Custom Energy Management Software Development for Energy and Utility Sector to Enhance Productivity

At IBR InfoTech is a trusted energy management software Development Company that helps you develop energy and utility software solutions to control, monitor, and optimize energy consumption.

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Develop a Smart Energy Software System

Efficient energy management solutions are necessary to reduce carbon emissions and optimize energy consumption. Our expertise lies in creating smart systems that enable business leaders to drive the sustainability agenda, enhance control over their energy network, forecast energy expenses, and attain a more dependable power supply.

IBR InfoTech is a custom energy management software development company that specializes in developing software solutions for energy companies and large industrial enterprises that are driven by data.

Our utility solutions enable businesses to exercise complete control over their energy consumption. Our team of energy management software developers are well-equipped to implement the latest technological advancements to address practical business challenges.

Our Custom Energy Management Software Solution

Our developers are highly knowledgeable in the energy and utility industries. They specialize in designing customized cloud-based software for utility tracking and energy management. Our software is equipped with advanced features that accurately capture data related to cost and consumption.

Our company specializes in creating personalized software solutions for energy management, which includes developing mobile applications. Our software is designed to empower electricians with field service tools and effective document management capabilities.

Our developers make sure that the design software is equipped with various digital tools such as 3D models, visualizations, material projects, and other innovative features to help you forecast, test, and track compliance with ease.

Our company specializes in developing advanced software solutions for nuclear analysis that come with real-time tracking during production and comprehensive plant transient analysis capabilities.

Our company specializes in developing energy software, specifically electrical estimating software, which delivers quick and precise outcomes. The software includes features such as labor cost estimation, quote generation and project scheduling.
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Benefits of Custom Energy Management Software

Increased reliability and security

Today, both regulators and customers expect businesses to prioritize reliability and security. To meet these expectations, leveraging technology that provides both real-time performance monitoring and risks.

Drive operational efficiency

Digitalization offers several advantages that can enhance both capital and operational efficiency. By leveraging technology, you can effortlessly supervise and control operations and assets to their maximum potential while saving time and reducing costs.

Gain business flexibility

Custom energy software allows you to obtain the flexibility and agility to meet and accomplish new challenges.

Meet industry regulation

Innovative software solutions have the potential to enhance energy companies' compliance, leading to a decrease in costs and other expenses related to regulations in the energy and utility industries.

Growth-oriented development

Technology we Use

At IBR InfoTech, we specialize in assisting energy and utility companies in revitalizing their outdated grid infrastructure, as well as enhancing their influence in energy distribution on the regulated market. Our custom software development solutions enable companies to efficiently engage with their customers and aid them in selecting the most suitable energy plan.

We employ only the most dependable and trusted technologies for our energy management projects such as – Angular 2+ React, .NET, NodeJs, MS SQL, Microsoft Azure DevOps AWS services etc.

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At IBR InfoTech, we don't just provide personalized software solutions. Our goal is to establish a long-lasting partnership with our clients built on trust. We strive to continuously improve our products to meet their evolving needs while maintaining top-notch quality and security standards.


Building strong business relationships requires trust. We work closely with your team to design and develop software, and we are dedicated to providing a fair and transparent working process. We give you all the necessary information to make informed business decisions.

User-centric approach

At the core of every decision, we prioritize the happiness and contentment of our customers. Our client-focused culture is sustained by selecting professionals who share our values.

Potential to scale

We offer our services to swiftly expand your software engineering capabilities while guaranteeing timely delivery of your products. Our team takes on the responsibility of managing parts or the entirety of your software products in the energy industry, freeing up your in-house teams to concentrate on innovation.


  • Energy management software is an automated system that gathers information on energy usage and assembles it into a user-friendly application for easy analysis and reporting. It is utilized by sustainability managers, energy managers, and facilities managers to optimize energy consumption, minimize environmental impact, improve facility performance, and reduce operating costs while adhering to compliance standards. The software also aids in achieving Net Zero goals by enhancing energy-related decision making.

  • The purpose of energy management software is to consolidate data from various sources such as electricity, gas, water, and renewable energy usage into a single interface. With this software, you can conduct comprehensive analyses of your energy usage, identify any abnormalities that may indicate wastage or leaks, control your utility bills, and cross-check costs against meter readings. This will enable you to find ways to decrease your consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and save money.

  • For most businesses, energy and water expenses are significant operating costs, and as prices continue to rise, there is a growing demand for companies to adopt a reliable and sustainable energy management approach. To achieve this, selecting the appropriate energy management software is crucial. Here are some essential features you should consider when choosing a platform.

    • Web-based - The online system provides more adaptability, quicker updates, and better efficiency compared to options that are hosted independently.
    • Automated - Your energy management system must have the capability to automatically generate vital reports and notify your team of any updates without human intervention.
    • Scalable - Your energy management system must have the capability to expand alongside your business and effortlessly accommodate an increase in meters, sites, or buildings.

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