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Reasons Why Laravel Will Be The Dominant Web App In 2023

Published on: March 20, 2023 | Updated on : June 09, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Laravel is a PHP web application development framework that has gained significant exaltation since its launch in 2011. The web development framework has been used to build several eminent websites and web applications, such as the Canadian government's official website, Invoice Ninja, MyRank, DeltaNet, etc and it has a vibrant community of developers. In recent years, there have been establishments of uncountable new Laravel development services.  Also, Laravel's user base is expected to continue augmenting in the coming years, and in all probability, Laravel’s going to be the dominant web application platform in 2023.

The following statistics show the ever-growing relevancy of Laravel:

-According to BuiltWith, as of February 2023, there are over 4 million websites worldwide that are built using Laravel.

-Laravel's most recent release, version 9, has over 2,300 commits from over 150 contributors.

-Laravel has over 70,000 stars on GitHub, making it one of the most popular repositories on the platform.

-Laravel has a 42.2% market share among PHP frameworks, making it the most popular PHP framework, according to Wappalyzer.

Let’s explore some of the features Laravel offers to become the most popular web development framework:

  1. Simplified learning and usage

One of the big reasons why Laravel is expected to become the dominant web application platform in 2023 is that it is easy to learn and use. Laravel's syntax is clean and elegant, and it is well-recorded, making it easy for developers to swiftly build web applications. Furthermore, Laravel has a vast ecosystem of packages and libraries that make it easy to add functionality to a web application without having to write code from the ground up.

2.  Robust Security Features

Security is a crucial responsibility for web applications, and Laravel offers robust security features to ensure that web applications built on the framework are unshakable. Laravel has built-in protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and SQL injection, two of the most frequent security threats to web applications. Adding to it, Laravel's authentication system is efficient to use and provides hefty protection against illegal access.

3.  Large and Active Developer Community

Laravel has a large and active developer community that is constantly bestowing new features, packages, and libraries to the framework. The community is also very cooperative and responsive, providing support and advice to developers who are building web apps with Laravel. This active community ensures that Laravel is consistently improving and evolving, making it a reliable and future-proof platform for web application development.

4.  Ideal for Building Large and Complex Web Applications

Laravel is exemplary for developing large and complex web applications because it offers a  wide array of features and tools that make it easy to manage compound workflows and processes. Laravel's modular architecture makes it simple to break up large web apps into smaller, more manageable components, and its powerful routing and middleware systems make it effortless to manage compound workflows.

5.  Excellent Performance and Scalability

Laravel offers outstanding performance and scalability, which is indispensable for web applications that need to handle a large number of users and requests. Laravel is designed to be quick and efficient, and it deploys caching and other optimization methods to warrant that web apps developed on the framework execute well. Moreover, it is mapped out to be scalable, making it accessible to append more resources as needed to maneuver increasing traffic and demand.

6.  Supported by a Myriad of Hosting Providers

Laravel is reinforced by a wide range of hosting providers, which makes it uncomplicated to deploy web apps developed on the framework. Many hosting providers provide distinguished Laravel hosting plans that are advanced for the framework, making it effortless to get up and running smoothly. Additionally, Laravel is adaptable to a range of database systems, making it easy to develop web apps on an assortment of web development platforms.

7. Provides Excellent Documentation and Support

Lastly, Laravel offers remarkable documentation and support, which is imperative for developers who are building web apps with the framework. Laravel's documentation is thorough and easy to understand, and it includes tutorials, guides, and examples that make it easy to get started with the framework. Additionally, Laravel's support community is active and helpful, providing advice and assistance to developers who are building web apps with the framework.


In a nutshell, Laravel is poised to emerge as the dominant web application platform in 2023 because of the numerous reasons we discussed above. The growth of the Laravel development companies is set to be on the path to success. Whether you are a Laravel development company or someone who is looking to get their web application developed using Laravel bounties are confirmed for both of the groups.

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