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A top firm for the design and development of travel websites is IBR Infotech. Our main objective is to give our customers the most recent travel innovations. We provide the most aesthetically pleasing software with functions that are simple to use, automated reservation confirmation, real-time inventory booking, and a strong back office.

Our development team is skilled in creating APIs that require little to no human interaction, greatly increasing operational efficiency. By offering reliable web and mobile travel software solutions that assist digital travel firms in automating personalization, streamlining operations, and increasing conversions, IBR offers unique and digital experiences to the travel sectors.

Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to quickly regain profitability by outperforming rivals or responding to market developments in a proactive manner.

Trends that will Shape the Future of the Travel Industry

The practice of combining pleasure travel with business travel is known as Bleisure travel. It is thought to represent the future. These business-leisure travels can either be pre-planned, in which case customers organize their holiday around a work trip, or this may be a last-minute consideration. Business travelers may choose to extend their stay and explore their location after the meetings, professional conferences, and other job commitments are over.

Online reservations are growing as a result of digitization. This has not only reduced the cost of advertising for travel agencies, but clients are also benefiting from the ease it provides. By implementing cutting-edge technology, booking systems assist tour and activity providers in automating their procedures and improving their effectiveness.

According to Google, 57% of tourists think that businesses should tailor their purchasing experiences based on their habits, tastes, and previous decisions. When it comes to the actual trip and activity, customization is crucial. You have a possibility of better pleasing your customers by providing adaptable experiences that may be customized to a traveler's demands.

Another habit that became popular during the epidemic was staying home. It symbolizes a vacation that is taken at home or in one's native country as opposed to traveling and entails taking frequent day excursions to explore nearby sights and activities. People who feel the desire to get away from their homes but want to avoid crowds and gatherings should choose this sort of vacation.

Another significant tourist trend that is upending the market is virtual reality, and making use of the technology will put you ahead of competitors. Customers may experience hotel & restaurant interiors, outdoor tourism destinations, and more through online VR tours. The majority of current VR tours are web-based and accessible through any widely used web browser.
Custom Software Development Trends

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Travel Portal and Booking Engine Software

By integrating OTA and tour operator websites for booking, paying, and CRM of travel business operations, we create and develop end-to-end travel technology solutions. Our main goal is to develop user-friendly interfaces that boost user engagement and optimize ROI.

CRM for Hotels

We provide unique CRM systems for hotels that can handle the customer lifecycle, workflow, loyalty programs, and guest feedback programs, analyze data, and generate statistics.

Travel Agent Software

We build solutions for travel agencies that assist them in managing day-to-day operations in a coordinated manner thanks to our years of expertise in developing travel software solutions. These technologies support them in tasks including maintaining records and accounts, responding to customer inquiries, arranging appointments, making follow-up calls to customers, and more.

Vacation Rental and Timeshare Management Software

We build solutions for small and big independent travel agencies that assist them in managing day-to-day operations in a coordinated manner thanks to our years of expertise in developing travel software and our pool of qualified people. These technologies support them in tasks including maintaining records and accounts, responding to customer inquiries, arranging appointments, making follow-up calls to customers, and more.

Growth-oriented development

Travel & Tourism Case Studies

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries. In recent years, there has been a shift from mass tourism to more personalized and growth-oriented development in travel and tourism. This has created opportunities for smaller businesses to enter the market and provide innovative products and services that appeal to a wider range of travelers.

In addition, this trend has also led to an increase in responsible tourism initiatives, as tourists are becoming more aware of the impact their travel can have on local communities and the environment. As the industry continues to grow, it is important to ensure that sustainable practices are adopted in order to protect the planet and its resources.

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Our Expertise

Business Analysts

Our team of cyber-security business analysts is robust and has deep expertise in the related field. Our staff has first-hand knowledge of implementing security systems. As a system integrator, we assist to build and operate a cyber-security program encompassing identity, detection, protection, response, and recovery while you are addressing your customer requirements and growing the business.

Dedicated Development Team

The professionals at our disposal were responsible for constructing eCommerce stores from the ground up, implementing platform migrations, delivering unique features and connectors during the scaling stage, and conducting hundreds of eCommerce audits. Vetted IBR professionals created eCommerce solutions for corporate firms that are well-known in their fields.

New Product Development And Innovations

We use UX-led engineering to create new platforms or alter the existing ones. Including consultation, UI/UX design, architecture, programming, and testing, we offer a full range of technical services. We offer consultancy and innovation services for digital transformation to businesses so they can adopt and use digital technology to develop distinctive value propositions for customers and foster innovation and growth.


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  • Every digital product we work on has a unique set of needs, and we believe in creating dependable, secure, and scalable tailored solutions for our clients. We gladly analyze your product requirements and provide you with some thoughtful alternatives during our free product discovery meetings.

  • Because you can simply purchase hotel and flight tickets, check hotel and flight costs, check and book travel packages across a variety of places, get travel guide experiences, and more, mobile apps are favored over the web for the travel and tourism business.

  • These elements are necessary for a top-notch travel app:

    • Geographic Location Tracking Service
    • Travel Preparation
    • Directions & Maps
    • In-app reservations
    • A weather report
    • Sharing on social media
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Converting currencies

  • CRM is an effective instrument for building prospects for any company's business by managing customer databases and their crucial information. Manage tours and lodgings with local and international clients in one or more languages with the help of customized CRM for travel IT solutions.