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Factors that could influence your decision for choosingCodeIgniter Framework

Published on: October 14, 2021 | Updated on : July 06, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Heard of CodeIgniter! I am sure you did. The software being a perfect partner for developing websites using PHP, the web framework has so much to offer with little effort by the users. We are here to give you reasons to involve CodeIgniter development services in your next project. So, let’s get started.


CodeIgniter is one of those open-source web frameworks specializing in PHP websites’ development. In addition to building the frontend web applications with PHP, the web framework will also provide a complete solution for building the backend web applications. Its capability to create simple PHP syntax, web page application source code streamlining, and fostering interactive and professional websites makes it viable for many businesses. The popularity of PHP is not hidden and has been in rising demand recently. The all-purpose scripting language with core frameworks like CakePHP, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel framework is mostly asked for developing faster and better web blocks and designs.

Know the logic behind 

You can take your chances with a trusted web framework only when you are aware of the software’s basic workflow. CodeIgniter web development is no different and demands the user know few fundamentals of its running procedure to make the most of its features. The functionality behind the Model View Controller framework of CodeIgniter is simpler than thought. The request and access via controller form the fundamental operation of the code where the exchange takes place through commands database addresses and display images. The Application Controller creates a user view after loading necessary Libraries, Models, Views, Scripts, Plug-ins, and Helpers.

Make CodeIgniter your choice

Know that you are just four more steps behind making CodeIgniter your web development partner. So, the aim is to make the decision no more difficult for you and provide you with enough reasons to pursue greater goals with the right choice.

Usability and framework

The configuration and learning aspects of CodeIgniter are a plus when it comes to simplicity. PHP CodeIgniter model view controller framework mainly forms the basis of the argument, which allows the pursuer to learn and configure the framework simply by knowing the state of the encryption and decryption processes for installation. The security-rich and diverse inbuilt functions make it easy for the users to understand the software quickly compared to many other complex software catering to the key demands of the web development clients. A CodeIgniter development company also strives to support future modifications and make it dynamic to alterations with instant solutions and accessible tools.

Security and Authenticity

CodeIgniter is certainly safe and secure than most of the other open-source web frameworks. What makes it so trustworthy for eCommerce or other businesses is that its diverse encryption and decryption facilitates superior interfacing and payment gateways. Also, the other framework testing results to realize its genuineness is satisfied by functions’ scrutiny and stepwise approach to performance analysis.

Code and Configuration

The popularity of CodeIgniter can be answered with the support of its no-nonsense code. Compared to frameworks with bulk codes and slower output, CodeIgniter uses fewer lines to produce amplified results in less time. The understanding and processing aspect of the framework becomes easier for the user due to the linear arrangement and folder set-up, avoiding syntax errors in the CodeIgniter PHP.

SEO and CodeIgniter

Coming to the optimization of the software on the search engines, CodeIgniter is definitely supportive of it, involving SEO aid to beat the web traffic and come out top in the search battle.

In the nutshell

CodeIgniter, a PHP based open-source web framework for developing robust websites, is in the top tier of the web development services. This framework is intended to support websites with a large number of users. Its goal is to make development easier and, more importantly, to provide better performance. The project, which has been used by many popular blog platforms and e-commerce sites, is the primary web framework used by the companies and their plugins. It’s an easy framework to learn from if you are interested in web development. You should visit IBR Infotech for more experience with CodeIgniter web development company.

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