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We create Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software solutions that provide effective communication and allow your teams to manage any type of event from beginning to end.

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IBR Infotech's Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software is an advanced, scalable solution for managing meetings and conferences. It is designed to be simple to use while yet being capable of handling any event, from local professional gatherings to large international conventions. Our custom software has all of the features and capabilities required to make your events more effective and profitable.

You can quickly organise meetings and conferences, input data from other sources like finance and marketing systems or CRMs, and track registrations and attendees all in one place - even across several locations. With IBR Infotech’s Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your next event from start to finish in one easy-to-use platform and save time and money while having complete control over each aspect.

Key Benefits of Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software Solution

Event planners wear multiple hats, and it typically takes a large team of event specialists to put off any significant event. Automation allows up your event staff's time, permitting each team member to focus on creativity and functionality rather than ordinary activities that don't add to the event's effect.

Managing an event budget and tracking revenue compared to expenses can be difficult without the correct tools. Using a centralised platform to track all the money that comes in and out of your event will help you maximise your ROI. Compare registration costs to expenses and clearly track your spending to impact your ROI as you progress.

It saves time for you, your staff, and your attendees to combine all of your tasks and obligations into a single virtual event platform. Your event is managed entirely by the dedicated meeting and event planning software, reducing all the time it would take to switch between registration apps, email marketing platforms, and conferencing platforms.

When holding meetings across departments, it is critical that everyone can interact and participate in an effective meeting. When it does, your meeting will become an inclusive environment in which all attendees are encouraged to participate, have meaningful discussions, ask the proper questions, and debate the action items on the agenda.

In terms of improvement, custom meeting and event planning software allow you to make data-driven decisions on where to make adjustments to your events and meetings rather than hunches. It evaluates audience behaviour and engagement data in real-time and on a large scale. In this way, you may continue to bring value to future events in ways that are important to your target audience.
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Custom Event Management Software Solution

We design custom event management solutions that include staff management systems, venue and hotel apps, event registration tools, budget tracking, and more. Event management software for extensive and complete event planning, management, and registration to assist you with all areas of the planning and execution process. Moreover, we also provide Hybrid Events and virtual event solutions.

Custom Meeting Software Solution

We create online web conferencing meeting management software solutions that enable effective communication and collaboration, support multiple devices, and improve interoperability. you may also enjoy the benefits of integrated webinars, video content sharing, real-time communication, calendar scheduling, and community features. Additionally, IBR Infotech helps with Attendee management and mobile meeting applications.

Custom Trade Show Software Solution

Custom trade show planning and event management software solutions enable participant monitoring, entry badge security verification, and lead retrieval. IBR Infotech's Robust and effective trade show and event management software solutions for conventions, conferences, expos, and trade exhibitions. We also provide trade show badge solutions and application development.

Custom Association Management Software

You can succeed in your business process by utilising our association management solutions, which include financial reporting capabilities, dues setups, strategic marketing features, and so on. Customised, cross-platform, cloud-based, optimised membership database designs can help you streamline your membership management. We also provide the greatest event management software available, generating real-time data analytics, ROI-focused, and allowing event registration administration.

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Why Consider IBR Infotech?

Businesses have used cutting-edge technical solutions over the years to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of meeting and event planning. Planners often use these new technologies to organise and improve events in order to provide more value to existing clients and attract new exhibitors and attendees. Event Planning companies rely on customised software that requires high accuracy, a unique structure, and strict adherence to specific rules.

Developing such solutions demands a special approach. We at IBR Infotech provide complete solutions for meeting and event management. IBR InfoTech, with its extensive experience in Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software development, offers comprehensive services to all market players, ensuring timely delivery within budget constraints. Our Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software solution will help your Event planning business maintain profitability in the long run.

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Our professionals have developed Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software development Solutions from scratch, migrated platforms, supplied specialised features and connectors during the growing phase, and completed Custom Meeting and Event Planning. Custom Meeting and Event Planning Software has been built by vetted IBR team members who are experts in their fields.

Development and Innovations

We develop new platforms using UX-driven technologies or make changes to existing ones. We provide a wide range of technical services in addition to support, UI/UX design, architecture, programming, and testing. We provide consulting and innovation services to help businesses adopt digital technology, build unique value propositions for their consumers, and drive innovation and growth.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to humanise your structure and give people an inside peek at how your company operates. Use IBR Infotech's social media marketing services to boost the number of people who support your business. To assist you in launching your campaign, our experts emphasise the differences between B2B and B2C social media marketing.


  • Strategic meetings with a predetermined agenda, set time, concentrated subjects, and designated presenters are made possible by meeting management software.

  • Project management, communication, event management, and apps are all types of tools used in organising an event. These resources are frequently online programs or platforms designed to help with event preparation. A great offline or online event may be planned and managed with the aid of event planning software.

  • You can use technology solutions to handle your event with online event management. Online event management software not only improves the experience of event attendees but also simplifies the job of the event planner by streamlining the planning process.

  • Implementing a CRM in event management enables you to manage participant data more effectively, handle reservations, and evaluate event efficient operation and performance.

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