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Published on: October 18, 2021 | Updated on : July 06, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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The web and app development industries are among the fastest growing fields in the modern business world. It’s now an accepted fact that everyone needs either a website or an app just to stay competitive. With that realization, a dozens of development companies began forming to address the sudden need for this skillset. IBR Infotech is one of those companies and has been steadily gaining recognition for the last few years as a top provider of web and app development services, digital marketing, and AngularJS. Our team has consistently put its best foot forward for our clients and now have something significant to show for our efforts – our first Clutch review.

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that uses a unique verification method that ensures all of its content comes from legitimate sources. This makes them a go-to resource for companies that are looking for potential partners with specific skill sets for project that will help them scale their operations.

These reviews also allow us to be included in company lists of The Manifest. They are a business data aggregator that compiles information from sites such as Clutch and creates ranked lists of the top businesses in each industry and region all over the world.

The collaboration we’re talking about here is a website development project for a marketing and advertising company that urgently needed a digital platform that will attract clients to their business. We’re happy to find that they liked the quality of our work enough to leave a review regarding the experience and it is helping IBR Infotech get its name out there faster.

We appreciate the time it took for our partners and clients to sit down and write a review especially since none of them had to do it. It affirms that our team is on the right track and will continue to do everything in our power to maintain our strengths and improve on our shortcomings.

If you’re looking for a skilled and hungry team for web and app development, digital marketing, or angular JS look no further than IBR Infotech. We’ll do our best to provide five-star service and ensure that you get the best experience possible from our collaboration.

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