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Features to look for while saas based application development

Published on: November 09, 2021 | Updated on : November 28, 2022 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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There are many factors and aspects that one must keep in mind while SaaS software development

SaaS or Software as a service is the future and it has captured the traditional software license market. Custom web application development services offer a handful of benefits to the users. This type of software delivery and licensing model is based on cloud computing and is used by companies on a subscription basis or specially developed for the enterprise. Enterprises that chose on-premise software earlier because they were not too sure about the software and have concerns regarding security are also opting for Saas software today as it is considered to be one of the safest software hosting spaces. Saas-based application development is indeed a serious investment and one has to be very prudent and consider all the aspects before going to saas product development services. You can have a quick read on the below-mentioned aspects and analyze yourself.


Know the company before selecting and especially their proficiency. They must have expertise in the field they are working in. Always refer to their previous projects to know more about their thinking process and approach and compare it to the expectation you have.

Company Portfolio

Before considering any Saas development company one must go through and through to their portfolio to understand what kind of companies they are and they were associated with and what kinds of projects they had developed so far. The portfolio will give you an idea of their working style and their expertise.

Client Reviews

Many companies can have a great-looking portfolio but in the end, its the client reviews that rates their work as per industry standards. Client reviews posted on the internet can help you a lot in having the company insight.

Compelling MVP Process

Simply put, a big MVP is equaled losing big money for more than two years. Good and experienced MVP developers understand the complexities one will face if the MVP is big. Thus, always consider having a strong MVP process.

Balanced offshoring and onshoring

Yes, offshoring can save money, but at what cost? The right mix of offshoring and onshoring is very necessary, as there can be long-term consequences. Whomever you connect with always, look for quality first.


We know this is going to be the most read point of the article and why not, cost-efficacy is a must. Choosing a company that does not fit your budget may hamper your companys future. Go for the right mix of everything, a company that is offering decent quality in a budget that too in the desired timeline.

The technology stack

The technology stack that the developing company has been using can influence the speed and quality of the product. One more thing to keep in mind is to ask them to use relevant language and framework to the product type. SaaS software is in demand, and that makes it more of a tedious task. It definitely requires dedication, expertise, and thorough testing. Cover all aspects before handing over the product and finalizing a company. One of the companies you could rely on for your saas-based application development is IBR Infotech, who has the right blend of technology and expertise to help you through it all.

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