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IBR Infotech has a proven track record of developing effective source-to-pay systems. With the development and integration of the supply chain, our professionals helped numerous global systems operate more efficiently.

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IBR Infotech develops supply chain management software to improve and optimize delivery, cut costs, and concentrate on a business plan. We provide sophisticated yet adaptable software based on a methodical approach to assist our customers in boosting earnings, streamlining procurement management, improving process transparency, and conserving time and resources.

With the use of efficient supply chain management software and Supply Chain 4.0 technologies (IoT, big data, AI, blockchain, AR, and VR), firms may reinvent their company operations and drive improvements across their supply chain processes.

Trends that will Shape the Future of the Supply Chain Management System

Robotics will be used in logistics to make supply chain activities faster and more precise while lowering human error. In terms of uptime and productivity, robots do better than human workers. Robots, unlike humans, don't take the place of people; instead, they collaborate with them to increase production.

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning allow businesses to respond to changes in demand in a proactive manner. For instance, administrators might use AI-based forecasting tools to plan supply chain operations and find cost-saving opportunities.

The term "warehouse automation" refers to automated stock control procedures that involve little or no human involvement as they automatically enter, move through, and leave warehouses for customers. A corporation can save time and money by automating monotonous physical processes as well as manual data entry and analysis.

By centrally storing your data in a single location and managing it without the use of specialized hardware resources, cloud computing solutions enable you to handle your data more efficiently than before.
Custom Software Development Trends

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Order management software

We develop order management software for a range of business sectors, including retail and e-commerce. One existing piece of software enables automation of the equipment management process.

Procurement Management system

Our professionals has created a sales and logistics management system that allows for the tracking of customers and suppliers. We also included a reporting mechanism to make it easier for users to get different stats. The supply chain management solutions allowed our clients to save costs throughout the supply chain, from the suppliers to the retail outlet.

Inventory Management system

IBR Infotech offers its clients inventory management software that makes it easier for companies to keep track of all their operations, money, and logistics. We develop cross-platform, web, and mobile apps for QR/barcode scanning and RFID monitoring.


CRM is a system that controls all interactions and communications between your business and customers, both current and potential. CRM tools help companies streamline processes, stay in touch with customers, and increase sales. It helps to maintain focus on the company's interactions with certain people over the course of the relationship.

Growth-oriented development

Supply Chain Management Case Study

Supply networks that are effective help businesses compete in the logistics industry. According to one study, supply chain management system gives organizations an edge over competitors and enables them to expand their business. The supply chain is now more effective than it has ever been because to developments in data analytics and automation.

New technologies encourage innovation in supply chains across numerous industries, which benefits businesses, workers, and customers. Since we live in a digitally connected world, technologies with a high potential for transformation are currently in demand. These technologies aim to boost operations' resilience and resistance.

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Our Expertise

New Product Development and Innovations

To build new platforms or make changes to the ones we already have, we use UX-led technology. We provide a comprehensive spectrum of technical services, consultation, UI/UX design, architecture, programming, and testing. We provide consulting and innovation services to help businesses adopt digital technology, create unique value propositions for their consumers, and promote innovation and growth.

Dedicated Development Team

The experts at our disposal develop supply chain management software from the ground up, carried out platform migrations, provided special features and connectors throughout the growing phase, and performed hundreds of supply chain management solutions. supply chain management solutions were developed for corporate businesses by vetted IBR employees who are experts in their domains.

Supply Chain Management Process

Due to the complexity of supply networks, businesses need a solution. In the meantime, administration and manual tracking have become less accurate and efficient. Businesses spend money on supply chain management solutions to solve problems of this nature. Our team provide supply chain management solutions to have a substantial impact on supply chain processes, enhancing customer retention and increasing earnings.


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  • Systems for managing the movement of commodities, information, and finances associated with a good or service from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of the good at its final location are known as supply chain management (SCM) systems.

  • The four components of the supply chain- operations, integration, purchasing, and distribution, work together to create a path to competitiveness that is both affordable and competitive.

  • Supply chain management is divided into three levels: tactical, strategic, and operational. The supply chain management process has three levels: operational, strategic, tactical

  • The terms supply chain management (SCM) is also known as business logistics management.