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Why Do You Need To Hire Remote Developers? Explained

Published on: April 22, 2023 | Updated on : July 06, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Well, all types of businesses, no matter large or small scale, require hiring remote developer assistance to manage and organize their workforce in a seamless manner. 

However, there are several organizations that have never been into hiring remote developers and are finding completion in hiring a remote team. 

If you are finding complexities in finding and hiring the right remote developers’ team, then do not worry! This blog will help you find the solution for how and why to hire the best remote developer.  

Let’s start with the definition. Who is a Remote Developer? 

As the name suggests, these developers work from a remote location. They can be located anywhere and coordinate with you as a team member. Remote developers are generally hired by companies seeking to outsource their development projects. The good thing about hiring a remote developer is, unlike freelancers, remote teams are not allowed to set their working hours themselves. Hiring employers determine the hourly rate and pay accordingly. 

Reasons to Hire a Remote Team of Developers for Your Business?

Opportunity to work with talented Developers 

Hiring remote developers offers the major benefit of reaching a vast pool of skilled professionals. With numerous talented individuals seeking employment opportunities, opting for remote developers enables access to this diverse talent pool. Consequently, one can easily find a professional with the precise set of skills required for a project, and at a lower cost than what someone in the local area would usually charge.

Remote developers are affordable

Another lucrative benefit of employing remote developers is that they are affordable even compared to hiring in-house employees who usually expect additional perks and benefits which is not the case for remote teams. However, this does not imply that remote developers are less competent. In fact, most remote developers are highly skilled and experienced as they have to work harder than in-house employees to demonstrate their abilities.

No Additional Expenditure on Office Space 

Engaging remote developers is an excellent means of reducing expenses on office space and equipment. You can forego leasing an additional area in your office building and the accompanying furniture and supplies. Furthermore, you don't have to establish computers, printers, or other peripherals in that area. These tasks can all be performed remotely, resulting in significant savings of overhead expenses amounting to thousands of dollars per year.

Lower stress levels 

The option of working from home or remotely is becoming increasingly popular among employees due to its various advantages. According to Zippia's remote work statistics, the research states that employees' work performance has seen a surge of 22% while working from home. Moreover, 75% of employees think that they have a better work-life balance when working remotely. 

Critical Steps in Hiring a Reliable Remote Developer for Your Development Project 

If you want to hire the most suitable remote talents for your project, you need to follow proven procedures and measures that have been successful in various app projects. The following steps will help you hire remote app developers that are best suited for your app project.

Create a Project Requirement Document 

First things first, it is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project scope, including the necessary technologies, developer expertise, and IT infrastructure. Without a detailed project requirement document that covers all these aspects, it is not advisable to proceed with hiring developer resources.

Create a Job Description & Publish 

To proceed with your app project, it is essential to create a comprehensive job description for the developer you plan to hire. This job description must include all the necessary attributes listed below to ensure a successful recruitment process.

  • Make sure you put a relevant technical Title for the role you are hiring
  • Create a detailed description mentioning the job role, responsibilities, development tasks, etc. 
  • Do mention the technical skills you expect from an employee including the required technology expertise
  • Mention the remuneration and benefits (if any) you are going to provide
  • At last, you can mention the company’s objective including project goals to keep clarity
Start Screening 

When considering hiring developers from shortlisted reputable development companies, it is crucial to thoroughly review and assess each developer's project portfolio before making a final decision. Rather than solely focusing on their listed platforms and projects, it is important to closely examine project timelines, details, and individual responsibilities within those projects.

Technical Evaluation 

After the initial interview evaluating the candidate's fundamental and interpersonal abilities, a comprehensive technical evaluation is conducted. This assessment primarily focuses on discussing the essential skills and past projects in detail. A job simulation or pair programming session is then conducted to further evaluate the candidate's abilities. During the technical interview, the candidate's proficiency in utilizing different developer and collaboration tools is also examined.

Conduct a Programming Session 

In this collaborative programming session, the technical lead and the candidate work together to create a test programming project. This programming session allows you to evaluate the coding skills of developers. It’s an important process to assess the technical knowledge of a developer. 

It’s time to Make an Offer 

Once the programming session ends, the technical team will make the final decision on whether to hire the candidate or not. After their approval, you can proceed with making a formal job offer. It's important to ensure that the job offer is legally valid by creating a legitimate contract, especially if you're hiring developers from overseas. 

In Final Words

To enhance your business's productivity and profitability, hiring remote developers is a viable option. To ensure you find the right fit for the job, it is recommended that you follow the above-mentioned steps when seeking to hire remote developers who have the required skills to perform the task seamlessly.

Hiring remote developers is an excellent way to improve business profitability while saving extra bucks at the same time. All you need is to hire an employee who holds all the required skills and experience to get the job done. 

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