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What E-commerce Platform Aligns Best with the Needs of Your Business?

Published on: December 20, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Customers want a seamless online shopping experience when they visit your digital storefront, one that makes it simple for them to browse products, place orders, and navigate between pages.

That's not all, though. Additionally, today's consumer demands a customised experience in their custom ecommerce website development process that integrates many touchpoints like emails, adverts, social media interactions, and on-page online experiences. A growing proportion of them want to be able to make purchases fast and easily, and they want these transactions to happen only online.

What is an e-commerce platform?

An ecommerce development service is provided by a software program that assists business owners in setting up and running their online storefronts is known as an e-commerce platform. A wide range of tools are included in the best e-commerce platforms to meet both your and your customers' needs. Using a platform like this, you can handle all aspects of online service and product sales from a single, central location.

Ecommerce development services offer web design functionality, hosting services, payment processing capabilities, and inventory management tools that can help you manage your store. Leading options will also let you process returns more easily, fulfil purchases, and help the construction of review and product pages.

It entails marketing goods or services from a company's nation of origin typically understood to be the place of incorporation or founding across geopolitical borders. Because this kind of business is done online, companies can reach clients in new markets without having to open physical stores there. According to recent projections, global ecommerce development services are expected to have increased by 9.7% over the most recent period of tracking, with moderate growth reductions expected over the next few years. These startling figures highlight the enormous potential that exists for companies looking to use international e-commerce to broaden their customer base and enter new markets.

Now we will discuss the Types of e-commerce platform

Native e-commerce platform

When the whole purchasing process takes place natively on the same platform, from product discovery to purchase and checkout, this is known as native ecommerce. Although Amazon currently has a built-in procedure for this kind of transaction, most other online shopping experiences still require you to switch platforms to complete a transaction. This interferes with the user experience, pauses tracking, and results in a loss of revenue for the platform you left.

But there are now other forms of native ecommerce development services that are becoming more popular than social commerce. The majority of your current online platforms will soon support native ecommerce, which will transform the online shopping experience and turn ecommerce into a feature that can be used on any platform. Facebook stores are now accepting payments, while Google has included a "buy" button that can be found in search results, YouTube videos, and the company's shopping portal. 

  • Increase brand awareness- Because native applications are unique to your brand and your eCommerce business, having one of these apps will help you increase brand awareness.

  • High personalization of your application- A custom ecommerce website development application is a great way to give users the greatest experience imaginable.

  • Loyalizes customers in the long run- Another one of the best pros of native applications for eCommerce is the way it can help to stay loyal to your customers in the long term. 

  • Higher maintenance cost- It is indisputable that native ecommerce development services applications are costly. To work on the project, they need a committed development team and an original and marketable design.

  • It takes time to get a successful app- It will take time for your native application to become popular unless your brand is well-known and has a sizable following of engaged users.

  • Hard in optimizing for search results- As previously said, your marketing activities will play a major role in the success of your native eCommerce app. This goes beyond simply creating various marketing efforts to draw in your target audience.

Semi- Native ecommerce platform

This kind of ecommerce development service is a middle-ground choice; it's frequently open-source, giving you more control over a modular system and unlimited editing access. While most functions will need to be configured specifically, you can also set up several plug-ins to suit your preferences and needs.

With this arrangement, there is no commission on sales and no platform access cost. However, the setup of the environment and hosting are both expensive. Several platforms are similar to WooCommerce, which is a well-known example of this kind.

  • Great customization- There are almost no restrictions on the services or functionalities your website could offer. Every single component is adjustable to your exact specifications.

  • Modular system- You can still utilise pre-made extensions and plug-ins, which can greatly expedite the development process.

  • Advanced security- WooCommerce and other semi-native platforms typically have multiple protection layers.

  • More difficult to set up Native systems can be configured by a person with minimal to no knowledge of e-commerce platforms.

  • Absence of professional help - Due to the solution's significantly greater customization choices, you may encounter particular problems depending on your setup.

Bespoke e-commerce platform

From basic online stores to multilingual websites with different options and information for each country, all of which are automatically presented based on the user's location, a bespoke e-commerce website can accomplish almost anything. User interfaces are sleek and designed to maximise sales (or other worthwhile actions, like enquiries). Website designs are eye-catching, clear of distractions, and brimming with additional options including custom software development services that are precisely customised to achieve your strategic objectives. All of this is supported with functionality that is specifically designed to fit your demands, like:

  • Order histories and stored payment methods are stored in user accounts.

  • Credit restrictions on business accounts enable ordering on account.

  • integrations, to mention a few, with delivery services, payment systems, CRM, and stock management systems.

  • Items with a wide range of combinations and options that impact pricing, upselling, and cross-selling.

  • Built for you- The more individualized and specific requirements you have, the less likely it is that existing solutions will be able to meet your needs.

  • Scalable- Not only is a custom software development service made for your business now but it is also designed with future growth and requirements in mind. 

  • Long development process- As with any custom software development services project created from scratch, the timeline is usually longer than with an out-of-the-box solution. 

  • Price can reach up to height- The budget for this type of solution depends on your requirements, so it’s not necessarily more expensive than other options.

Which option would be best for you?

A native e-commerce platform can be the best option if you value a distinctive app experience, and greater brand exposure, and are prepared to invest in enduring client loyalty. It may take longer for your app to become famous, so budget more for upkeep.

Semi-native ecommerce development services provide a modular system with ready-made extensions for individuals looking for a compromise that offers excellent customisation choices without having to start from scratch. Even though setting it up can be more difficult, especially without expert assistance, it offers enhanced security measures.

When you have particular and unique needs, a bespoke ecommerce development services platform is the ideal option, and flexibility for future expansion is essential. It may result in greater expenses and a longer development timetable, but the end product is a solution that is specifically designed to meet your company's demands. In the end, the decision is based on your company's objectives, the degree of customization needed, and your ability to overcome any obstacles. For the best e-commerce system, think about matching your choice to your larger business goals and expansion plan.


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