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Learn the Importance of CRM system for Higher Educational Institute

Published on: November 26, 2021 | Updated on : July 12, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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CRM or customer relationship management tools are widely used in service-based as well as product-based companies to establish, maintain, nurture the relationship with customers. CRM tools and softwares are used to manage and record all the interactions with existing as well as potential customers. It allows businesses to achieve their goals and objectives by increased profitability and brand value, as the customers feel more connected and grow to trust the brand which continuously endeavours to nurture the relationship between the business and customer.

CRM tools not only help in managing customer relationships and interactions but also have added benefits like better sales management, increased productivity, good after-sales service etc. Additionally, it also helps establish interactions and relationships with users, suppliers, colleagues etc. and sustain and develop the relation during the entire customer journey/lifecycle.

We can draw parallels between the customer lifecycle and systemizing a student’s educational journey and hence, the benefits of using a CRM for educational institutions come into picture. Right from registering a student into the institution to monitoring the student’s progress throughout his lifecycle in the institution, all of this requires proper management of student records and steady growth and development of the student such that he/she may attain his/her academic objectives and goals.

CRM systems in educational institutions will allow students and professors to systematise studies by storing all of these crucial elements in their databases. As a result, searching for information about any educational component of any student will be easy, and updating new information will be straightforward. CRM systems will also significantly aid in easing the admissions process, which is typically a reasonably tough one for schools and universities. The education management software provided by these systems includes, first and foremost, the student's academic documents, the degree and programme to which they wish to be enrolled, full batch and roll number details, and other information required to aid the admission process. Following this, the institution will be able to find and recruit the best prospects, engage them, and most crucially, increase the institution's enrollment statistics.

Also, it is important to stay relevant with the trends of the 21st Century. Most of the students today depend on the internet to search for information about their dream colleges and universities. CRM systems come with an integrated feature which enables them to track such students and help institutions connect with the leads through different engagement programs such as email, print, and invitations to online and offline events. Another added advantage of such systems for educational institutions is that it makes the communication between the institution and the inquiring student better. It is also easier to make follow up for all inquiries, keep a record of the interactions with the students during the counseling process, and maintain an appropriate follow-up.

A CRM System not only assists in keeping track of the details of potential and present students but also of alumni. This is also useful when trying to increase communication with possible benefactors and investors. It also allows for good inter-departmental communication between workers and other institution employees. When feedback is given regarding any professor or department, a CRM system comes in handy for data collecting and analysis. It simply takes a few clicks to examine the crucial metrics or trends that may define the department's strengths and shortcomings, which may help in saving time and knowing the way forward.

One of the major benefits of using CRM in education is that the automatic and standardized process that it follows reduces the institution’s costs as it eliminates a lot of routine and manual steps. Thus, there is no need to hire more employees to do the work that can be done in seconds by a web application. If you are worried about the costs of calling in specialists to install the CRM systems etc. then there’s no need to fret. Nowadays, you can just download the installation file from the company’s website or use the boxed version of the product yourself.

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