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IBR InfoTech is an agriculture software development company serving bespoke solutions to make your agriculture business efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

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Agribusiness Software Solutions

IBR InfoTech is dedicated to providing cutting-edge agriculture software development services that can help increase your farm's efficiency and revenue.

Our agriculture software solution includes customized web and mobile agriculture apps, including integration with third-party software. Our skilled development team creates software that meets your specific needs after thoroughly studying your business and utilizing our broad domain knowledge. With our advanced agricultural software solutions, you can revolutionize your farming business with technology-driven solutions.

Our agriculture software services play a vital role in modern farming, enabling farmers to streamline their operations, reduce expenses, boost productivity, and enhance sustainability. As a result, they are becoming more and more essential for farmers across the agricultural industry.

We collaborate with our clients to create agriculture software that empowers farmers to make data-driven decisions that result in greater yields and sustained business growth. Our skilled team of agriculture software developers builds robust software solutions that incorporate GPS guidance systems, remote IoT sensors, artificial intelligence automation, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies.

Our Agriculture Software Development Solutions

We help you develop custom farm management software to make you collaborate across agriculture operations. The farm management software simplifies your farming operations by allowing you to plan, monitor, and evaluate all activities with ease. From planting to crop protection, irrigation, procurement, supply chain, financial accounting, and more, everything can be managed with just a few clicks. Also, you can keep track of expenses, input usage, and work hours for each task.

If you are seeking to boost your agribusiness, consider hiring skilled software developers for mapping and imaging solutions. Our team of developers specializes in AI development, AR/VR integrations, and digital imaging and communications. With modern agriculture technology solutions like land mapping and GPS, and 3D field designing, maximize your productivity and yield

Our team of software developers possesses extensive expertise in constructing inventory management systems that cater to diverse businesses. We specialize in customizing inventory management modules to align with the distinctive needs of various business domains and subdomains. Our proficiency extends to developing inventory software for livestock, farm, fishery, and more.

If you're looking to enhance your Agribusiness, consider hiring dedicated agriculture software developers. Our experts can craft precision solutions tailored to your needs, such as precision farming apps, crop management, agriculture data analytics, decision support systems, and soil sensor software. Additionally, they can integrate agriculture software and create customized ERP applications.

Attract new customers and boost your agribusiness's growth with our top-notch point-of-sale and dispensary solutions. Our agriculture software developer team specialize in enhancing your digital retail front. They're equipped to create cutting-edge POS solutions such as dispensary POS systems, dispensary CRM solutions, agriculture e-Commerce & marketplace, and mobile POS applications. Let us help you take your agribusiness to the next level.
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Agribusiness software solutions with Leading-edge Technologies

Artificial intelligence

Our company specializes in agriculture software development and has a team of skilled developers who are proficient in engineering AI-powered functionalities for various industries. In agriculture software development, we can incorporate AI to enhance the performance of agri-based software features such as fertilizing automation, irrigation automation, smart farming, land 3D image processing, and more.

Machine learning

Our skilled AI developers and their expertise in Machine learning have been helping clients over the years. In agriculture software development, machine learning can be utilized for predictive data analysis of weather, crop assessment, asset health, farm planning insights, agriculture data analysis etc.

Block chain

Our team of block chain developers has extensive experience in the field. They have successfully created numerous smart contracts for a variety of cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stable coins, ICOs, and IOTA. With our expertise, we can easily build decentralized agriculture mobile and web apps using any block chain technology of your choice.

Voice-enabled features

Voice recognition technology is becoming increasingly popular across various industries due to its ability to enhance user experience and convenience. Our developers have extensive expertise in designing software and applications that have voice recognition capabilities such as providing instructions, and confirming actions.

Growth-oriented development

Why Does Your Business Need an Agriculture Software Development Solution?

Agriculture has become a crucial sector in today's modern era, driving productivity and efficiency with the help of technology. Technology can be a real game-changer for farmers. It can help them get the most out of their fields, even when the weather is less than ideal. With the right tools, farmers can detect problems early, keep their crops healthy and fertile, and boost their yields. And thanks to software, they can even manage their operations from the comfort of their own homes.

Our team of committed qualified expert developers can also help with the creation of specialised aviation software while offering operational assistance to various airports, airlines, and other fixed-based companies like restaurants and taxis. In addition to these, it can help workforce management, airline sales, automation of services, and maintenance.

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Why Choose IBR InfoTech?

Custom development

In the current dynamic and competitive business environment, custom software development can be the key to attaining optimal business efficiency. At IBR InfoTech, we specialize in crafting custom software solutions that are precisely tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Expert developers

We are a group of experienced developers and designers specializing in agriculture software. We have strong skills in web and app development, and always strive to provide high-quality performance at an affordable price. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience, enabling us to optimize processes and implement the best agile practices.

Secured and Transparency

We prioritize the security of our client's products and are committed to providing clients with all the source code, graphics, and relevant content as it belongs to them. We believe in building mutual trust and maintaining transparency. Therefore, we keep our clients informed about the status of their projects and provide a clear understanding of every technological decision.


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  • Software progress can bring about a drastic change in the agriculture industry as it can make it more energy and resource-efficient. As a result, it will demand less human labor and offer higher quality control.

    • Automation software
    • Analytics and big data software
    • Mapping and GIS solutions
    • IoT sensor and irrigation technology
    • Business management and accounting software and more.

  • The farmer app is designed to simplify the management of corporate operations and offer instant field updates. It reduces the chances of errors, saves money, and guarantees compliance with quality guidelines.