Leverage the Benefit of POS and Inventory Tracking Software Integration to Help Automate your Toughest Jobs

IBR InfoTech offers you a unique software integration platform where you manage your inventories and quickly finalize orders with accurate checkout processing using a robust retail POS system.

Why Do You Need Integrated POS and Retail Inventory Management Software Development Solution?

Retail Inventory Management Software Development

IBR InfoTech’s Point of Sale and Inventory tracking software solution allows you to sell products, track sales, manage inventory, and easily generate an invoice of your customer in a single click.

As retail inventory management software and POS functionality are interconnected, any product in stock is reduced from inventory so that you will be notified about how many products your stockroom is left with.

POS and inventory software eliminates the manual process of verifying inventories and saves your precious time. Having such an integrated software solution is vital to your retail store operations to make the process hassle-free.

Save time and minimal cost

With an integrated software solution, it allows you to process orders and faster checkout processing in no time. You will be delivering your customer's easy checkout experience. Plus, you can track goods with complete accuracy as the POS software keeps a record of inventory and you have all information on the spot.

Eliminate the human error

The retail POS system and inventory software enable business owners to manage multiple sales locations and track inventory across multiple locations on a remote basis without any requirement for physical availability. This ensures the efficiency of staff possibly with no human error.

Faster payment processing

The software lets you make payments faster and print out payment slips. It allows users to switch between payment methods. POS software also eliminates long-time queuing at the payment counter and processes quick checkout.

Updated sales report

A well-developed retail POS system software provides you with real-time sales records for various time frames such as a day, week, month, or year. This system can also provide you with an overview of your business operations.

Improved CRM

Customer information updates are now an easier task with simplified methods. You can conveniently send out emails regarding promotions, special events, or discount offers to your customer base.

Effective inventory management

Integrating POS and inventory management software let you maintain a precise view of your inventory, and information related to product selling, and minimize inventory-related errors.

Top Features of POS Software and Retail Inventory Management System

By implementing POS inventory management software, your retail business can ensure that the stock levels are precise because the software automatically updates the inventory.

The software notifies you when products are low in the storeroom. This allows you to keep a close look at the product stock and highlight the ones with low quantity.

Your business transaction just got easier with automated invoices. Accept payment online and get automated notifications on paid, awaiting, and overdue invoices.

The software allows you to manage and track vendors and suppliers in a single database. An inventory with a vendor-managed feature lets you operate your business smoothly.

Inventory software helps you access multiple reports including sales history, stock reports, inventory-related reports, etc. You can view previous sales transactions, orders, shipment status, and more.

ECommerce software solution

Sell More at Multiple Locations, Automate Entire Process – All in One Place with Integration Features

If your business involves selling groceries, apparel, furniture, manufacturing, or any retail business, Retail POS Systems can provide essential resources for success. Integrating software for point of sale and inventory management can bring about cost reductions in the monitoring and management of inventory. It also has the potential to boost sales and enhance the experience of your customers during their shopping. It is important to include all the information mentioned in the original text while paraphrasing.

Inventory control – You can easily handle your inventory operations on a daily basis. The point-of-sale invoice automatically reduces the stock and returns it when necessary to ensure you have the required inventory at the right time. Moreover, when the fresh stock comes in, it is automatically included in your inventory.

POS Quotation – Generating quotes for your products and services and then transforming them into invoices is a simple process. Providing comprehensive quotes to your clients establishes anticipated expenses and supports their decision-making. An outlined quote featuring your business's logo and contact information will aid in maintaining your practice as the top-of-mind option for your clientele.

Reminders and Alerts To ensure that you never run out of supplies, it’s easy to set re-order level alert reminders. Additionally, it is helpful to include product alert notes for your staff to follow while creating invoices. These notes should include checking for patient allergies, providing usage instructions, and suggesting upsells.

Employee Commission – With the help of our automated system, you can easily keep track of your staff's commission. You can link their sales and services to their profiles and generate comprehensive reports on their performance, including sales, upselling, revenue, and commission.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Point of Sale (POS) & Inventory Tracking Software companies in the world.

Why IBR InfoTech for your Retail Inventory management system?

Agile development

Our project management approach is based on the agile methodology, which ensures timely project updates and minimal testing costs.

Affordable solution for businesses

Your business can benefit from low initial and ongoing expenses, and the ability to grow alongside the business.

Integration Solution

Our retail POS system helps you in increased revenue through multiple channels and effortlessly handles business operations.

Customer support

Our customer support team proactively assists our clients in solving any software-related issues and queries.

Secured Solution

Our secured inventory software solution empowers retail businesses to speed up retail store tasks and make better decisions

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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