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MEAN Stack Development: A Guide

Published on: November 25, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Do you find the field of web development to be fascinating? Would you like to learn how to develop robust and dynamic web applications? If so, you're at the proper location! We'll explore mean stack development services in this blog, which is a cutting-edge and adaptable method of creating online apps. Come along on this thrilling exploration voyage, regardless of your level of experience with coding.

The MEAN stack has become a potent substitute for MERN in the field of web development. The mean stack development services which consists of Express.js, Angular, Node.js, and MongoDB, provide a complete solution for creating scalable and dynamic online applications. 

Components of MEAN Stack

There are four parts to the MEAN stack. Let's examine them.

  1. MongoDB

A popular NoSQL database in the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js) is called MongoDB. The database element of this stack is MongoDB, which stores data in a versatile JSON-like format known as BSON (Binary JSON).

Mean stack development services handle your web application's data is managed and stored in MongoDB, a document-oriented database. Because it lacks a schema, data can be stored in a dynamic and adaptable format, which makes it ideal for applications that have changed data structures. MongoDB is renowned for its scalability and is especially skilled at managing massive amounts of data.

  1. ExpressJS

Express.js, also commonly known as Express, is a Node.js web application framework. It's an adaptable and lightweight framework that makes creating web apps and APIs easier. Express is renowned for its unpretentious and simplistic design, which means it offers a fundamental framework and a selection of necessary tools but defers to the developer on many architectural choices. 

  • Routing

  • Middleware

  • Template Engines

  • HTTP Utility Method

  • Error Handling

  • Extensibility

  • Community and Ecosystem

There is 19.28% per cent of people use ExpressJS for their business according to a Statista report. 

  1. AngularJS

Your front-end hero is Angular. This framework for JavaScript enables you to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. It's simpler to develop user-friendly and responsive web apps with Angular because of features like dependency injection and two-way data binding.

AngularJS is a component of the mean stack development company which offers mean stack development services that aid developers in creating the application's user interface. The database, front end, and back end of your application all operate together seamlessly since they are all JavaScript-based.

AngularJS is the Most used web framework among developers worldwide, as of 2023 it is used by 17.46% of businesses and it can’t be considered accidental. It is the best front end for creating cloud-native apps because of its smooth performance, easy-to-use templates, and capacity to create for both desktop and mobile platforms at the same time.

  1. NodeJS

Asynchronous events are used by the open-source JavaScript framework Node.js to process several connections at once. It is the perfect framework because it can easily scale requests as needed for a cloud-based application. The majority of well-known websites most likely use Node.js.

The foundation of the MEAN stack is Node.js. Node.js is the foundation upon which Express is designed to operate, and AngularJS integrates with Node.js to provide rapid data serving. With its built-in web server, Node.js makes it simple to launch your MongoDB database and application on the cloud.

The scalability of Node.js is at its peak as a web developer which is being used by the highest crowd of businesses 42.65%, according to  Statica Data and it is the biggest asset. The greatest cloud apps are those that can adjust fast to sudden spikes in consumption. If your consumers can only access nearly infinite computing power after you do, what good is it? mean stack development services provider may serve additional users by increasing your resources as needed, and the framework's single-thread architecture makes it possible for the application to efficiently deliver a seamless user experience across many connections. Up to a million connections can be made simultaneously with Node.js.

Why choose Mean stack development services?

The MEAN stack is a desirable option for web development because of its many benefits:

1. Consistency: Since JavaScript is used throughout the stack, you can keep your application's code style constant from the front end to the back end.

2. Speed: A mean stack development company has a reputation for moving a mean stack quickly. You can create quick and responsive applications by using Angular to produce the front end and Node.js to handle the server side.

3. Flexibility: You can modify your data model without having an impact on the entire application thanks to MongoDB's schema-less structure.

4. Community Support: A vibrant community of developers exists around the MEAN stack, contributing to its expansion. This implies that you will have no trouble finding a tonne of guides, lessons, and answers when you run into problems.

Benefits of mean stack development services for your business

Open source

Every tier of the mean stack development services is composed of open-source, free technology. Consequently, public libraries and repositories are available for usage by developers at any point during the development process. 

One benefit of open-source technology is that its stack is updated often. Developers may also go out to establish communities to gather knowledge, share ideas, and find solutions to issues they may run across.

The transition between client and server is easy 

The mean Stack development company can only create it by using JavaScript as a programming language. Because web applications are developed in a single language, developers may easily switch between the client and server. Instead of using a stand-alone server, they may swiftly deploy web applications on a server.


We've already stressed how beneficial mean stack development services companies can only be available for businesses. To build effectively using the tech stack, developers only need to be fluent in one programming language. Employing JavaScript experts may be a major focus for businesses looking to adopt the MEAN Stack.

High performance
  • When there's not much time, MEAN comes in handy. Modules don't need to be created from the start by developers. 

  • Instead, they can rely on the module libraries found in the Node.js directory. You won't have to search for errors either.

  • The parts of the mean stack development services are free and open-source. Licence disputes won't arise as a result.

  •  Anyone can use it for free. Thus, developers can design web applications in a variety of methods.


The parts of the mean stack development services are free and open-source. Licence disputes won't arise as a result. Anyone can use it for free. Thus, developers can design web applications in a variety of methods.


The mean stack development company provides a strong and adaptable way to build contemporary online apps. With MongoDB for data processing and Angular for creating dynamic user interfaces, the MEAN stack gives you the tools you need to create reliable and responsive applications.

Our goal at PrepCode is to assist you in becoming an expert MEAN stack developer. Our in-depth courses are made to help you reach your greatest potential as a web developer by guiding you from the fundamentals to sophisticated methods. Building fascinating and cutting-edge web applications with the help of a mean stack development services provider is a great option whether you're new to coding or looking to increase your skill set. So dig in, and investigate the best company providing you mean stack services but IBR Infotech is the best choice to go with and set off on your quest to master the MEAN stack in your business.

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