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Pharmacy Management System: Benefits & Features

Published on: May 31, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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The World Health Organisation claims that medicine is a crucial component of a health system. Without them, it is hard to provide communities and individual patients with the kind of health results that they want. However, in order to keep pharmacy operations running smoothly, personnel require a little more support. The concept of Pharmacy Management Systems is still relatively new. You need to utilise a custom software solution in order to build such a system.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management, in terms of employment, refers to people who manage the pharmacy's employees. They provide orders to their staff members so that clients may receive medications quickly without compromising their safety. They monitor prescriptions for medications, deliver them, reduce waste, and monitor drug shortages as part of their duties. 

In addition to being required for operating a pharmacy, having a pharmacist on-site for transactions at all times is mandated by law. 

Pharmacy technicians, assistants, and management employees are all employed by pharmacies.

So, what exactly is a Pharmacy Management System? 

A Pharmacy Management System is a type of business application software that automates the operation of a pharmacy. "The system reviews prescriptions from doctors and gets ready medications, manages inventory and places drug orders, organises billing and insurance, provides advice, identifies incompatibilities, and more,"

Although pharmacies in other nations, particularly the United States, utilise such a system, there is a movement to encourage additional countries to use it.

Benefits Of Pharmacy Management System

Better productivity - Allows users to manage patient profiles, processing and invoicing, smoothing their workflow, accounts receivable, claims management, and inventory control.

Customer Satisfaction - The PMS system ensures that every transaction is correct and executed as quickly as possible.

Accessibility - Superior control over pharmacy operations.

Reduced paperwork - It eliminates paper-based processing and streamlines data storage and retrieval.

Drug Documentation - Maintains a medication profile repository containing information such as pharmaceutical composition and solutions.

Barcode Labels - Medication barcode labelling is automated, and expiration dates are printed.

Influence Customer Shopping - The CRM module allows you to send email and SMS alerts to customers about fascinating offers and promotional programs.

Features Of Pharmacy Management System

  • ePrescription

This PMS module is one of the most important elements, as it significantly reduces the possibility of human mistakes while also providing a comfortable solution for patients. It aids in refill management and allows doctors to transmit new prescriptions straight to the pharmacy information system. Data saved in the system reduces the possibility of mistakes.

  • Inventory Management

According to recent research, chemists often spend one-fifth of their workday monitoring manual paper-based inventory. The retail pharmacy inventory management system is critical for order delays, which can lead to delays in medical procedures or pharmaceutical mistakes. This facilitates data-driven choices and automatically changes stock levels, relieving pharmacy personnel of labor-intensive inventory tasks. It helps in the management of supplies by allowing for prompt ordering, identifying and recording filling, and pick-up data. It also sends real-time warnings when a drug is close to expiration.

  • Notification

This module of the pharmaceutical shop management system assists in the scheduling of automatic updates and push alerts to consumers. This would allow them to restock even before their prescriptions went out. Patients can then respond to the notification if they require a refill. The status updates allow pharmacy proprietors to communicate with customers via chat and phone to improve customer satisfaction. Creating a unique mobile app and integrating it into a pharmacy management system is a smart method to increase customer engagement and improve communication.

  • Pharmacy Analytics

Most sectors are being transformed by data and analytics today. Pharmacies can take advantage of potential chances to succeed in a highly competitive market by using pharmacy management systems. The analytics module makes use of data to deliver meaningful insights on pharmaceutical spending, sales, revenue generation, and general performance. With the proper tools and frameworks in place, this feature may improve corporate profitability, better manage workflow, reduce inventory handling costs, and estimate accurate stock needs for the near future.

  • Online Pharma Store

In the midst of the pandemic, contactless has become the "new normal" term. Customers are drawn in by the ease of buying medications from the comfort of their own homes. You may meet the demands of Internet inquiries by transforming your firm digitally. Consider an integrated e-commerce module that includes functionality for managing contactless sales online. A professional software development company can provide you with a customised solution.

Challenges Faced By Traditional Pharmacy Practices

Absence of Process Automation: The lack of automation techniques is the primary limitation of the manual system. By reducing the need to participate in time-consuming and paper-handling duties, the staff can spend more time fulfilling the requirements of clients.

Lack of Consistency: Each pharmacy has its own set of guidelines, processes, and standards to adhere to. Inaccurate process tracking causes system mistakes, confusion, and abnormalities.

Medication Billing Errors: Errors including incomplete entries, wrong diagnostic instructions, duplicated entries, and more can be caused by the ineffective billing process.

Inaccurate Inventory Records: Keeping track of the inventory of supplies and medications is essential. Inventory management decisions on what to buy or obtain and from which providers are crucial. Overstocking or understocking of medications might result from the mismatch in estimating sales requirements.

Decentralised Payment Management: Inefficient payments might occur due to a lack of streamlined processing methods and adequate invoicing solutions.

Why Choose IBR Infotech To Develop PMS?

We are aware that a pharmaceutical environment with so many variables does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all strategy. Having developed corporate solutions for more than 9 years, we at IBR Infotech develop exclusive software that actually meets your company's demands. Healthcare IT consultancy is offered by our committed professionals to determine your goals, align with your vision, and handle any potential obstacles.

We use our extensive technological knowledge to guide you in selecting pharmacy software and services that fit your workflow, objectives, and financial constraints. To help you maximise operational efficiency and save operating costs, our skilled development team can assist in creating a fully integrated pharmacy automation system.

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