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10 Trends That Will Rule the Market in 2023 for On-Demand Delivery

Published on: March 17, 2023 | Updated on : April 04, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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As the level of technology progressed regarding how fast problems can be solved, so increased the expectations of its users. That gave birth to On-Demand Delivery. Anything can be delivered to your doorstep in the least amount of time with just a click. Isnít that just flabbergasting? And it does not just stop here, it keeps evolving. The on-demand delivery economy looked so different as latest as 2022 and now it has not even been complete two months of the new year and many new on-demand delivery trends and innovations have already been introduced to the citizens.

On-demand delivery does not pertain to only one industry. It has become such a big umbrella. Be it food delivery, groceries, medicines, health care, self-care the list just goes on and on. Most importantly, in this fast-paced market, it is required that your business also becomes fast-paced in its operations to catch up with the competition. One way to be included in this race is to get in touch with on-demand delivery software development companies like IBR Infotech and get your software developed without delay.

-Approximately 60% of consumers lean towards on-demand delivery.

- 63% of on-demand employees say that they are happy while working in the on-demand economy.

-As per the forecast of, mobile apps are projected to generate approx 935 billion US dollars.

     Let's delve into 10 food sector on-demand delivery trends that will rule the market in 2023.

  1. Multi-Delivery Channel

This is one of the most followed on-demand delivery trends. The multi-delivery channel is a user-friendly way for companies to offer their services to their clients or customers. It is a way to simplify ordering because if one channel does not work, the customer can opt for another. It helps the company create an ecosystem by being present on multiple channels, so their accessibility escalates.

-Ordering via mobile apps

-Ordering via social media

-Ordering via smart TV

-Ordering via smartwatch

-Ordering via the website

-Ordering via chatbots

  • Auto-Kitchen Operations

Restaurant software development has turned a new leaf with auto kitchen operations and cooking robots/machines. Before the pandemic, health and safety regulations were taken leniently. People would be in and out of the kitchen frequently bringing the germs inside. Risking the health of staff as well as the clients. The auto kitchen comes in as a rescue allowing kitchen display systems to auto-show orders. This significantly reduces the cost to employees and the risk to safety and health. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of a restaurant. For instance, The Yellow House a restaurant in Delhi-NCR utilizes robots to serve food.

  • Food Waste Mobile Applications

Half a pound of food is wasted per meal in restaurants, which collectively becomes a much larger amount. The development in technology has found yet another solution for a problem like this. Food waste mobile application development has proven to be an aid to eradicate this issue. Here the unsold meals from restaurants and cafes are sold to needy people at discounted prices, all done through a mobile application. The user just needs to place an order from the app and pick it up at the delivery time.

  • Simplification of Intricate Loyalty Programs

As the takeout culture has grown by leaps and bounds, increasing the dine-in traffic has become a challenge. Restaurant owners have to work hard and creatively to pull the customers for on-premise eating. Here is where loyalty programs come into play. Offer enticing discounts and promo codes with customersí delivery, so they keep coming back to you. For instance,

-Free delivery

-Free redeemable points

-Value meals

-Festival-based offers

-Two units at the price of one

  • Online Table Reservations

Arriving at a restaurant and finding that there are no tables left can ruin the evening. It is a rare occurrence that you can find a table at a restaurant without ringing the hotel to book a table first. On-demand delivery apps such as Yelp, Eat App, Open Table have started providing a feature of reserving the table using their application. This has proved to be quite helpful in the on-demand delivery software development realm. This on-demand delivery trend is going to be a big hit in 2023 as it increases the efficiency of restaurants and generates great convenience for customers.

  • Bill Splitting and Payment Software

The on-demand delivery trend of bill splitting and payment software is going to be very advantageous for both the parties, the restaurant owner and the customer. The whole economy is transitioning to being cashless and in the midst of this, this restaurant software may prove to be very fruitful. It will allow a group of people to split the bill and simplify the process of viewing, splitting, paying, and tracking the order for the cashier. It is recommended that this kind of restaurant software development be done through a team of professional developers for better output. You may choose to use a third-party service but remember that it can expose you and your customers to vulnerability.

  • Placing Several Orders From Different Stores In Single Delivery

A lot of people prefer to taste small dishes from multiple places. So for that to happen, they would have to order multiple times, which increases the time and cost. To eliminate this inconvenience, mobile applications like Uber have started to let people order from different stores in a single delivery. It's just like Instacart but for takeouts.

This is a comparatively new on-demand delivery trend and one which is going to be extremely successful. Because this trend will simplify ordering for users, filling a much larger gap.

  • Strict Hygiene and Safety Practices

After the covid-19 outbreak, it has become imperative to get rigorous with hygiene and safety practices. Only trusting human beings to keep the place sanitized is not adequate. Hence, restaurants are now focusing on various technologies to provide that added support to sanitize the premise and patrons. Such as UVA and UVC lighting technology for sanitization.

  • QR Code

You must have noticed most of the restaurants you go to have a QR code for their menu. You just have to scan it and the whole thing would be visible to you on your device. This helped with two things- 1. It increased convenience for both parties, 2. From a hygiene point of view, it is completely safe. It essentially enhances the overall customer experience.

  1. Subscriptions for On-Demand Delivery

Subscriptions for on-demand delivery are the new innovative way of increasing customer loyalty. Providing a series of meals at discounted prices is a bargain for people who donít have time to spend in front of a stove. Many restaurants have opted for this trend in recent times as it aids in augmenting sales and revenue. On the other hand, it is extremely helpful for the customer too. Pay a monthly fee and order as many times as they want.


In conclusion, the on-demand delivery economy has welcomed numerous trends to offer convenience to the owner as well as the consumer. Restaurant or cafe owners should jump on these trends to survive the competition. Investing in on-demand delivery software development, restaurant software development, or restaurant mobile applications will bring all of their goals to fruition. IBR Infotech, a pioneer in restaurant software development can develop software or application just as you require. Having an experience of over a decade has made us aptly qualified in providing the best solutions. Connect with us to book a consultation- Shoot an e-mail or give us a call.

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