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Ways in Which Social Networking Platforms Can Create a First Good Impression

Published on: December 27, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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Social media sites are crucial in forming first impressions in the digital age, as these impressions frequently start online. These social network platform developments, which serve as virtual doors to both personal and professional relationships, can quickly enthral or repel users. Making a good first impression on social networking sites is crucial for both individuals and businesses.

This necessitates the use of strategic approaches like engagement strategies, profile presentation, and content curation, all of which combine to produce an authentic and captivating online presence. Building relationships that last a lifetime requires understanding how social media sites can create a positive first impression in the era of instant communication.

First, Let's discuss What is Social Networking? 

Social networking in the context of online business refers to leveraging social media platforms to build relationships with both new and existing customers to increase sales and expand your business. The most popular social networking sites are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Pinterest are some other well-known social media networks.

Although people have used social networking platform development since its inception to connect with others, businesses have only recently seen a significant increase in social network marketing, primarily due to Facebook's launch in 2009. The majority of big businesses have employed social media consultants or marketers to assist them in promoting their products because social networking development services have shown to be such an effective tool for marketing.

How to Build a Social Networking which creates a good impression at first

Define your Target Audience

For what purpose are you creating a social network? Who and why will I use it? Which issue do you resolve? You must respond to these questions because they will affect your strategy, design, and marketing.

  1. Demographic - In social networking development services demographics will help you start narrowing down your audience, they include:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation/Industry

  • Income

  • Marital Status

  • Educational Level

  1. Location- Maybe your social network platform development is for a local community or work in a specific country only. Since it will be used in marketing later, it is better to define it now.

  2. Psychographics- This includes audience behaviour, hobbies, interests, and activities. For example:

  • Gardeners

  • Football lovers

  • Housewives

  • Paints collectors

  • People who are looking for the lowest price

  • People who shop online often

We recommend taking it seriously and spending a fair amount of time as it is fundamental for your whole project.

Strategy Build-up

You undoubtedly have a fantastic idea in mind and are aware of what and who you want to build for. It's time to create a game-changing plan to enable you to achieve it.

It is advised to start small and develop the MVP (minimum valuable product) first. By using social networking development services like MVP you can gauge the audience's opinion and level of support before you fully develop the idea. At Relevant Software, we employ an agile methodology that saves time and money by iteratively adding features and gathering feedback from users.

Pre-development work

A development team is necessary for a social network because it is a large and complicated piece of software. After you have identified your target market, developed a growth strategy, a clear idea, and design concepts, you need to think about the following before getting in touch with a provider of software development services:

  1. Cash- Depending on the features, social network platform development may require 200–1000 hours of work. You must have a clear idea of how much your project will cost and choose whether to outsource the development process or look for a development team within your nation.

  2. The Base- Are you planning to make an app, a website, or both? Before getting in touch with the development team, you ought to be aware of it so they can provide you with a precise estimate.

  3. Traffic Calculation- The technology that the development team uses will depend on how much traffic your network can handle. Though it's difficult to predict with precision, give an approximate estimate of traffic in five years.


There are four steps in the design itself:

  1. Drawing- An overview of the application's basic features, including how many screens there are and how they relate to one another.

  2. Wire-working- It is an essential step that aids in the development team's understanding of the structure of the social network platform development design, the arrangement of its elements, and how users will interact with it.

  3. Prototyping- A prototype is working on a model of the social network platform development project that gives a customer and development team to understanding of how the application will work. Time and money are saved at this point because insights are obtained and adjustments are made before the development process begins. 

  4. UI/UX design- Here designers convert the prototype into the exact image of the future social network platform development, including animation.

Development and Quality assurance

Here's where your concept becomes a reality. The front end of this process involves creating the visual design and user interface of the website or mobile application, while the back end involves tasks like configuring servers, databases, APIs, etc.

Quality assurance tests are offered both during and after social network platform development to ensure that everything functions properly and there are no errors in the code. We also test the user experience.

Publication and Promotion

A social network's publication and promotion phases are crucial after its development phase. This entails launching the website onto servers or uploading the application to well-known marketplaces like the App Store and Google Play Market. Successful deployment, though, involves more than just technical factors. It is advisable to incorporate marketing efforts before and during the development process to effectively build an initial user base. 

By informing prospective users about the upcoming platform ahead of time, this proactive approach builds anticipation and encourages initial engagement. A social networking development service can go live without any problems and draw a user base from the start by carefully combining marketing and development.


It is imperative to provide strong support and maintenance for a project after its initial release, especially for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). A seamless user experience depends on timely issue resolution and updates based on user feedback. The social network platform development reputation is shaped during the first month, which is crucial. In addition to improving user satisfaction during this time, proactive support also creates a favourable environment for the platform's long-term success. Building user trust and promoting a positive community perception are greatly aided by timely communication, resolution of issues, and implementation of improvements.

By winding up

The process of creating a popular social network platform development includes careful pre-development work, strategic planning, defining the target audience, thoughtful design, effective development, and quality control. The publishing, promotion, and support phases are equally important because they guarantee a smooth user experience and establish the platform's reputation right from the start. 

Consider working with IBR Infotech, a top social network development company which provides services renowned for its proficiency in delivering customised solutions that captivate audiences and propel success in the digital sphere, for a comprehensive approach to social networking platform development. Reach new heights in social networking development services with IBR Infotech, where quality and innovation collide.

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