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The software provides a sophisticated content-based search engine and data warehouse that can index hundreds of millions of user profiles. It includes tools for creating customized search queries on scholarships, grants, financial aid, and loans and a user-friendly interface.

Case Studies

360Planner – Easy To Use Tool for College Planners

Create your own custom plan on our online college planner.

The software provides a sophisticated content-based search engine and data warehouse that can index hundreds of millions of user profiles. It includes tools for creating customized search queries on scholarships, grants, financial aid, and loans and a user-friendly interface. The 360Planner helps students access relevant resources, manage their information, and find the best schedule.

Business Challenge

The requirement is to build an informative and manageable interface for multiple students to track, retrieve and update data, say their college applications deadlines.

The aim is to build a prototype of the student activity and other data tracking systems. The system can be an overall planner and a multiple-user platform, accessible and operated easily.

Data can be used to find the information that the user wants to keep and track. Tracking can include both the business and student’s data on how they are doing, their progress, schedule, and output. This data can then be fed into the various task planners interfaced in a hassle-free manner. The planner can have their own settings that affect them, some of which can be more important than others, based on the values that they are used to assign to the variables. Finally, the purpose centers around creating an organization’s continuity plan and a checklist.


The software provides a variety of tools and features to help college planners build more effective resource portfolios. This would allow all planners and students to get access to the programs and services aiding business development and help improve the college experience in the process. Our team essentially developed a centralized tool designed to be used in creating an information strategy for improving organizational success and retention at the college.

The objective is particularly important as analytics competes for resources and expertise among business-driven organizations; one of them can rely on analytics not only to create insights but also to perform the necessary actions when they reach their desired result. The 360Planner is integrated with a variety of existing tools, including Angular Js, PHP, Laravel, Mysql, Javascript, and Node Js. Our efforts focused on providing our customers with a real-time interface that is updated regularly.

The 360Planner is a business management software tool that helps colleges and universities design plans that fit their campus landscape into their space planning frameworks via pre-build tasks. The 360Planner is a comprehensive and flexible resource. The tool lets you measure progress based on a variety of factors. The platform will help you design an effective and scalable business-use plan providing assistance to professional college planners, IECs, & certified educational planners.

By integrating our technology with other products, we hope to improve the company’s productivity and competitiveness further. At the heart of the company is our mission of growing the company’s impact in the markets we serve and the world we live in.

The Outcome

Our product can help a business map out the data so the entity can make better decisions. Using a tool like this, one doesn’t have to think about all the answers. Here, the goal is to make better decisions for the client and the students. IBR Infotech has successfully achieved the right deliverables and met the client’s requirements beyond expectations. The major features include:

  • Various task management

  • Effective search and communication tools

  • Multiple data tracking

  • Business development videos

  • Interactive event planner

In addition, it provides tools to find common problems, find information on new projects, track course improvements, and plan courses. Students can review their progress and plan accordingly. The software design was rewarded with positive feedback and great acceptance from the customers, as has been the case with many IBR Infotech projects, which primarily strive to achieve customer trust and serve them with full dedication.


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