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What is Custom Transportation Software? Why do you Need it?

Custom transportation software is an integrated platform beneficial for those working in the transportation business. Being a transportation company whether you are looking for ride sharing apps, logistics software, fleet management software, software for trucking business, or freight broker software, custom transportation software solutions can optimize your overall transportation business efficiency.

IBR InfoTech is a trustworthy technology partner that helps transportation and logistics companies enhance their business efficiency by providing cutting-edge software solutions. With our transportation software development services, you can reduce costs, streamline delivery routes, and improve your sustainability efforts.

Our team specializes in creating transportation management software development solutions that bring about positive changes in both businesses and communities.

Where IBR InfoTech can assist your Transportation Business?

Our customized transport management systems offer enhanced control and visibility over transportation processes. Our transportation software development solutions are designed to enhance route optimization and order management. The TMS system is configured to work in conjunction with procurement and shipping software to analyze inbound and outbound orders.

Fleet management software is a useful tool for businesses to keep track of their vehicle fleets. It allows for efficient driving routes, inventory tracking, and cost analysis. Additionally, it helps monitor driver performance and generates detailed performance reports.

Logistics software such as route optimization solutions, supply chain management software, proof of delivery applications, and customer mobile apps, plays a crucial role in ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of goods. These software offer practical approaches to implement effective supply chain management, oversee the shipment and distribution of orders, and simplify logistics operations.

Freight forwarding software is a tool employed by freight companies to efficiently manage their cargo and generate necessary documentation for transportation. It eliminates the risk of human errors and enables the automation of work processes for forwarding agents and managers. This results in transparent procedures for invoicing, communication, and document processing.

We specialize in creating effective solutions for storage and inventory facility management. Our solutions automate the accounting of inbound and outbound shipments, manage the storage of supplies, optimize warehousing facilities, and take inventory management performance to another level.
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We follow an Established Process throughout Software Development


Our team begins by conducting thorough research on the information related to your project. This enables us to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it should be done. As a result, we can deliver the best possible outcome for your project.


We have established the requirements and management practices, and now we get ready to move on to the active development phase. We make sure to build the software based on the discussed design. Further, the team accomplishes the goals which are set during the software gathering phase by implementing the solution.


Our testing team undergoes a rigorous testing process to identify and eliminate any flaws in the code. This consists of unit testing, end-to-end tests, validation, identifying and reporting bugs in the software. This helps us ensure that the same issues do not arise again in the future.


Once your software solution gets designed, developed, and tested, we get it ready for reaching its customers. Further, the software is operationalized to make sure there remains no flaws related to deployment.

Growth-oriented development

Technology ecosystem for Transport Logistics Software

IBR InfoTech specializes in developing software solutions for transportation companies, mobility services, and geospatial data providers. Our team of experts applies their vast knowledge in location services, data analytics, platform integration, and transportation management application development to enhance your consumer experience and help your business grow sustainably.

We will work with you to create a comprehensive ecosystem of technologies, processes, and approaches around your transport software solutions, enabling you to digitize your entire supply chain, promote electric mobility, and transition towards sustainable operations.

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Our Experience

Our team of skilled software professionals has extensive experience working with various technology stacks and industries, enabling us to seamlessly handle a wide range of software requirements.


Our approach involves implementing efficient and dynamic development operations throughout the software development lifecycle by using streamlined processes.

Autonomous teams

Our team offers a flexible and autonomous approach to software development, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We strive to create seamless software that is tailored to your specific needs.


Do you have a Question for us?

  • Transportation management software has a clear purpose: to manage the transportation of goods coming in and going out. It includes planning, execution, and optimization of the shipment process. The software also helps to ensure compliance with regulations and proper documentation. Typically, this system is part of a larger supply chain management system.

  • Developing a transport management software strategy in the early stages is an essential and proactive measure for staying ahead of the competitive market. By implementing this software, your business will acquire a reliable and effective logistic management tool, providing an upper hand over competitors. It's not mandatory to create software from scratch, as existing solutions can be tailored to your specific needs and integrated with advanced platforms by transportation software developers.

  • The cost building transportation software depends on multiple factors such as:

    • Developer’s rate
    • Features required
    • Integrations with 3rd party systems
    • Requirements for performance and security etc.

  • IBR infotech is a reliable transportation software development company holding 8+ years of experience in delivering best-in-class custom software development services to the clientele across the globe. With our expertise and in-depth skills we ensure to deliver business-driven solutions.

  • It depends on multiple factors like application complexity, project size, and number of developers. As a transportation software development company, we make sure on-time delivery for our clients.

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