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Developing simple to complex applications using different programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, or PHP and a powerful suite of tools, IBR Infotech excels in web, mobile and e-commerce applications.


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It is a known fact that though many software products have grown in popularity, yet not every service in the market is worth investing in. That said, IBR Infotech has reached a mature stage where a variety of tools and processes will be used to create a secure and profitable software environment and our aim is to help you get there.

Web Application Development

From WordPress developers to Full Stack Developers working with Native or NodeJS, our company takes the top tier in providing extensive services for web design and development.

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Create an online presence and store your company's useful information in the right place with the best WordPress services.

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Build dynamic web applications and write servers that run your web page content with the most preferred open-source software.

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Leverage the expertise we bring to develop web applications with the popular JavaScript MVW framework.

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Custom Software

Personalize your business solutions with software specifically designed to meet and represent the company’s objectives.

Mobile App Development

We generate relevant and interesting business insights in our highly responsive and interactive mobile applications by focusing on important information and analytics technologies. 

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Android Application Development

Create effective, easy-to-use and reliable custom software engineering models for interfaces with a greater market contribution.

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iOS Application Development

Find services to create applications compatible with the most celebrated smartphone interface working at an amazing pace and performance.

Web Application Development

We generate relevant and interesting business insights in our highly responsive and interactive mobile applications by focusing on important information and analytics technologies. 

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Case Studies

Web Project Builder

Create your project with less coding and more customization.

Web Project Builder is a powerful and scalable environment that supports admin panel development with no code efforts. Developers can easily use the template to create new functionality of the interface easily.

Business Challenge

An application’s user interface facilitates the user making all the crucial decisions to access the required features of the platform. The present challenge involves building a platform that enables the user to create any type of project based on specific requirements from the page without having to write any code.

After all, the entire code may not change from time to time. Moreover, the programmer must keep the code free of errors. Changes can be small, such as adding a new feature or changing a minor detail in the code. They can be big, including making major changes to the data warehouse in response to business trends. Frequent rewriting of the code may introduce unwanted errors, reduce productivity and efficiency. Therefore, there is a need for a well-structured web project builder for easy and quick project building without worrying too much about programming.


For a business process, be it software or hardware, the end-user is the process to automate the flow of data from the process of manufacturing to the customer interface. Our platform allows users to create, submit, review and approve changes to their project. The main feature of the Web Project Builder is its flexibility ensures that the developer can quickly develop the application to the user’s specification without having to build the entire application from scratch.

The Web Project Builder architecture includes a collection of ready-made modules that are functional, self-contained, modular, and interoperable. The user just needs to choose the best suitable module, then add a project, utilize the configuration options to customize the project’s behavior from the dashboard, preview, and launch the final project. The portal integrates with multiple technologies like PHP, CodeIgniter, HTML Javascript, etc. The software covers some more advanced features such as advanced tabular data, custom forms, infobox data flow, and graph manipulation.

The platform includes a project overview tab that contains a number of tabs related to the development of the site. The product development options can display the current status of the project and allow you to choose the project to deploy to a CI server.

The builder provides tools to manage an ever-growing number of dependencies and to make sure that the entire project, from start to finish, is up to date and maintained. Our user interface may change or update from time to time, but for the most part, the goal is to allow users to interact with the project they’re working on. After that, they have the option to edit the code for their project. Users can interact with a few UI elements, and they will be able to customize the interface and perform actions to the data.

The Output

The product output is the most critical component to realize a successful project and build its skeleton. It can also be the main source of feedback and information that enables the project leaders to find issues, suggestions and lead to improvement. This automated tool is useful in many ways and has extended features, including:

  • User management for better interfacing
  • User-friendly table and form builder
  • Custom dashboard builder
  • A wide variety of ready-made project modules
  • Easily install-able, understandable, and usable platform

The tool is highly modular so that modules can be compiled and installed in a matter of minutes. By interacting with the users and providing quality services, IBR Infotech can help users improve their productivity, support organizations to reach out and engage with the customers, and help individuals take advantage of new services.

Inventory Management Solution

Create inventory management software for online retailers.

The software-based inventory management platform can manage individual items and groups based on the business’s criteria. The software assists online shopping portals to provide inventory management for companies in the warehouse, logistics, distribution, supply chain, sales, and so on.

Business Challenge

The primary objective is to facilitate a quick way to perform some simple inventory management tasks on the cloud. A platform that can use the most appropriate tool to do an inventory check of the accounts and make sure they are properly connected to one another is the goal. It should also keep the tools sorted by what’s most important and add the other ones to the bottom list.

