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Survey Conducting Software to Gain Faster Insights and Feedbacks

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Abundant collection of information is really important for any business to improve operations and function efficiently. To enhance information management, managerial departments need to have a thorough understanding of their customers, employees, and the target market.

To aid in this process, our survey software development solution offers a comprehensive platform for designing, deploying, processing and reporting on various types of assessments and evaluations across the enterprise. Streamlining this process enables faster decision-making and supports employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and customers.

IBR InfoTech offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to effortlessly create and publish surveys in just a few minutes. The software allows users to add questions, scores, and pages, and edit the survey according to their preferences. However, to obtain accurate feedback, surveys need to be directed to the appropriate audience.

Our survey software goes beyond just basic questionnaires by providing users with the ability to reach out to an organization's audience. Additionally, with the survey analytics tool, users can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. By analyzing responses in aggregate and utilizing filters and cross-tabs, users can obtain a comprehensive analysis.

Top Features of Survey Management

Survey Builder

The interface of this tool is based on drag-and-drop functionality and offers various features besides layout and design options. Nevertheless, the survey structure is determined by two key elements i.e. questions and answers.

Super Flexible

All software can adjust to technological advancements and trends. The survey management system has enough room for flexibility.

Email Invite

The system comes equipped with a mailer that automatically sends invitations to complete questionnaires. Additionally, if necessary, a third-party application can be included to ensure the task is completed.


Survey management software streamlines organizational processes with a minimal human intervention that would otherwise take longer if done manually.

Access to different media

With survey software management tool integration of images, videos, and graphics lets you perform interactive and engaging questionnaires.


The survey management system has an essential feature called reporting. Reporting lets you gather feedback, and present it in a structured format, which helps in achieving the set targets.

Top Benefits of Survey Management Software

Online surveys can significantly reduce the costs associated with setup and administration. This is because there are no expenses for paper, printing, or postage. Additionally, the need for manual data entry into a database is eliminated.

An online survey is a convenient way to save time and effort while obtaining real-time results. It allows you to efficiently build, distribute, gather, and evaluate surveys, enabling you to actionable solutions.

Businesses have the flexibility to quickly create tailored surveys to cater to their specific audience. The questions asked in these surveys can also be customized to fit their needs. With the help of a web-based system, respondents can easily skip questions that they do not wish to answer.

The survey management software examines the data as soon as a respondent completes the survey. This enables you to swiftly analyze the feedback and make necessary changes to enhance your business growth.

The online survey software is user-friendly and easy to comprehend, even for first-time users. Whether creating a complex or simple survey, the software offers a simple step-by-step guide that allows for prompt survey generation.

ECommerce software solution

Smart Survey Management Software for Enterprises of all Sizes

Accurate data collection has numerous advantages for your business. It enables you to address critical inquiries and make forecasts, decisions, and analysis. Furthermore, online survey data is more precise, as responses are directly entered into the database without any manual intervention.

White label – Our team can assist you in crafting surveys that align with your brand identity, foster trust, and enhance audience engagement. By fully white labeling your surveys and sharing links using your domain, we ensure seamless integration with your brand. Additionally, we can create a unique survey theme that reflects your brand essence in front of your audience.

Automation –Our automation tools can help you work more efficiently by simplifying your tasks. You can pre-fill your surveys and forms with default answers, and even build custom integrations through Web hooks, or Zapier to connect Smart Survey with your essential systems. Additionally, you can set up workflows to automatically send surveys based on specific events.

Collaborate – Collaborate better on surveys by enabling multiple individuals to work on a single survey. You can set user privileges for surveys, questions, and your own branded theme using admin controls to ensure compliance and consistency to regulations.

Secure – Using survey software is effective and secure. You can grant multiple team members access to work on and enhance a survey together. This feature is not only safe and secure, but also extremely easy to configure.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Survey Making Software Development companies in the world.

Why Choose IBR InfoTech for Survey Conducting Software?

Cost-effective service

We are a trusted software development company providing customized IT solutions and services that are designed to meet their unique requirements and infrastructure. Our team is committed to delivering project outcomes that are completed within the specified timeframe, budget, and exact specifications as per your expectations.


At our company, we highly appreciate the importance of practical knowledge and hence, we strive to hire and retain engineers who possess exceptional experience in their respective fields. We follow a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we only onboard top-notch talent. Moreover, our team undergoes continuous training to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

Dedication to Quality Solution

We firmly believe that adhering to proper work ethics is essential for achieving the highest quality and accuracy of data. Therefore, our team brings quality outcomes that ensure superior performance for your business growth.

Solution to Make a Difference

We only take on assignments that we are confident we can make a positive, measurable difference for. It doesn't matter if we're working with a small company or implementing a technology refresh program throughout an entire organization, we always strive to bring immediate added value to your business.

Secured Software Solution

At our company, we make sure to prioritize the security of your data by incorporating security measures into every software we build. You can rest assured that none of our work has ever been compromised or breached. We take the confidentiality and integrity of your information seriously and make it our top priority.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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