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Best Software Development Company
Best Software Development CompanyBest Software Development Company

What We Offer

Our website development services at IBR Infotech can create your dream website. Our developers go fast through onboarding and deliver results in the initial period.

Custom Software Development

Software that satisfies end-users, with a unique blend of processes, knowledge, and experience paired with a particular skill set.

Product Development

A digital product intended to develop B2B and B2C solutions to address engineering challenges and development necessities.

Digital Product Design

The best, most natural answers to real-life projects using software with a polished look clubbed with proper tools and thought processes.

Digital Marketing

We help you in niche market expansion, convert web-based audiences, improvise your brand’s image, and generate high revenue.

Support & Maintenance

We help you in niche market expansion, convert web-based audiences, improvise your brand’s image, and generate high revenue.

Dedicated Remote Developers

We offer solutions prepared for remote access and have a competent team of dedicated programmers to deliver a seamless solution.


Our enterprise-grade CX solutions offer complete value chain insights, and real-time business data to boost customer retention, revenue, and loyalty.


We offer ERP solutions to connect planning, inventory purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and other key business areas.

Point of Sale

A POS operating system to sell in person, backed by customer data and tools like sales reporting, and inventory management.


The top learning management systems for people development that promote accountability and teamwork to foster a continuous learning culture.

Inventory Management

Visibility to the entirety of the stock and maintaining optimal amounts for forthcoming orders. IMS is essential for businesses to scale.

Restaurant Management

Get real-time inventory tracking, sales monitoring, and order updates, without managing multiple software pieces.

Information & Technology

We will offer you a talent that can tackle any technology, assisting an MVP to scale and maintenance.


We deliver comprehensive product development strategies, underpinned by the latest tech innovations in the financial sector.

Retail & eCommerce

Next-Gen eCommerce feature-rich solutions, designed to empower B2B and B2C businesses to deliver engaging digital experiences.


Run your essential financial, clinical, and operational procedures with the hospital and clinic management software solution.


Succeed in the 5G era with new business models, operational savings, and consumer involvement. We empower telecommunications services.

Travel & Hospitality

For the changing needs of the travel and hotel industries, we specialize in cloud-based, customized software solutions.

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Best Software Development Company


From Islamic Studies, Computer Programming, to Mathematics, take 1-on-1 session with high quality Muslim teachers from around the world. Anytime. Anywhere.
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Best Software Development Company

Kindness Tutoring

Kindness tutoring is a new and exciting global learning platform that connects students with high quality Muslim teachers and experts from around the world.
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Best Software Development Company

360 Planner

The software provides a sophisticated content-based search engine and data warehouse that can index hundreds of millions of user profiles. Easy To Use Tool for College Planners.
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Best Software Development Company

The TechStack intended for programming competitive products

Just like you, we choose scalable and dynamic technologies. The engineering mindset of our talents has already resolved the concerns of over 300+ clients. You’ll be led by the most optimal software solutions and methodologies used by your future software development team.

Work with future-proof technologies

Best Software Development CompanyBest Software Development Company

98% of SMEs, Startups, and Scale-Up Clients Recommended Us

Our clients expect IBR InfoTech to upgrade their digital product and its design and chart a course for resilient software development. And we obliged with one-of-a-kind software solutions.

Best Software Development Company


Do you have a Question for us?

  • Because we have 160+ technology skilled staff who can help you with product development at every level of the project. Explore our case studies to learn how our partnerships of 5 months to 4 years helped businesses in 15 countries become more competitive.

    Our reviews are from CTOs, Product Owners, and software strategists who have worked with our development teams on high-stakes projects.

    You can schedule a meeting to discuss your development requirements and see whether IBR Infotech can assist you in any manner.

  • We’re willing to collaborate with any industry. Our team’s strategy, project management, and development abilities have proven useful in SaaS, MedTech, and even government initiatives.

    We provide a more refined experience in Industries such as FinTech and banking, travel, markets, real estate, marketing, logistics, and transportation. Visit the industry page to discover more.

  • Yes, for sure. One of our long partnerships is still going strong after 5 years, with the client starting with a team of 6 software programmers from IBR InfoTech and upscaled to 20 members.

    Your team will be self-managed, with our manager leading the group and coordinating knowledge-sharing.

  • We are highly collaborative. We shaped our software development firm to be patientand adaptable that adjust to the client’s development process. We use an agile process that has been perfected over time. You set the metrics, help us in gaining the business know-how, and our team will give you a predictable development plan with a clearly defined budget and deliverables.

  • We are a dynamic, adaptable, full-service digital marketing agency that doesnot rely on gimmicks to acquire new clients. We are confident that our search engine optimization and marketing talents will bring new clients to the website.

    We don’t confine ourselves to a particular industry. We have the knowledge and professionals to create a custom website and use a variety of digital marketing services to help any size business.

Best Software Development Company

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