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14 React Performance Optimization Techniques for 2024

Published on: December 04, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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A well-liked JavaScript package for creating user interfaces is called React. React JS development company uses it extensively to create web apps with great performance. However, maintaining the performance of these apps can become difficult as their complexity rises. We'll go over the best React performance optimization strategies for 2023 in this blog post, which will help you make your web apps run faster and more effectively.

There are various advantages to using the React framework. However, one of the biggest worries among developers is the performance problems with ReactJS development company projects. To provide you with tips on how to boost the performance of your React project, we have put together some extremely useful information. 

How can react performance boost your business?

There are some points which can prove that react JS web development services are very important to hype your business.

  • Component hierarchy- React apps are constructed from components that hierarchically arrange themselves. Components are reusable user interface elements that might be functional or class-based.

  • React's virtual DOM- A virtual DOM, a condensed replica of the browser DOM, is used by React. React js web development services can maintain and update the UI more effectively thanks to the Virtual DOM.

  • Initial render- React builds the initial Virtual DOM tree based on the component hierarchy when a React application loads. 

  • Reconciliation and diffing- React's reconciliation process is triggered by modifications made to the props or application state after the first render. React JS development company uses a diffing mechanism to compare the old and new Virtual DOMs.

Now let's discuss 14 React Performance Optimization Techniques for 2024

  1. React Memo

Re-rendering the React components might cause the apps to run slowly and the user interface to become sluggish. It also detracts from the user experience. Therefore, it is essential to reduce unneeded renders to avoid such problems a company should be in contact with reactjs web development services.

  1. Lazy loading images

Most programmes contain images. Avoid rendering every image at once if you wish to optimise an application with multiple images. It can significantly improve how quickly a page loads. 

With the help of a React JS development company using lazy loading, you may delay rendering the images in the DOM until after they show up in the viewport. It aids in stopping the formation of extraneous DOM nodes. It significantly improves the performance of React apps. 

  1. Reselection

Without a doubt, Redux and React function well together. Redux, however, frequently results in performance problems. The primary cause is needless re-rendering when the state varies. 

Reselect aids memoized selector construction. Only when there are any modifications to the data can re-rendering be permitted by the memoized selectors. Consequently, it improves React apps' performance. 

  1. Server-side rendering

React js development company may efficiently solve performance issues and search engine optimisation with server-side rendering. It can produce static content in the browser before sending it to the user's browser. 

Site loading speeds can be increased with the use of server-side rendering. The user sees a preview of the finished page, however, it will take some time to load. 

  1. Immutable data structure

Understanding immutable data structures is simple. The main concept is to refrain from directly altering an object made up of intricate data. You should hire a React JS development company which helps you to consider duplicating the object with the updated modifications instead.

It makes it easy to compare the new object with the original and see the changes. It has triggered a UI update so it becomes straightforward. 

  1. Code splitting in React

Code splitting is another useful technique for improving React apps' performance. When a React js web development services application is rendered, the full application code is loaded into a bundle file by default. Bundling can reduce a page's ability to process HTTP requests, notwithstanding its usefulness. 

  1. Use SETSTATE Function

React app performance can also be enhanced by using the SETSTATE function. In React, each component has a state that corresponds to it. A component's state may alter as a result of an event that the systems cause or in reaction to user activities.

  1. Memoizing react components

Memoization is a perfect optimization technique that includes retrieving the cached results, storing the results in memory, and caching a component-rendered operation. The memoized component will automatically compare a prop that is received by a child component. 

  1. Windowing and List virtualization

Rendering many rows of items in an application is sometimes necessary. In some situations, the objects might or might not show up in the browser's viewport. They are rendered in the DOM, though. 

React js development company provides applications whose performance is frequently impacted by it, this is where the idea of windowing comes in handy. Only the content that is accessible to users may be rendered to the DOM. 

  1. React Fragments

React js web development services help wrap or group several components efficiently without adding new nodes to the DOM. Rendering several components or child elements inside of a single-parent component is advantageous. 

It facilitates the removal of pointless div usage from the programs. This may contribute to improving the React apps' speed and functionality.

  1. Trim javascript bundles

Auditing and trimming JavaScript bundles is essential if you want to reduce code redundancy. Your React application may have multiple redundant and superfluous lines of code. Thus React js development company helps to analyse and remove all of these scripts, which can aid in enhancing the application's performance. Ensure that the bundled codes are appropriately analysed and determined. 

  1. CSS animation usage

Your React applications need animations if you want to provide a satisfying user experience. On the other hand, there are other approaches to using web animations. The most well-liked ones are the JS and CSS animations. 

  1. Throttling & Debouncing Event Action

The number of times the event handlers are called within a given amount of time is referred to as the trigger rate. Application crashes may occur from higher event trigger rates. As a result, event-triggering optimization is crucial and this part is to be done with the help of a React js development company.

  1. Dependency optimization

Optimising the size of the React bundle is another well-liked technique for guaranteeing good React performance. Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to reduce the bundle size. The most popular techniques include compression, minification, code splitting, and lazy loading. Additionally, you can optimise the size of the React package by utilising fewer libraries. 


In conclusion, it is impossible to exaggerate the significance of React performance optimization in 2024. Improving your React js web development services provide application's speed becomes crucial as people expect faster and more responsive experiences and web applications get more sophisticated.

The employee of a React web development company with expertise in React performance optimization helps to create a React web application that runs smoothly. By performing this you can make sure that this application is well performed and it has an excellent user experience. To optimise this technology for web application development contact the most trusted company IBR Infotech, this company will help you to provide your best services under budget.

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