Create your project with less coding and more customization.

Web Project Builder is a powerful and scalable environment that supports admin panel development with no code efforts. Developers can easily use the template to create new functionality of the interface easily.

Business Challenge

An application’s user interface facilitates the user making all the crucial decisions to access the required features of the platform. The present challenge involves building a platform that enables the user to create any type of project based on specific requirements from the page without having to write any code.

After all, the entire code may not change from time to time. Moreover, the programmer must keep the code free of errors. Changes can be small, such as adding a new feature or changing a minor detail in the code. They can be big, including making major changes to the data warehouse in response to business trends. Frequent rewriting of the code may introduce unwanted errors, reduce productivity and efficiency. Therefore, there is a need for a well-structured web project builder for easy and quick project building without worrying too much about programming.


For a business process, be it software or hardware, the end-user is the process to automate the flow of data from the process of manufacturing to the customer interface. Our platform allows users to create, submit, review and approve changes to their project. The main feature of the Web Project Builder is its flexibility ensures that the developer can quickly develop the application to the user’s specification without having to build the entire application from scratch.

The Web Project Builder architecture includes a collection of ready-made modules that are functional, self-contained, modular, and interoperable. The user just needs to choose the best suitable module, then add a project, utilize the configuration options to customize the project’s behavior from the dashboard, preview, and launch the final project. The portal integrates with multiple technologies like PHP, CodeIgniter, HTML Javascript, etc. The software covers some more advanced features such as advanced tabular data, custom forms, infobox data flow, and graph manipulation.

The platform includes a project overview tab that contains a number of tabs related to the development of the site. The product development options can display the current status of the project and allow you to choose the project to deploy to a CI server.

The builder provides tools to manage an ever-growing number of dependencies and to make sure that the entire project, from start to finish, is up to date and maintained. Our user interface may change or update from time to time, but for the most part, the goal is to allow users to interact with the project they’re working on. After that, they have the option to edit the code for their project. Users can interact with a few UI elements, and they will be able to customize the interface and perform actions to the data.

The Output

The product output is the most critical component to realize a successful project and build its skeleton. It can also be the main source of feedback and information that enables the project leaders to find issues, suggestions and lead to improvement. This automated tool is useful in many ways and has extended features, including:

  • User management for better interfacing
  • User-friendly table and form builder
  • Custom dashboard builder
  • A wide variety of ready-made project modules
  • Easily install-able, understandable, and usable platform

The tool is highly modular so that modules can be compiled and installed in a matter of minutes. By interacting with the users and providing quality services, IBR Infotech can help users improve their productivity, support organizations to reach out and engage with the customers, and help individuals take advantage of new services.

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