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Angular, React, or Vue: How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Project?

Published on: October 23, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Over the decade various technologies have been launched in a company but not every technology is successful. But with the JavaScript framework, that's not the case, Best Javascript frameworks have been a leader in the web app development community for a considerable amount of time and are now utilised extensively across numerous sectors.

Given the various framework options available today, JavaScript developers frequently need guidance when selecting the best framework.

Among the top JavaScript frameworks that keep advancing quickly are Angular, React, and Vue.

Since each framework is a significant player in the industry, you must select the top one. We have outlined the key distinctions between Angular vs React vs Vue in this article.


Angular is a JavaScript framework that underpins several important Google applications.

In comparison, if we talk about Angular vs React vs Vue, the MVC model (a software design pattern of Angular splits the relevant program logic into three connected pieces and is frequently used for creating user interfaces) is the Angular framework for development foundation.

One of the main drawbacks of adopting Angular is that it makes use of a standard DOM (Web documents can be programmed using the Document Object Model interface, it simulates the page so that software can alter the document's text, layout, and structure), which necessitates updating the entire HTML tag tree structure each time the page is loaded, increasing load times.

Lets now discuss its pros and cons:

  • Supports the MVC architecture.

  • It is simple to maintain.

  • HTML tags re-reloaded in full

  • Angular is built on a framework, it is stiff and relatively rigid.


It can develop single-page applications and use rich media. As in Vue, we can use it very simply and it is also good at reliability so because of this it is very popular and famous for usage in any company.

Vue.js is a reactive and component-based architecture that enables developers to create interactive and dynamic online apps. It is simple to combine the framework for development with other libraries and ongoing projects because it concentrates on the view layer of an application. For quick rendering and UI updates, Vue.js makes use of a virtual DOM.

  • It has a lot of evidence.

  • Reactive components can be added to already-written code, making it reusable.

  • There is a significantly larger community for React and Angular.

  • Numerous plugins are readily available.


Comparing Angular vs React vs Vue, the use of a virtual DOMin React which only checks the variations in HTML code between the previous version and only loads those sections that differ, is one of the key characteristics used to facilitate the use of React.js.

  • It is fast to load new data.

  • Getting started is easy and it takes little time to become proficient.

  • It's not a framework but a javascript 

  • No implementation of MVC architecture.

To select the right framework for development, we need to compare three of them Angular vs React vs Vue

React Javascript, Angular Javascript and Vue Java script continue to be popular web development frameworks. The choice is challenging because each of them has a unique blend of advantages and disadvantages. To assist you in making the best decision, let's briefly examine the fundamental distinctions between the three frameworks.

Let's compare them in terms of different aspects:



Everything you require, beginning with routing and templates, is included in the Angular framework. The framework for development is very easy to adapt and with the help of this, you can create your application without switching to a different tool.


Since React depends on third-party libraries, the official React library is sparsely populated. The ability to select the programming tools you desire is one benefit of this method, though. React is capable of being integrated with a third-party program, such as React routing.


A similar idea underlies the Vue framework. Despite this, web app development offers a wealth of resources to refer to. On the client side, add-ons and state management are handled by Vue router and Vuex.



When it comes to architecture, Angular is an MVC framework that provides a suite of tools. For the tools of web app development


React is a library that just offers the view, leaving developers to create the model and controller on their own.


Interactive websites can be made using the Vue library. The main part of Vue.js' MVVM design, the ViewModel, binds the View and the Model together through two-way data binding. 



Developers favour when comparing Angular vs React vs Vue, and other options. There is a substantial learning curve because it is a whole framework. It needs knowledge of related ideas like TypeScript and MVC to master Angular. Even though Angular might be very time-consuming to master, the work is ultimately worth it because the front end becomes more accurate.


When compared to Angular vs React vs Vue, React is quicker to set up and easier to code. One of the numerous causes for the React team's extensive documentation is this. Stack Overflow has an answer for every typical issue. It is an incomplete framework that depends on outside libraries.


Vue has several benefits over Angular, including being far more user-friendly and without requiring web app development to learn TypeScript. It is simpler for the user to learn Vue because of the customization options. It makes use of similar components and capabilities to Angular and React.

Winding up

In conclusion, the decision between Angular vs React vs Vue.js depends on the specific requirements and features of your project. The best framework will be determined by comparing your project to the above criteria. In the end, making the proper decision gives you the ability to produce great apps that accomplish your objectives amongst the best Javascript frameworks.

You always need to be focused and also select a relatable javascript framework for your company which is helpful for you to upgrade technology and also in web app development.

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