Custom Warehouse Management Software System for better Control and Administration

At IBR InfoTech, we help you build a modern yet super flexible warehouse management software that streamline warehouse operations and services including shipping, product tracking, stock acquisition and other processes on the go. Consult our WMS software development professionals to know more.

Warehouse Software Development Services to Manage and Automate Routine Tasks

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IBR InfoTech offers comprehensive warehouse management system development services to meet your needs. Whether you require a new WMS built from the ground up or need additional developers to customize your existing system, we have got you covered.

Our developers are proficient in developing solutions with open-source platforms like Odoo, and OpenTaps. Our services enable visibility across multiple warehouse locations with multi-level authorization for error-free order fulfillment.

Customized Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are useful in managing warehouse operations of any size, whether it's a single warehouse or multiple warehouses spread worldwide.

WMS can be integrated with several software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Order Management Software, Product Information Management Software, Shipping Carriers’ software, and other related systems.

Warehouse software development

We create software applications for managing warehouses that optimize processes, control operations, and trace goods for complete control over shipping and delivery. Our warehouse apps help route personnel in real-time to the correct locations with alerts and notifications.

Warehouse software integration

We offer a valuable service of integrating warehouse software with ERP systems that enhance functionality of existing warehouse management. We aim to provide exceptional warehouse integration services, which include mobile, server-based, and third-party integrations with software like Zoho inventory.

Warehouse mobile app solution

We build mobile apps for warehouses that meet all the warehousing requirements, from fleet management to route planning and shipment tracking. Our Mobile WMS solutions facilitate on-the-go processes using smartphones, and RFID scanners to enhance warehouse operations.

Warehouse data migration

Our company offers well-organized warehouse data migration services that ensure the smooth transfer of both master and dynamic data to the desired system. Furthermore, we design connectors that facilitate the hassle-free migration of on premise or cloud-based systems to any other application.

AI – based analytics

We utilize routing, allocations, and recommendation engines to suggest enhancements based on key performance indicators. Our analytics services, powered by AI, help achieve greater order accuracy, higher productivity, reduced fulfillment time, and improved inventory accuracy through efficient decision-making.

WMS based IoT

Our WMS services are designed using IoT architecture that is ideal for sensor technologies. With our IoT-based warehouse management software services, you can enjoy intelligent processing that provides better control over data storage compared to traditional systems.

Warehouse Management Software Features?

The inventory tracking is quite useful in establishing a sound inventory management system in the warehouse. It enables warehouse managers to monitor goods that are received and transported from the warehouse. Additionally, it helps to ensure that products are traceable easily when required to move.

This feature aids in the handling and processing of diverse information and documents related to warehouse management. It facilitates decision-making with regards to procurement, inventory management, and sales of goods. It streamlines the tasks required to track inventory, manage reordering and keep accounting data updated.

This feature allows for the monitoring and control of inventory item movements and their intended location. It provides details on the number, location, and the products. An efficient warehouse software reduces overhead costs, streamline processes, and increase revenue.

This feature assists your employees in fulfilling the orders efficiently by facilitating the use of mobile scanners and similar gadgets. It also generates documents and lists to streamline the process. The right warehouse order picking software minimizes warehouse cost, improves customer satisfaction, and ensures accuracy.

Accurate inventory is crucial in warehouse operations, and to ensure accurate inventory count documentation, it is necessary to utilize this feature which allows the addition of both scheduled and unscheduled deliveries to the warehouse.

ECommerce software solution

Why to Choose our Custom Warehouse Software Solutions?

Warehouse management software is a useful tool that enables businesses to streamline their storage facility operations by automating routine tasks. Creating a personalized WMS system can offer several advantages to a company.

Lower operational cost – Warehouse management software can help logistics companies decrease their operational expenses such as shipping costs, packaging, pickup, transportation by streamlining their core business processes.

Minimal time for order fulfillment – Warehouse management system development solutions can help workers to save time while performing their tasks and efficiently fulfilling multiple orders. The software allows this in minimal time.

Better Inventory accuracy – Cloud-based warehouse management software is designed to store information related to all inventories and enable organized data management. It also helps prevent inventory loss.

Reduced number of misplacing – Integration of Barcode RFID readers with the warehouse system significantly lowers the chances of employees picking the wrong product. This eliminates human errors and ensures accuracy.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Warehouse Management Solution companies in the world.

Why Develop Warehouse Software Development with IBR InfoTech?


We hold strong expertise in logistics custom software development that enable us to understand and implement the right solution.

Professional developers

Our dedicated software developers help your business optimize warehouse operations with bespoke software development.

Agile approach

Our team emphasizes the agile methodology, which prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency. This approach enables the team to deliver high-quality products.

Integrity and transparency

We recognize the importance of being honest and transparent, and make sure to incorporate these principles in our business practices.

Support and maintenance

We offer professional assistance and product maintenance services to ensure the continuity of your business without any flaws.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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