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Top 3 Reasons Your Legal Business Requires Client Intake Software

Published on: July 31, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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If you are a lawyer who wants to streamline the client intake process, you are undoubtedly wondering what you should do. Few things help the intake process more than a tried-and-true law firm software platform. Client intake software automates many of the intake tasks that would otherwise take you or your employees a significant amount of time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your law practice.

The perfect input platform may quickly propel your company to new heights. Once you've found a software package that works for your company, you'll be able to attract more clients than ever before and never fail to follow up on leads. Some lawyers believe that intake software is only useful in certain practice areas and, as a result, never use it. The good news is that client intake software works regardless of the type of law you practice. You'll be shocked at how much it can help your bottom line, and you'll know you made the right decision.

Client intake software handles everything from lead generation through case closure and payment collection. If you're ready to take your law practice to the next level, look at the top three reasons why you shouldn't overlook the power of client intake software.

Save Time on Data Entry

Data entry is a time-consuming and tedious activity that no lawyer has time for. If you're like most lawyers today, you've employed a legal assistant to handle data entry so you don't have to. Consider how long it takes your employees to enter client information into your system.

Before emailing you the form, they must input the client's name, contact information, and case details, and you must then follow up on each prospective client. When you consider how much you must pay your workers for each client they enter into the system, not to mention the average length of time they spend on the phone, you'll discover that it consumes a significant amount of resources.

Client intake software eliminates the need to manually enter data into your database. You can add intake forms to your website using client intake software, allowing each prospective client to fill out a simple form when they want you to work on their case. The intake program automatically logs their information and notifies you when the client wants you to contact them. You can tailor the intake form to your needs and long-term goals regardless of the sort of legal practice you run.

Remove Physical Paperwork

The traditional method of adding a new customer to your legal business necessitates a significant amount of documentation. Your client fills out a form with their name and contact information, which you must keep in your office filing cabinet. You record case data, payment alternatives, invoicing information, payment history, and other information in addition to client contact information. It's simple to understand how this method necessitates storing a large amount of paperwork in your workplace and don't forget how long it can take to get all those files when you need to seek information. Simply said, paperwork causes a lot of headaches that you want to avoid.

The good news is that client intake software solves this problem and allows you to bring on new clients without the paperwork. Before you begin the initial consultation, you can have your customer fill out all of their information on your website. You can also have your clients sign digital documents rather than handing them a stack of paperwork when they visit your office, making things easier for everyone.

Looking for information will also be numerous faster than when you were still using paper paperwork. When you need to search for something up, you enter the client's name and everything you need appears on the screen in front of you.

Provide a Better Client Experience

Providing a pleasant customer experience is more crucial than ever. Lawyers around the country are utilizing cutting-edge marketing techniques to attract and keep customers. Aside from utilizing cutting-edge marketing methods, wise law companies do all possible to improve the client experience from the time the client first discovers the law firm until the case is completed.

In many respects, law firm software enhances the client experience. Client intake software makes it easier than ever to search up a client's information when they call regarding their case. You can keep track of each case and set reminders so you never miss appointments or other important dates. With the correct software package for your law business, you can quickly add information to a client's file.


Client intake software saves you time and makes it much easier to bring on new clients. It also allows you to get client information in seconds rather than digging through mountains of papers, and clients notice the difference. The program attracts new clients and shows you which ones are the most likely potential for your legal practice, and your business will benefit from the numerous advantages.

Consider how much time and money you may save by using the correct client intake platform. It's simple to see why investing in client intake software is sensible once you examine the difference it could make for your business. Your business will advance quickly if you let the platform handle many of the tedious tasks that used to take you and your staff a long time.

When you create a pleasant client experience, your clients are far more likely to refer others to your legal business. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective methods for acquiring new customers, and you will be astounded when you witness the results for yourself. If you are looking for a custom software solution for the legal industry, look no further than IBR Infotech.

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