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Whether you're searching for software for a single retail store, a retail chain, or an omnichannel brand, manage sales, inventory, customers, and more with simplicity. Your firm will run more smoothly with the aid of POS software.

A seamless suite to manage orders, inventory, customers, and more

Point of sale

By maximizing the use of the resource at hand, a POS system or point-of-sale software aids organizations in increasing the flexibility of their operations. POS software automates business processes and provides the finest operational framework by optimizing every action and increasing business income.

Despite being one of the fewer researched categories, POS machines have likely existed for longer than we realize. However, they are now receiving the attention they deserve. To accept online payments, retailers, owners, gas stations, shops, and enterprises have POS equipment at their locations. To ensure quick transactions are risk-free for both the business and the client, POS terminals are used for seamless and safe online payment.

Transform ideas into reality

Bring your most complex point-of-sale software idea to life with our comprehensive POS software solutions. Having built more than 20 applications, IBR is in an excellent position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market.

Data Acumens

We assist you in identifying, deciphering, and communicating the relevant and helpful patterns in your data in order to create highly illustrated insights and reports. Create customised interfaces to manage structured or unstructured data.

Agile Development

We can release software quickly by concentrating on development, testing, and stakeholder visibility of the highest caliber. Agile development practices imply more control over the process, flexibility for last-minute changes, risk mitigation, and a higher ROI.

Smart Applications

Develop astute solutions for your inventory that delivers experiential learning by incorporating the latest and research-backed features such as real-time messaging, web conferencing, gamification, caching, etc.

Scalable and Secure Infrastructure

The same cannot be stated for off-the-shelf software solutions, but with us, niche features may be added or removed with simplicity. Since the system integrates effectively with corporate activities, scaling is simple and quick.

Stay ahead of the curve

Continuous experiments with the latest technologies, design patterns, and development methodologies constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. You get a tactical edge from our research into problems that call for ground-breaking solutions.

What can you do with Point of Sale Software Solutions?

Cloud-Based POS System

By enabling businesses to access real-time data and effectively adapt to varying client needs, cloud point-of-sale systems assist retailers in enhancing customer happiness and growing their business. Retailers may manage their enterprises in a very sophisticated way by remotely overseeing multi-chain operations. With real-time insight into all retail activities, including sales, purchases, inventory, accounting, and many others, the cloud POS saves and processes all your data online.

Back Office Apps

Each of your stores has a live connection to the primary cloud server. This shop management tool allows you to manage and set up all business regulations, item masters, cashier information, and stock images. You don't need to be concerned about updating any significant shop promos or synchronizing POS data. Businesses utilize POS systems that adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This makes it easier to preserve the integrity of essential and sensitive client data, such as credit card information and phone numbers.

Customer Relation Management

The CRM component is crucial for maintaining profiles of frequent consumers. It enables businesses to know all the data, such as when a consumer made their most recent purchase, when they were first added to the system, or how much money they have spent overall. This makes it simpler for the company to improve the client experience personally.

Mobile POS

Mobile billing software simplifies your billing process with a few touches and enables you to handle busy hours and holiday seasons better, smoother, and faster to boost customer satisfaction. With the help of a mobile billing app, it is simple to use all the functions in the sales module and manage at various places, while billing can be done wherever you are. Utilizing a mobile billing application enables you to satisfy and offer your consumers the finest shopping experience by performing billing operations cost-effectively and rapidly.


POS solutions provide you the freedom to expand your business with the necessary integration and assist you in finding a suitable product depending on your company's demands. POS software supports many functions like barcode scanners, printers, weighing scales, cash drawers, pole displays, magnetic card readers, and more. You may also link with the tools and services you use daily to manage your business more efficiently, such as e-commerce, connected banking, payments, loyalty programs, accounting, ERP-based connections, and many others.

Point of Sale (POS) Software Solution

How we build a Point of Sale (POS) software solution team for you

By employing experts and giving them the required training, the management and analysis of the development process of point-of-sale software can be made simple. You also save money by avoiding paying for resources that fall short of your needs.

Prime Developers – Extensive familiarity with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and front-end programming languages. The essential concepts behind point-of-sale software systems include component lifespan, integration, migration, and customization.

Diverse Expertise – Our developers are experienced with REST APIs, document request models, offline storage, and third-party libraries. Prop types, typescript, unit testing, and code debugging are concepts they are familiar with.

Test-Driven Approach – Performance constraints can be fixed by our expert developers. The whole mobile app development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment, is thoroughly understood by our staff.

Effective communication – We constantly give our clients a comprehensive picture of every technological solution and keep them informed about the progress of their projects.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the world's leading Point of Sale (POS) software solutions companies.

Why Tech Managers build their Point of Sale (POS) Software Team with us

Tactics Optimization

We use data to create an exceptional user experience and maximize the impact of your efforts with our custom POS solution.

Better Understanding

Knowledge of the design aesthetics and best practices for point-of-sale software. Ability to keep the pipeline for continuous integration and delivery running smoothly.

Agile Approach

Experience working in an agile development environment with a solid foundation in verbal and written communications abilities to communicate strategy.

Integrity & Transparency

User-centric designs should be created with the client in mind, and the code should be clean, well-documented, and adhere to best practices.

Supreme Security

We employ the greatest technology to develop enterprise-grade apps and user-facing web solutions with the highest level of security.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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