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Revolutionizing Restaurant Service with Voice Ordering

Published on: March 20, 2023 | Updated on : June 09, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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The revolution in technology has changed the shape of so many industries. Every other day a new trend emerges. Keeping up with the dynamics of technology can get a bit challenging but that is the only way to survive in the market. It is the only way to continue earning your bread.

The advancement of technology has also seeped into the restaurant industry. Numerous trends in the restaurant industry have surfaced in previous years. The one that we are here to talk about is voice ordering for restaurants.

Artificial intelligence branched out to voice recognition which gave rise to voice ordering for restaurants. AI has become so competent in recent times that it has substituted human beings and their intelligence. The main focus of this technology is to create convenience for customers. Although the advantages do not limit themselves to the customers, it also goes far beyond that.

It has the potential to provide a complete facelift to the restaurant service industry. It will create immense benefits for both parties- the restaurant owners as well as the customers.

But, before jumping onto that topic. Let us understand what is voice ordering for restaurants and how it can help to grow your business:

Voice ordering for restaurants refers to a voice recognition technology that enables customers to place their food orders through a device such as a smart speaker or tablet. Customers just have to speak their order into the device, and it gets communicated to the restaurant kitchen or its point-of-sale system.

It employs natural language processing and machine learning to process and interpret food orders placed by customers. It has the ability to provide personalized food recommendations based on dietary preferences, previous orders, or the customer’s wish.

-According to a report from approximately 66.4 million people now own a smart speaker device.

-Another report from states that approximately 22.6% of respondents revealed that they use voice assistants to order food and groceries.

-A survey done by Capgemini regarding reasons for using voice assistants for food ordering reported that- The top reason for food ordering through voice assistants is convenience mentioned by 62% of surveyors. Some other reasons include hands-free operation and ease of use.

The above data serves as enough evidence that voice ordering is going to take over the restaurant service industry in the coming years. But to further prove the point, let’s look at some examples of big fast-food chains, which have been providing voice ordering assistants for their customers.

  1. Mcdonald's- This fast food giant has been providing voice ordering assistants to its customers in the U.S. since 2019. It allows customers to place orders using a self-service kiosk or by interacting directly with a voice assistant at the drive-thru. It has also invested in technology that can deliver personalized recommendations based on previous orders.
  1. Domino’s Pizza- They have introduced their very own voice-ordering program called Doms. It lets customers place orders and also track their orders for them.
  1. KFC- It has introduced a voice bot on Amazon Alexa that can take food orders, track delivery, recommend dishes, get a promotional offer, and lastly hear a silly chicken joke.

These are some of the fast food chains which have adopted voice ordering. Other chains like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and more have also started to use voice ordering platforms.

This new trend in the restaurant industry has revolutionized the way customers gave orders and restaurant owners received them. Gone are the days, when the customers had to wait for waiters to take their orders or stand in a long line to place an order while you are hungry. Now, all of this can be done by just interacting with a bot.

All of the above information proves the great benefits of voice ordering for the restaurant industry. But it does not stop here. Let us explore more ways in which voice ordering for the restaurant industry can reap the benefits.

  • Improved Efficiency

Voice ordering enables restaurants to smooth out their operations and lessen wait times. Rather than customers having to wait in line to place their orders, they get to simply speak their orders into a device, which then transfers the order to the kitchen. This helps in speeding up the ordering process, brings down errors, and permits restaurant staff to concentrate on other big tasks.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Voice ordering for the restaurant industry aids in improving the overall customer experience.  It lets customers order quickly and easily, without them having to navigate complicated menus or communicate with otherwise occupied staff. This can result in escalated customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Boosted Accuracy

Another great benefit of voice ordering technology is that it is astoundingly accurate, which results in likely fewer orders being misunderstood or misread. This can lower the number of mistakes in orders and cut back the requirement for staff members to double-check or repeat orders.

  • Cost Efficient

Ultimately it all boils down to the cost. Voice ordering for the restaurant industry helps restaurant owners save money. It can help in cutting down on labor costs, lessening the need for staff to take orders. Furthermore, by bringing down errors and enhancing efficiency, restaurants can cut down waste and save money on food costs.

  • Integration with Other Technologies

This is the most beneficial aspect of voice ordering. It lets other technologies, for instance, digital menus, payment systems, loyalty programs, and other restaurant management systems be integrated with it. This produces a smooth, overall customer experience that considerably improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Bag first-mover advantage

This technology is still in its infancy stage, meaning that not many restaurants have adopted it. Implementing voice ordering technology now can provide you with multiple first-mover advantages. For starters, it can help you immensely in marketing. It can set you apart from your competitors and gift you with a USP.

In a nutshell, although voice ordering for the restaurant industry is yet in the initial stages of adoption, it displays a promise to transform the restaurant service industry. It can profit restaurants by bringing down wait times, boosting accuracy, enhancing efficiency, and improving end-to-end customer experience. It also supports restaurants save labor costs by lessening the requirement for staff members to take orders. Adding to this, voice ordering allows integration with other technologies, like digital menus, payment systems, loyalty programs, and other restaurant management software to create a sleek overall customer experience.

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