a program for data aggregation and centralized repositories for inventory count.

Our experts can integrate inventory management systems with ERP through APIs and shelf life management with RFID and barcodes. There are many more software integrations involved.

This inventory management software solution helps you maintain stock adjustments, status updates of your inventory along with EDI implementation and integration services.

This software by IBR Infotech helps to check on your inventory in real time through computers and mobile devices with the help of internet connectivity. This enables data access from anywhere you are.

IBR Infotech also creates an analytics platform to check the historical sales performance of a single item. It also helps to create EOQ for companies along with dashboards to track KPIs, turnover rates and much more.

IBR InfoTech, along with our exemplarily skilled developers, have marked achievements like,

  • 20000+ apps built

  • 7000+ happy clients

  • 47% repeated customers and referral business

  • 2200+ developers

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