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IBR Infotech offers result-oriented and proficient software development services for the real estate business. We provide on-time delivery of robust software products by applying the latest technologies.

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The real estate sector has high standards. Not just because our residences, places of employment, and commercial buildings are vitally significant aspects of existence. Being continually changing makes it demanding. Technology has accelerated transformation even more in Real Estate & Properties.

We have prior experience collaborating with global real estate firms. We have created advanced tools for automated valuation models, Moreover, we also create tools to enhance real estate management or the property buying and renting processes.

Trends that Will Shape the Future of the Real Estate & Properties software development company

Businesses can use AI technology to obtain accurate market forecasts and future residence value predictions. Additionally, technology makes real estate brokers' jobs easier and enables them to concentrate on their primary tasks. Since virtual assistants can answer right away, continuously, and ask pertinent questions, they can help you predict your clients' demands.

This technology is used to automate, speed up, and track transactions as well as save data. Additionally, you can be sure that each of the verified transactions is private and only available to the network members. Money transfers, property, transactions, and smart contracts are the primary problems that a blockchain application in real estate solves.

Cloud computing is another innovation in commercial real estate. Whether you're working with an internal business or renewing a lease with a customer, it improves operations. For a while now, processes that used to be done in person, such as electronic document signatures and remote closings, have been performed using cloud technology.

One of the technological advancements in real estate development is geolocation, which helps in finding the precise position of the property and visualising information such as property data, county maps, flood zone maps, and soils to calculate the land value.

AR is one of the latest technologies used in the real estate industry that enables clients to experience walking through your listing. Virtual simulations of the space have visuals created by computers layered on top of them. Using this technology, real estate agents can digitally set up properties so that potential buyers can adjust a home's appearance and see how it would work for them.
Custom Software Development Trends

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Our Real Estate & Properties software development Services

Real Estate Management Software Solutions

We develop and execute specialised real estate management software programs that integrate smoothly with CRM and MLS systems to automate workflow. Our solutions assist in the efficient management of the complete real estate portfolio in accordance with industry standards.

AR/VR Real Estate Software

With our Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) software solutions, we assist businesses in providing unique experiences and viewpoints to their potential purchasers via virtual tours of properties. Our cutting-edge VR real estate software assists real estate agencies in differentiating from the competition.

Building Management Software

We provide end-to-end cloud-based building management software solutions that enhance businesses by enabling the seamless control of many resources and sites. We create cutting-edge software that enables real-time inventory tracking and the capacity to handle both anticipatory and emergency maintenance.

Property Management Software Solutions

Our comprehensive property management software solutions include automation tools, cloud-based architectures, and multi-property management UIs. We create complete systems for managing rental properties that use APIs from several platforms, like Rent Manager, Guesty, Propertyware, etc.

Growth-oriented development

Real Estate & Properties Industry Case Studies

One of the most well-known industries in the world is the real estate sector. It consists of the business, retail, hospitality, housing, and retail subsectors. The rise of this industry is well-complemented by the expansion of the corporate environment and the increasing need for workplaces, as well as for residential in urban and semi-urban areas.

The construction industry ranks third among the 14 key industries in terms of the impact that it has on every aspect of the economy. IBR Infotech provides cutting-edge real estate online and mobile applications, and real estate businesses with specially customised solutions.

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We transform businesses with effective and dynamic digital solutions that satisfy today's needs and unlock upcoming opportunities.

Our Expertise

Development and Innovations

To build new platforms or make changes to the ones we already have, we use UX-driven technology. We provide a wide range of technical services in addition to assistance, UI/UX design, architecture, programming, and testing. We provide consulting and innovation services to help businesses adopt digital technology, create unique value propositions for their clients, and foster innovation and growth.

Dedicated Development Team

Our experts have developed Real Estate & Properties software from the ground up, transferred platforms, provided specific features and connectors during the development phase, and completed real estate crm software. Real Estate & Properties software was developed by qualified IBR team members who are experts in their respective professions.

Analytics And Reporting

We provide exact statistics and reports for navigation analysis, visitor tracking, traffic segmentation, and a variety of other services. We create smart and practical data analysis solutions that make the development life cycle a smooth transition while offering the protection you require with industrial-grade security.


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  • Real estate software can generate a lot of money by selling advertising space to property management companies, providing high-quality services to real estate brokers, and selling ad spaces to financial lenders and corporations.

  • There are several advantages to real estate software development, including the ability for realtors to conduct business promotions and readily communicate with new customers. Due to the high level of competition in the real estate sector, it is usually advisable to have specific real estate software for your company.

  • The major features for real estate software development are map integration, calendars, virtual tours, push notifications, search and filter, currency converter, dashboards, user onboarding, communication and forum, and several more functions.

  • Real Estates Software solutions enable builders, landlords, and real estate professionals to manage end-to-end sales automation, collect rent, maintain duties, the customer interaction process, and, most importantly, manage finance to decrease expenses and streamline management operations.