Online Examination Software System to Conduct Paperless Exams in a Secured Environment

At IBR Infotech, we help you reduce your workload of conducting manual exams by building online examination software development, thereby letting you manage online exams, or even tests and courses with a lot of automation features.

We Help you Streamline Examination Related Tasks with Powerful Online Examination Software Platform

Online Examination Software

Our Online Exam Software Development is a robust platform that provides a plethora of advantages and functionalities for educators and students alike. Our software enables educators to effortlessly create and manage exams, while students can conveniently and securely take them online. Online exams have a lot of benefits such as precise self-evaluation tests, reduced human labour, the ability to conduct numerous exams, a user-friendly interface, enhanced security, and real-time results.

As a leading provider of online exam software, we see a great opportunity to transform the traditional way of conducting exams to an online paperless format with utmost security and authentication to prevent any cheating. With our online examination software development educational institutions can now administer exams of various levels on a digital platform, simplifying the overall process.

Advantages of Online Exam Software Development


It is not possible to rearrange the sequence of questions in a traditional exam format, however, this is a common practice in online exams to prevent cheating. This approach eliminates the possibility of copying.

Elimination of Exam Cost

Generating question papers is a complex process that involves multiple stages such as selecting, sorting, printing, and securely distributing them to exam centres. This traditional approach is challenging. In contrast, online exams eliminate the need for these steps and can be easily conducted using a computer.

Super Quick Results

The process of declaring results in the traditional exam format is time-consuming as it involves evaluation, revaluation, and counting, which may lead to human errors. However, online exam software can instantly calculate marks based on the attempt and provide accurate results without any mistakes.

No Requirement of Exam Centers

By conducting exams online, there are significant savings on expenses related to exam hall infrastructure and students' travel expenses. This method only requires a microphone and webcam for remote invigilation, which can be facilitated through well-known software.

Flexible Time

The exam provider and creator are given enough time to conduct the exam without any time constraints, as the costs related to logistics and other expenses are managed and eliminated. This allows for designing the exam papers and administering the exam at a convenient time.

Exam Result and Ranking

The online exam platform has simplified the process of declaring results and rankings, which are very complex administrative activities when performed manually. All information regarding current results and rankings is now easily accessible.

Online Exam Software Development Features to Look For

Online Exam software allows you to organise questions based on subject and topic, and utilise a set of standardised questions. Additionally, you can make changes to the questions by adding, deleting, or modifying them as necessary.

The results management feature provides students with a quick score card and grading system, as well as progress reports of their exam results. It is time-saving to get automatic progress reports. Plus, the automatic calculation of grades also aids in enhancing performance.

The software allows you to customise your certificate with options to edit logos, text, signatures, and backgrounds that meet your specific needs. Additionally, you have the option to feed various data fields such as the candidate's name, exam name, score, certificate number, and date into the certificate.

In digital exams, examiners can access remote monitoring options, including real-time audio and video recording. These features allow examiners to observe the exam in real-time and save video recordings. Both audio and video recording assists in identifying suspicious activities. This ensures the cheat-free exam practice is being followed.

By utilising tracking features, examiners can trace the IP address or location of the candidate appearing in the exam. This allows them to identify any unauthorised logins from unrecorded IP addresses or locations, which could indicate suspicious activity. The examiner can thus detect and report if any suspicious users are found.

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Online Exam Software is Functional to Various Educational Institutions

No matter what type of educational institute you are in, our online exam software development solution simply makes it easier to conduct online exams in a streamlined manner that automates and simplifies the process of conducting examinations.

Universities – Online exam software simplifies the process of conducting semester exams for inter-departmental students. This software ensures high security and flawlessly administers online exams. The online exam advanced software eliminates the tiresome nature of conducting exams manually for large groups of students.

Schools – Online exam software is an effective tool for schools to conduct their regular tests as well as their annual exams. With software, administrative and examination staff can streamline their approach and optimise costs for school management. It also eliminates the need for postponing or cancelling exams due to external factors, allowing for better time management.

Training Institutions – Training centres conduct tests and exams throughout their training period. From initial mock sessions to final exams, multiple assessments take place which require the cost of examination logistics and evaluation. Online exam software eliminates such issues, thus allowing more efficient training and exams.

Government training institutes – Numerous government institutions provide training, screening and shortlisting exams online to recruit for government and public sector positions. The online exam software replaces traditional methods and enhances operational efficiency by reducing the need for logistical and infrastructure expenses.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Online Examination Software Development companies in the world.

Why IBR Infotech for Online Examination Software Development Solution?

Industry expertise

Our company provides a range of flavors that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your main business operations. Our solutions are scalable and can be customized to suit your needs.

Efficient project management

Our efficient software project management team makes sure to build efficient solutions that give you a technological revolution to your operations.

Smart solutions

Our team of proficient developers consistently aims to deliver quality software development within the given deadline. Plus, our solutions are affordable in terms of cost.

Seamless communication

Our commitment to transparency means that we maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the development process, providing updates on progress every step of the way so that nothing important is left out.

Support team

Our assistance team is available to you at all times, providing support from the initial consultation to the final implementation and follow-up stage. You can trust us throughout the development and seek postdeployment support assistance.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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