Modern Retail Software Solutions to Drive Customer Engagement and Generate Revenue

We being retail software developers specializes in a retail software solution to help you improve your customer service efficiently. At IBR InfoTech, we develop web and mobile applications specific to your retail business. From backend processes to front-end customer-centric operations, we are proficient to do it all. We simply understand our retail software requirements and make a strategic plan to deliver software to fulfill your needs.

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Our Retail Software Solution are ready to overcome the Challenges Retail Business Faces

Retailers today faces numerous challenges related to their customers and operations. Moreover, shopping patterns are rapidly changing as consumers seek more convenient, fast, and more sustainable options.

At IBR InfoTech, we hold years domain expertise and industry-specific knowledge to help you adapt to market demands and stay competitive in the market.

Our dedicated team of retail software developers to help you build engaging customer experiences, automate your supply chain operations, efficiently manage store operations, and optimize your workforce.

Whether your goal is to improve customer satisfaction, streamline store operations and inventory management, or provide a consistent in-store and online experience, retail software development implementation can be used to meet your goals.

Our Retail Software Solutions Customized to Your Business Needs

Our retail software solutions are for everyone, from retailers to customer product companies. We provide efficient Omni channel infrastructure, e-commerce services, and shopping carts specifically designed for each specific need.

Our POS software development solutions are easy to use, hassle-free, and packed with advanced features like invoice automation, payments, and security. We provide dynamic retail software development services along with POS systems which is suitable for all types of payment methods including bank cards and mobile wallets.

Leverage our retail software development solutions to provide manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers with complete inventory control and transparency. Our warehouse and inventory management system provide impeccable service.

Our retail software solutions are designed to work smoothly with our powerful order management services. These order fulfillment modules are also great for inventory management and Omni channel fulfillment.

Managing supply chain and logistics has become a complex task due to the technology advancement. Our experts provide supply chain management software solutions for all retail-related processes to enhance customer satisfaction, and productivity and boost profit.
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Our Core Retail Software Development Services

Retail app development

Our team of web and mobile retail app developers provides solutions for all retailer-to-consumer-based processes, automating operations - from inventory management to payment processing. We chose to build a micro services-based solution to let you manage a wide range of users when your business scale.

eCommerce Development

We provide ecommerce development services that enable our clients to deliver superior experiences by integrating touch points and giving them access to analytics along with other key business functions. We also build custom e-commerce apps and plugins on market-leading platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce etc.

System Integration

We integrate retail software with required data sources and third-party software such as CRM, ERP, and POS to avoid loss of any data and set up a fully functional operational hub. We implement pre-built APIs and create custom connectors so that external systems communicate flawlessly.


We propose replacing old software with migration so that customers can replace old legacy systems and gain a competitive edge. We help you migrate data without downtime, maintain critical functionality, and make sure operations remain consistent during migration.

Growth-oriented development

The Dynamic Retail Software is all you need to Increase Operational Efficiency

Retail industry software is dynamic and offers multiple operations. If you own a custom retail shop or store, efficient organization of the work process is crucial. To enhance customer service and satisfaction, you will need software or a tool to facilitate your operations. Our retail solutions development services can help you in attracting and retaining customers, obtaining in-depth information about your business, and achieving high ROI.

IBR Infotech has been developing software for a considerable amount of time. Our team of experienced retail software developers has created diverse applications, including web and mobile, specifically designed to meet the needs of retail businesses. We conduct thorough research to ensure that our software can handle any situation. Our clients can rely on us for regular updates on the status of their application, and we ensure that they are satisfied with the final product.

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We transform businesses with effective and dynamic digital solutions that satisfy today's needs and unlock upcoming opportunities.

Why Choose Our Retail Software Development Solution?

Increase productivity

Retail IT solutions help your business stay ahead of the competition by automating manual processes and tasks. This in turn increases sales and productivity, and overall efficiency.

Streamlined operations

Investing in retail software can save you money and time so that you can focus on other business areas. It helps you focus on other elements of business operations including sales and customer management.

Reduced Costs

One of the main benefits of working with a retail IT solution provider like IBR InfoTech is the overall cost savings. By outsourcing your IT requirements you are unbound from internal resources and open to focusing on other areas of your business.


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  • Retail software solutions are a set of programs designed and developed to optimize the operations of retail businesses. Retail software is developed to organize and automate various aspects of a retail business, such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer relationship management to name a few.

    The software helps retail owners make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and improve consumer satisfaction. Retail software solutions can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. Plus, it can be integrated with other software as well to build a seamless workflow.

  • POS software in retail is software that retailers can access to manage and process transactions at the point of sale. Retail software solutions are developed to streamline the checkout process by automating tasks such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer data collection.

    POS software in retail is software that retailers can access to manage and process transactions at the point of sale. Retail software solutions are developed to streamline the checkout process by automating tasks such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer data collection.

  • Following are the advantages of implementing retail management software:

    • Retail software helps in improving business automation
    • Retail software delivers real-time visibility and insightful report
    • Retail software helps to manage inventory
    • Retail software helps in streamlining point of sale process
    • Retail software ensure better consumer service and overall experience
    • Retail software allows you to generate substantial amount of sales and consumer satisfaction by better understanding company’s products and consumer behavior

  • Retail software solutions are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small, local, or multinational retail business owner, having a reliable and efficient retail software system is crucial today to remain in the competition.

    When it comes to the cost of building retail software, there are several factors to consider that decides the cost of retail software.

    • Firstly, the complexity of the software plays a significant role in determining the overall cost
    • If you’re seeking a highly customized solution, then you can expect to pay more
    • The number of features and functionalities you require will also impact the cost of software
    • Finally, the experience and expertise of the development team you choose will be a significant factor in determining the cost of building your retail software solution. It is important to keep all these factors in mind when considering the cost of retail software solutions.

    Our team of software experts at IBR InfoTech can help in estimating the exact development cost for retail software development. Schedule a meeting with our consultants to discuss your retail software requirements and the cost of development.

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