The Web is growing at an incredible rate, and with it has come a need to make better use of the vast amounts of data and the incredible amounts of new information being collected and disseminated daily. When the business involves hundreds or thousands of products with multiple buyers and sellers, it can be really slow to synchronize them to a single interface. Thus, the present business requirement demanded a system that allows the user to quickly and accurately monitor and change inventory over multiple accounts over a common platform.


The platform allows the user to manage multiple online accounts. Our team has designed a solution that will be compatible with all products that are built on a particular website under consideration. All data is saved on a central database that can be accessed and analyzed in real-time. Our developers implemented a database model based on transactions between the warehouse and a storage system. This is an example of how data management can help businesses focus on innovation and drive value creation.

Using this solution, our business customers can organize and alter the data according to custom requirements, which allows them to track and segment the business resources more effectively. Our service allows companies to leverage their existing database and analytics using PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS technologies, to perform customer relationship management.

The customer can use this solution to access the entire customer data like the customer, inventory, product, and payment details, and keep all your data in one place for both eBay and Amazon. Our team has developed a data model based on a relational database. This will allow us to provide a simple interface for the agents to use, which allows them to find out how many products they need, what they currently have, where they currently are, and what they are selling, all of which are stored separately in the database so that they can keep track of the status of the inventory.

This solution can also implement customer loyalty programs and also automate the product adding and ordering process. Meaning the system stores information about inventory and order status, along with a central repository for all the transactions and orders for an item.

The Output

The inventory management solution has let the company exchange data seamlessly and with ease and also access the information across multiple platforms. The interface has enabled the inventory on the platform in a convenient and fast way resolving major issues. Many features include:

  • Creating a new transaction
  • Add product to the inventory
  • Edit/update an item in inventory
  • Listing an item in a group

IBR Infotech has successfully built a common platform to connect eBay accounts and amazon account, all managed by one centralized server. The solution allows users to upload a product, edit the product inventory, and get more detailed information from the product itself. IBR Infotech can create and deploy tools to continuously monitor client activity, respond quickly to emerging customer demands, and monitor all business processes, including product development, quality assurance, project management, sales, and business continuity, and to help the business keep its competitive edge.

Turn-Key Cyber Security and Privacy Solutions

Be safe and be successful with the best cyber security and privacy solution.

The platform is trustworthy for being a quality, cost-effective, and innovative solutions provider to all of your security and privacy needs. Through our experienced team, the user’s data privacy is rest assured.

Business Challenge

The use of the Internet by business organizations may increase their vulnerability to attack and may give any one of them the ability to compromise the business. Our mission is to reduce the likelihood of serious personal, financial, or organizational harm when business is online. The present scenario demands a solution to enhance a company’s digital presence via highly secured automatic quotations.

We need to come up with a way to authenticate data as well as its source if they need to use cyber services by the enterprise. The framework has to facilitate the integration of online presence through auto-quotes. The client also wants the customer service platform to be able to respond to issues with high sensitivity. The cyber security and privacy framework with a centralized online system, content, and processes staging efficient work operation is the deliverable expected.


Internet is very dynamic, and cyber threats are continuously evolving. The results of the collaborative effort for the Turnkey Cyber security and privacy solutions have provided for the high-security needs via auto quotation generation for the organization. The cybersecurity roadmap is also a reflection of the combined advantages of technologies like PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

We employed a variety of data-centric aspects to prevent data-related crimes and breaches, protect and restore data integrity, and protect customer data and financial information. This unique software service and technology solution allows companies to take full advantage of the up-to-date program tools, content, process, and procedures for fast and cost-effective governance.

The important driver for the solution is that all businesses should be able to identify and protect their critical infrastructures and assets. To achieve that goal, our team developed a customized cyber security solution and focused on producing a pre-engineered and comprehensive framework. The solution was on point, focusing on identifying and mitigating the cyber risks of various kinds, including regulatory compliance, insurance exposure, and company valuation. This solution integrates data privacy, security, and management solutions from a company’s core competencies. Our solution was meant to spur the cyber security community to view a new vision in the area of cyber security.

The TCPS licensed program will help your business gain the necessary market presence to survive and grow! Our services include business expansion, acquisition, and implementation, security training, reactive and proactive technical programs, security development, and much more.

The Outcome

Our solution provided a cybersecurity and privacy model that suits the organization. The company did enjoy an effective cloud-based solution that has been built specifically for it. The supported features include:

  • Continuously updated data resources
  • Commonly interfaced with technical and program support, both active and pro-active.
  • Reduction of privacy risks and complexity by using vetted tools.
  • Faster and highly competitive business environment with a cost-effective, productive, and risk-free interface.

These programs have the tools and knowledge to support your business and your security needs. We at IBR Infotech believe that technology has the power to transform our lives in a positive way, and for that, our company uses the best talent to use the technology.

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