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IT Staff Augmentation Vs Management Services: What will you choose?

Published on: August 04, 2022 | Updated on : July 06, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Due to the intense market competition, the IT industry must respond to issues quickly, which necessitates a unique method of project team organization. A sudden lack of knowledge or the appropriate skills at a certain project stage could damage your standing as a provider. Expanding the current internal staff or assigning a portion of the work to a third-party expert are two tried-and-true methods. Both solutions are excellent choices, but which one best suits you? In this article, we’ll contrast managed services with IT staff augmentation services.

One of the IT industry’s most well-known goals of web and mobile app development is to keep the lights on. Many businesses require immediate assistance from well-known models associated with outsourcing and out staffing due to the rapidly developing technology and the serious effects that the global spread of the Coronavirus has had.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Depending on your business’s demands, IT staff augmentation services might help you scale up or down. Staff augmentation enables you to engage with qualified specialists on-demand when tasks arise rather than investing time and resources in hiring permanent IT personnel. When a need arises, the staff augmentation model of IT outsourcing allows you access to a pool of the best tech talent in the market.

An out-tasking model called staff augmentation (SA) refers to hiring additional workers for a project. It is a practical method for raising the productivity of your development team. You can utilize it to increase your team’s capability or decrease your personnel. Contracts for staff augmentation are merely a temporary fix for the project’s implementation phase.

Control and lower risk

You can keep total control over the project’s outcome and track every step of the process with staff augmentation. The team’s project manager will set priorities for the work and guarantee a high standard of quality for the finished product. With SA, you keep the entire team in-house and manage the project, reducing the likelihood of delivering a subpar product as opposed to outsourcing, which gives up control over the development processes.

Maintain project management

You maintain project autonomy while using IT staff augmentation. By doing so, you may make sure the project is finished according to your standards.Your needs will simply be determined by the outsourcing provider, which will then present competent individuals for the position. Once you’ve decided on the members of your outsourced team, they will adapt to your business and work under your guidance to complete the requirements of your project.

Managed Services

For the longer-term benefits they anticipate from a solutions partner, managed services clients look beyond conventional outsourcing criteria or hiring short-term contractual workers. The secret is to question “what’s next” and go beyond the initial savings plan. An organization can efficiently outsource the management, operations, and delivery of processes using a standard managed services model, which helps to reduce the overall cost of the company.

Managed services are the extra assistance you need to get through the day. You won’t have to worry about time-consuming but vital duties if you use managed services. You’ll have more time to direct the proper individuals and resources toward the proper goals. Your strategic initiatives will succeed while boosting productivity and efficiency. The approach is thus a compelling long-term strategy.

Availability of Diverse Skills

In contrast to staff augmentation, which entails identifying and hiring candidates for a very specific job role, managed services involve a bigger bubble with a variety of skill sets and knowledge. The key here is to consistently maintain high levels of client happiness and engagement.

A pool of Talented Experts

You can use the services of experts who will be properly qualified to provide the services you need without spending a lot of time on the hiring process.


When an organization engages in staff augmentation, switching to a managed services model can help it get all of the flexibility and skill access it desires while avoiding the significant drawbacks of staff augmentation mentioned above.

The key distinction between the two models is that, in the case of managed services, the provider is committed to producing an “output” at a predetermined cost as opposed to an “input” as is the case with staff augmentation. An activity is simply performed as an input without any guarantee that it will lead to the desired output. As the company must establish the demand based on service and performance standards, the managed service model drives a measure of value based on planning.

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