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Discovering AI Code: 9 Remarkable AI Code Tools to Enhance Your Programming Efficiency

Published on: October 17, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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In an era of limitless possibilities, the widespread use and revolutionised accessibility of generative artificial intelligence technologies present a brilliant symphony of creativity for programmers. The application scenarios range from making artwork to writing code. Their expansion has outpaced any consumer technology trend in the last ten years. The way we work is rapidly changing, and the world of software development is no exception. Using AI code tools has become a regular practice for many developers. So if you want to know about 9 remarkable AI code tools to increase your programming efficiency then read the following article till the end. 

  1. OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is the most well-known AI coding, AI and machine learning tool currently available. It was trained with a large amount of code and based on OpenAI's LLMs (GPT-3 and GPT-4). It claims to be able to write code in more than 12 languages, including Go, TypeScript, Perl, PHP, BASH, Ruby, JavaScript, and Swift. The algorithm was built using trillions of lines of publicly available code from sites like GitHub repositories. Here are its features: 

  • It creates programmes from comments or feeds comments to programmes.
  • It is capable of converting English algorithms into programs in any language.
  • While developing, including comments and alerts ensures that the code is secure and reliable.
  • It decreases the monotony of coding.
  • It can produce code for machine learning models, mobile apps, and internet applications.
  1. Tabnine

Codota's Tabnine is an effective AI and machine learning platform available online. This code generator predicts and recommends completion using machine learning methodologies, making coding faster, more effective, and less error-prone. It is a crucial resource in every developer's arsenal because it leverages deep learning abilities to provide very accurate code recommendations. Your writing habits are utilised to produce personalised recommendations, and your code is indexed automatically. Its advanced AI capabilities include automatic code completion, auto-generated tests, syntax highlighting, and integration with well-known IDEs. Here are the features of Tabnine:

  • It supports around 20 different programming languages.
  • It works with popular code editors including VS Code, Sublime Text, and Atom. 
  • Atom allows developers to use it in the environment that best suits them.
  • It aids in bug and test case tracking.
  • It provides application development services.
  1. CodeT5

CodeT5 is a platform that allows developers to build AI-generated code for their applications. It is a free AI code generator available online to developers all around the world. The application uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning methodologies to analyse project requirements and produce the best code possible using pre-trained models. It can complete unfinished code, summarise, and convert between several programming languages.

  • The platform provides a basic graphical interface, which may be integrated using the GitHub documentation.
  • It completes the entire code function indicated by the target function name.
  • It gives a written description of a function summary in plain language.
  1. Polycoder

Polycoder is an open-source AI-powered code generator that focuses on producing code for certain programming tasks. PolyCode is a powerful AI code tools generator that is available for free on GitHub. It employs sophisticated algorithms for natural language comprehension and code generation. The datasets now available on GitHub are larger than 200GB, and the models are constantly updated with the assistance of powerful hardware. Features of Plycoder are: 

  • It includes numerous pre-trained models for 12 programming languages, including PHP, C, JavaScript, Python, C++, Ruby, TypeScript, and many others.
  • The programme is more efficient at writing C than any other model, including Codex.
  • Anyone can improve it by teaching PolyCoder new programming languages, providing it with datasets from more code repositories, or improving its comprehension.
  1. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot, developed by GitHub and OpenAI, is the most recent innovation in AI-powered programming assistance. By acting as a virtual pair programmer, this technology quickly assists engineers in writing better code. It can be used to assist with code completion, code clarity, debugging, and other functions. Copilot provides more complete code that supports more programming language models than Codex. Here are the features of GitHub Copilot: 

  • It allows quick switching between various auto-complete options.
  • It makes it easier to locate and correct coding problems.
  • It identifies potential security issues in your code.
  • It includes comments to help with code comprehension.
  1. Seek

Those whoa are looking for good AI code tools that can generate codes that generate a variety of code designs for developers then “Seek” could be the one for you. It is based on the concept of "code snippets," which allows developers to customise pre-existing templates to meet the needs of their project. It is a great AI and machine learning and writer for programmers and data analysts who wish to build SQL queries quickly without having to write code. When writing SQL code for training data, Seek's approach offers greater versatility and customisation.

  • It can serve numerous developers because it supports multiple languages.
  • The tool's adaptability is enhanced by the ability to allow developers to construct and customise their code templates.
  • Code generation is simpler, thanks to an intuitive process and user-friendly UI.
  • Integration with popular programming platforms such as GitHub and Visual Studio Code.
  1. AI2SQL

The AI2SQL code generator was designed to convert natural language inquiries into SQL commands. AI2SQL reduces the need for a thorough mastery of SQL syntax by translating natural language into SQL, making database interactions more accessible to a wider audience. The tool can be used by Python programmers, data scientists, and company executives who need to search databases for insights.

  • Its straightforward and simple-to-use user interface encourages user engagement.
  • It reduces the time and effort necessary to write and troubleshoot SQL queries, which speeds up database management.
  • It supports a variety of database management platforms, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, making it a versatile option for a wide range of customers.
  1. Cody by Sourcegraph

Cody is an AI coding assistant that can identify, decipher, and write code. This platform combines Large Language Models (LLMs), Sourcegraph search, and Sourcegraph code expertise to create solutions that save manual labour while keeping human programmers in the loop. Cody's major strength is its ability to comprehend the context in which the code is written, allowing it to provide insightful and appropriate comments and criticism.

  • Cody uses AI to anticipate your input and give code snippets as you type, making coding easier and more productive.
  • It performs automated code reviews, detecting and correcting flaws in the code.
  • Cody is designed to work in any language, making it a viable global company solution.
  1. MutableAI

Mutable, according to their official website, is an AI code tools generator that uses NLP and machine learning to increase the efficiency and contentment of software engineers. It supports auto-completion in a variety of programming languages, including Java, Python, Typescript, Rust, and Solidity. It is specifically designed to generate passable front-end code from unfinished design files.

  • One of its distinguishing features is its ability to convert design files into HTML/CSS code, bridging the gap between designers and developers.
  • It simplifies and expedites the process of transforming designs into valuable websites.
  •  Users can pose sophisticated queries using an open-ended inquiry dialogue.
  • It offers area-specific adjustments that fully comprehend your code and make duties easier.

The Final Verdict 

The introduction and advancement of AI code tools are changing the global technology environment. Artificial intelligence code generators are intriguing and useful tools for software developers and engineers. They may have jeopardised the occupations, but people have recognised their significance and learned how to incorporate them into their tasks to make their jobs easier. To summarise, AI is changing the way we write computer code. Consider these AI and machine learning generators, and you might find a tool that improves your coding productivity while expanding your development possibilities. IBR Infotech does offer AI and machine learning services so you can reach out to them anytime.

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