Enterprise Correction Software Development Services to optimize your Jail Operations – from intake and everything in-between

Enterprise correction software offers the functionality to serve jail operations – right from incarceration to release. The software makes it easy for booking and correctional officers to supervise inmates, access their data, and ensure they are secure and safe.

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Because security has become a priority in correctional institutions, the demand for jail management software has been on the rise over the years. Jail management software is a one-stop solution to keep up the database of prisoners across several facilities.

IBR InfoTech delivers the features you require regardless of how small or large our prison facility center is.

Our jail management software development services let you enhance productivity, avoid loss of data, save time, and reap numerous other benefits. Our developers are adaptive at developing cutting-edge enterprise correction software to automate and simplify prison operations.

To modernize jail operations, manage the population, ensure the safe-keeping of information, and ensure both offender and public safety, jail management software is an ideal solution.

At IBR InfoTech, our developers are proficient enough in crafting personalized offender management software that digitizes jail operations.

Functionality Benefits of a Jail Management Software

Our team of expert developers creates personalized features, functions, and modules that manage the entire process of intake and booking from the beginning to the end, leaving no information out. Overall, the entire booking management process is ensured to be seamless.

We incorporate personalized release management modules that simplify all tasks related to prisoner releases, such as possession and reentry management. Our team of developers ensure to configure customized features and tools for jail release management which are inbuilt.

The software has the functionality to oversee the management of jail housing completely. This includes maintaining facility equipment, managing transportation schedules, visitation schedules etc. It enables staff to supervise all aspects of the detainees' daily and nocturnal activities.

We offer workflow management solutions that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of correctional facilities. These solutions efficiently handle all aspects of jail operations, automating processes and providing a centralized platform for the entire jail ecosystem.

Efficient management of food service in correctional facilities can be achieved by incorporating various tools to help in food safekeeping, keep track of stock levels, tracking deliveries, and other relevant processes. Having such software can automate processes and keep everything organized.
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Secure Software Solutions for Inmate Tracking and Management

Biometric software solution

Biometric solutions are becoming very much common in jails as a way to identify inmates and track their movements. This technology uses unique physical characteristics such as iris scans, fingerprints, or facial recognition to identify inmates. This system can be used to track inmate movements, and prevent inmate impersonation.

RFID tracking solution

RFID software tracking solutions are the most common type of inmate tracking system. Technology uses electronic tags to track inmates’ movements and locations within the facility. This system can alert staff if an inmate enters a restricted area or tries to escape.

Inmate identification tool

We create a database to contain all the necessary information about every prisoner, which enables the use of technologies to make retrieving information quicker. The software tool easily tracks inmate movement, access their records, and maintain a secure facility for them.

Activity logging

Our focus is on implementing a distinct system that effectively and safely stores the information of inmates on the cloud, leaving no room for the omission. This allows jail authorities to easily access information of every inmate without any hassle.

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We Deliver Comprehensive Jail Management Software

Our jail management software offers all the necessary features and functionalities for all types of jail facilities, big or small. We help streamline your business processes and enhance efficiency at every stage, from intake to release and everything in between.

Our software integrates seamlessly with other agencies, providing instant access to vital information about residents. We ensure the automatic transfer of information from one agency to the next while maintaining robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

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Super Easy WorkFlow Management with Jail Management Software

Our team of professionals develops personalized modules that cater to your unique workflow management requirements. We simplify jail operations through automation which ensures the efficiency of each process. We create a powerful system that can handle all jail operations with ease.


We specialize in creating personalized automated systems for jail scheduling processes, which cover all aspects from prisoners to visitors and workers, ensuring a streamlined procedure. Software allows you to set-up schedules for inmate check-ins, medication and more with real-time updates.

Data storage

Our system design is innovative and can accommodate storing data in video format. This provides a secure and convenient way to store information related to inmates and employees. With video storage, jail authorities can monitor every single activity and ensure safety for everyone.

Task allocation

We build features that support the allocation of duties to the prisoners, and effective supervision instead of using manual methods. With the jail management software, prison staff can easily assign tasks like cooking, cleaning. Plus, their work can also be monitored.


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  • Jail management software is designed to assist corrections facilities in monitoring and rehabilitating offenders. It provides various tools to ensure the safety of both inmates and prison staff.

  • Well, development cost of the software totally depends on the project requirements, features, software functionality, location of software Development Company and other aspects. We request you to schedule a meeting with our consultants to discuss your project requirement to know everything in detail.

  • Jail management software simplifies the entire process of jail management by automating tasks such as inmate information recording, visitation scheduling, inmate movement tracking, and staff activity monitoring. This eliminates the necessity for manual record-keeping, minimizing the possibility of errors.

  • Yes, we help our clients in changing, modifying, and updating software when required to resolve unexpected software issues.

    • Improves security
    • Automates operations
    • Require less resources
    • Ensure seamless integration
    • Enable faster deployment

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