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As your organization continues to grow and add more distributed employees and hybrid work environments, a robust video conferencing solution that can scale your business is more important than ever.

IBR Infotech is a well-regarded live conferencing software solutions firm.

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Live Conferencing Software

Online communication is becoming in demand. Online video conferencing is becoming more and more popular among businesses. It serves as a medium for communication between their staff, branches, and customers. Business networking and live audio/video conferencing are here to stay, as seen by the recent success of Zoom, TikTok, and Google Meet.

Businesses may quickly and conveniently communicate online with voice and video thanks to live conferencing software, an online solution. With built-in features like online chat or screen sharing, it is made for corporate meetings, video conferencing, and seminars.

Software for web and video conferencing makes sense, particularly for small and large firms.

Security in saving

We help you get to the bone of your product idea and visualize it better. One can introduce a product and entice early adopters without investing the entire sum at once. It gives you more insight into the company concept.

In-depth analysis

We adhere to a thorough discovery process and carefully examine the background of your future prospective product, including competitors, customers, the market, trends, potential investors, and your company ecosystem. It assists us in providing realistic feature priority and ensures the proper evolution of the software.

Error-free solutions

Our conferencing solutions experts design and develop bug-free code for products that run without a glitch. We come up with an outstanding MVP solution with outstanding features along with scalability.

Fast iteration & frequent releases

Each version of the conferencing software is tested and reviewed before being changed iteration by iteration. As a result, we ensure that every product is always up to date and that all stakeholders are aware of current events.

Scalable and Secure Infrastructure

These two crucial components demand the consideration they deserve when creating a software application. Laser-focus on these aspects throughout the design phase, in addition to creating a functionally high-quality solution, resulting in a highly scalable and secure system.

World-class conferencing solution design

With the aid of a functioning product, it allows firms to learn a lot about their users. Our world-class design will facilitate businesses to establish a foothold in the hyper-serious digital landscape with our predominant and reasonably priced live conferencing software development service.

What can you do with Live Conferencing Solution?

Live Broadcasting Apps

Live streaming apps are broadcasting software applications used to capture, stream, record, and share live streaming content. Videos can be recorded and aired at the same time. This can be used for client communication, lectures, product demonstration, medical screening, and more. The complexity and features of live streaming apps vary from platform to platform.

Live Video Conferencing

It refers to the live streaming interactive audio and video presentations, lectures, and seminars to the global audience. Video conferencing providers are improving their services to support hybrid meetings and create an equitable experience for remote and in-office participants. Manage webinars, conferences, and business meetings with custom video conferencing solutions that can be adapted to your needs.


Communicate with custom online messaging solutions between your employees, agents, and clients. Enjoy the benefit of confidentiality with security features compliant with local regulations.

Our solutions feature security features compliant with local regulations, as well as encryption to ensure confidentiality. Our solutions are also designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making them easy to use and configure. Moreover, our solutions are customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Appointment System

It allows you to manage appointments and check in to see consultants on arrival. Use custom interface integrations to conduct one-on-one video calls. Connect your engagements to an existing database to keep your data safe from a data breach.

It can also provide you with a safe and dependable method of scheduling appointments and managing your data. You may also use it to implement two-factor authentication for added protection and to provide customers with a secure payment gateway. You can also utilise it to personalise the customer experience and gain useful insights from customer analytics.

Event Management System

It helps organizers plan, execute and report on events, driving success for their business. Create multiple rooms and manage them simultaneously. Allow visitors to leave general streams in your video conferencing software solution and switch to private chats or video calls.

It helps to manage registrations to the event, create and manage agendas, manage payments, and keep track of attendance. It also allows for custom branding, real-time reporting, and analytics to measure event success. With the help of event management software, organizers can track event progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and easily share information with stakeholders.

Conferencing Software Development

How we build a conferencing software development team for you

Management and analysis of the app development process are made simple by hiring specialists and providing them with the necessary training. It also saves you money because you aren’t paying for many resources that do not match your expectations.

Prime Developers – Comprehensive understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and front-end programming languages. The essential concepts behind eCommerce software systems include component lifespan, integration, migration, and customization.

Diverse Expertise – Our developers are familiar with REST APIs, document request models, offline storage, and third-party libraries. They understand unit checking, typescript, prop types, and code debugging.

Test-Driven Approach – The performance bottlenecks may be removed by our adept developers. Our team has detailed knowledge of the whole mobile app development lifecycle, from product conception to launch.

Effective communication – We consistently keep our clients informed of the progress of their projects and provide them with a comprehensive picture of every technological choice.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading conferencing software solutions companies in the world.

Why Tech Managers build their Conferencing Software Team with us

Search Engine Friendly

Our software solution for web conferencing stands out to become SEO-friendly as it reduces page loading time due to fast rendering.

Better Understanding

Understanding of best principles and design aesthetics for live conferencing software solutions. Ability to create and maintain smooth continuous integration and delivery pipeline for conferencing services.

Agile Approach

Experience working in an agile development environment with a stronghold on verbal and written communications skills to communicate strategy.

Integrity & Transparency

Client-focused approach to creating user-centric designs and the ability to write clean, well-documented code that follows good coding practice.

Supreme Security

We utilize the best technology to create user-facing online solutions and enterprise-grade apps with the highest level of security.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience, and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with our clients.

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