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Inventory Management Solution

The Inventory Management Solution can manage individual items and groups based on the business’s criteria. The software assists online shopping portals to provide inventory management for companies in the warehouse, logistics, distribution, supply chain, sales, and so on.

Case Studies

Create inventory management software for online retailers.

The software-based inventory management platform can manage individual items and groups based on the business’s criteria. The software assists online shopping portals to provide inventory management for companies in the warehouse, logistics, distribution, supply chain, sales, and so on.

Business Challenge

The primary objective is to facilitate a quick way to perform some simple inventory management tasks on the cloud. A platform that can use the most appropriate tool to do an inventory check of the accounts and make sure they are properly connected to one another is the goal. It should also keep the tools sorted by what’s most important and add the other ones to the bottom list.

The Web is growing at an incredible rate, and with it has come a need to make better use of the vast amounts of data and the incredible amounts of new information being collected and disseminated daily. When the business involves hundreds or thousands of products with multiple buyers and sellers, it can be really slow to synchronize them to a single interface. Thus, the present business requirement demanded a system that allows the user to quickly and accurately monitor and change inventory over multiple accounts over a common platform.


The platform allows the user to manage multiple online accounts. Our team has designed a solution that will be compatible with all products that are built on a particular website under consideration. All data is saved on a central database that can be accessed and analyzed in real-time. Our developers implemented a database model based on transactions between the warehouse and a storage system. This is an example of how data management can help businesses focus on innovation and drive value creation.

Using this solution, our business customers can organize and alter the data according to custom requirements, which allows them to track and segment the business resources more effectively. Our service allows companies to leverage their existing database and analytics using PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS technologies, to perform customer relationship management.

The customer can use this solution to access the entire customer data like the customer, inventory, product, and payment details, and keep all your data in one place for both eBay and Amazon. Our team has developed a data model based on a relational database. This will allow us to provide a simple interface for the agents to use, which allows them to find out how many products they need, what they currently have, where they currently are, and what they are selling, all of which are stored separately in the database so that they can keep track of the status of the inventory.

This solution can also implement customer loyalty programs and also automate the product adding and ordering process. Meaning the system stores information about inventory and order status, along with a central repository for all the transactions and orders for an item.

The Output

The inventory management solution has let the company exchange data seamlessly and with ease and also access the information across multiple platforms. The interface has enabled the inventory on the platform in a convenient and fast way resolving major issues. Many features include:

  • Creating a new transaction

  • Add product to the inventory

  • Edit/update an item in inventory

  • Listing an item in a group

IBR Infotech has successfully built a common platform to connect eBay accounts and amazon account, all managed by one centralized server. The solution allows users to upload a product, edit the product inventory, and get more detailed information from the product itself. IBR Infotech can create and deploy tools to continuously monitor client activity, respond quickly to emerging customer demands, and monitor all business processes, including product development, quality assurance, project management, sales, and business continuity, and to help the business keep its competitive edge.


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