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How can Hospitals benefit from Healthcare Mobile Applications?

Published on: November 25, 2021 | Updated on : April 14, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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In todays fast-paced world everyone is inclined towards attending to all their tasks on the move. People adhere to using technological advancements in all their appointments, to save as much time as they can. Thus, such users expect no less from the healthcare industry. Staying true to these expectations, the mobile apps related to healthcare services provide personalized health care, disease management and services to patients, as well as a better and flexible way of communicating with physicians, patients and medical suppliers. According to WHOs definition, mHealth (Mobile Health) is The practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices such as phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices. These health applications include all the lifestyle and wellness apps, instant mobile medical sensors, medication reminders and fitness information through messages and services. Apps that include access to patient health data, monitoring, image diagnosis or medication control, among others. There are several reasons why such mobile healthcare apps are not just the need of the present, but also the future of this industry. Some of them are:

Early Detection and Prevention of Disease

Constant monitoring of different health and fitness aspects through such mobile apps may help detect diseases at early stages. This can prevent chronic conditions in serious patients. Online self-care tools also promote prevention of illnesses with healthy behaviours by motivating and committing patients to their health.

Helps to sustain healthcare systems

Patient monitoring or real-time doctor-patient communication contribute to making the health system more efficient. The medical healthcare apps allow in reducing unnecessary consultations and hospitalizations. This remote monitoring of patients by themselves will also reduce hospital costs by almost 15%.


Another great opportunity for the healthcare industry that mHealth represents is a chance to reduce inequality of access to health in remote areas. These apps offer the possibility of bringing health to such areas which have difficulty in accessing specialists. There are many applications for medical healthcare applications in various streams. For example, introducing mobile applications for healthcare gives customers satisfaction as they do not have to visit the hospital for every minor query. This will also solve the problem of overcrowding, and thus it will be easier for the hospital management to provide proper assistance to individuals and for doctors to examine the limited patients effectively. It will also help the patients to systematically manage their hospital scheduling and health records. Technology has always brought people closer by improving communication. Thus, by bringing the patients and the doctors onto the same platform, patients can ensure better interaction with the doctor whenever, to achieve optimal patient-centric care. One of the most important advantages of a mobile application is reducing hospital bills and expenses, as it helps to reduce the time to visit the hospital for an appointment, collection of reports etc. Through these mobile healthcare solutions, patients can monitor their health personally by checking their own blood pressure, sugar level, weight, cholesterol etc and take action if it increased or decreased. The Pathology labs will be able to effectively upload and save a patients reports, and thus preserve their medical history. Doctors can then look up at any patients previous files easily, without the hassle of patients carrying physical & paper-based reports everywhere. Nowadays, people also use pharmaceutical mobile applications widely. This enables the chemist to manage his inventory easily with the help of mobile applications. The system facilitates the safe-keeping of accounts for every medicine and generates several reports whenever required. One of the most important and popular features of mobile healthcare systems today is ordering the medicines online, via the application. It is extremely convenient for both, the buyers & the chemist, as the buyer does not need to worry about going to the medical store every time and the chemist can sell his medicine online, thus reducing traffic in his shop. IBR Infotech is basically a software development agency that can help users in such healthcare web application development.  As a mobile app development company, they will provide you with services that will cover end-to-end development, analyse your business, take care of the UI/UX and facilitate testing and publishing your healthcare software solution app online. You can hire professional web developers from this platform who will not only enable you for your healthcare app development services, but also power you with a vast team of 140+ highly qualified experts.

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