Insurance Software Development to Streamline Insurance Workflow and Fulfill your Customer Needs

IBR InfoTech builds feature-rich insurance software solutions for insurance companies to manage day-to-day insurance operations. Our team of expert developers help you streamline operations with AI, mobile, and cloud solutions.

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Our Insurance Software Development Services

IBR InfoTech’s team of qualified professionals leverage modern technologies such as the Cloud, Block chain, AI, and ML, to provide insurance software development services that automate and streamline insurance processes. We offer a wide range of feature-rich insurance solutions that improve efficiency, profitability, and safety.

Our insurance software has a range of features that can greatly benefit your business. These include high accessibility, automated risk and data management, task automation, advanced capital modeling, efficient customer handling, secure data storage, file sharing, and cloud migration services. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to create a required digital ecosystem that will enhance your workflow and overall efficiency, while meeting your specific insurance business requirements.

Here's What We Deliver

We have the expertise to design tailor-made CRM/ERP systems or modify pre-existing ones to enhance the insurance workflow. Our insurance CRM solutions enable your agents and brokers to seamlessly interact with clients and streamline their workflow via automated tasks, while ensuring the latest security protocols for confidential data sharing, policy signing, etc.

Our peer-to-peer insurance software is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for companies, specifically in the sales, marketing, and service teams. We work closely with you throughout the development stages of the software to meet your specific needs, ensuring necessary integrations such as policy, claims, risk management, document, or quoting are included in the final product.

Our developed insurance document management systems automate workflows, eliminate repetitive tasks, and increase productivity. Insurance agents can easily organize, store, filter, and access crucial insurance documentation, including policyholder agreements, policy applications, and contracts. We support different files, data, and video formats to ensure a high-quality experience for our clients.

Our team of developers help you provide a solution for automating claims processing and analyzing user data. All transaction records are stored in a centralized database. The claims management software we offer is a valuable tool for agents to identify fraudulent claims and efficiently manage policies, ultimately reducing costs in the long term.

Our developers are seasoned in implementing complex AI algorithms that aid companies in performing risk assessments based on client cases. We provide expert assistance in developing insurance risk management software that features automated real-time data monitoring and analysis. We incorporate insurance risk libraries, mitigation protocols, risk reports, and other tools required to mitigate risks.
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Benefits of Custom Insurance Software Development with IBR InfoTech

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User-centric software solution

Our company specializes in insurance software development that prioritizes customer satisfaction by creating user-centric products. We take into account the user persona, navigation flows, and best UX/UI practices to ensure seamless customer experience. Our software enables customers to upload documents, send messages, file requests, and perform required actions with ease.

Optimized business process

We prioritize conducting a comprehensive business analysis at the beginning of each project to identify the effective ways to utilize software. This enables us to determine which functionalities will provide the greatest advantages to your business. By transitioning from manual claim processing and customer communications to technology-assisted processes, you can automate numerous procedures.

Multiple Insurance software solution

We aim to cater to the diverse needs of insurers by offering a wide range of software solutions. Our developers are proficient in designing self-service customer portals, web solutions, mobile applications, and that are user-friendly. Additionally, we specialize in providing custom insurance software development services for back-office operations such as document and claim management systems etc.

Improves communication

Automated insurance software systems help improve team coordination by providing automatic push alerts, convenient models, and task management solutions. This is particularly beneficial for agents and insurers who are responsible to manage multiple insurance plans. These systems enable them to quickly compare prices and strategies, allowing them to meet consumer demands.

Growth-oriented development

Why Consider IBR InfoTech?

Insurance companies rely on specialized software that requires high accuracy, a unique structure, and strict adherence to specific rules. Developing such solutions demands a special approach.

IBR InfoTech, with its extensive experience in insurance software development, offers comprehensive services to all market players, ensuring timely delivery within budget constraints. Our custom-tailored insurance software development solution will help your insurance business maintain profitability in the long run.

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We transform businesses with effective and dynamic digital solutions that satisfy today's needs and unlock upcoming opportunities.

Why Choose IBR InfoTech for Insurance Software Development Services?

Whether you need software to digitize one specific insurance operation or a multi-functional solution to drive value across the entire insurance ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced technologies

We specialize in designing and developing software by implementing the latest technologies and adhering to the best practices in the industry. Our team keeps attending workshops and seminars to keep skills updated.

Agile methodology

We adopt an agile methodology to create software by breaking down the entire process into small, manageable cycles. Each cycle comprises planning, requirements analysis, design, development, testing, and documentation.

Dedicated full-time specialists

The specialists assigned to your projects work dedicately on a full-time basis. They are tech-savvy, diligent, and committed to the development process to deliver high-quality, reliable Fintech solutions.


  • Insurance software provides a wide range of tools that can assist in managing daily operations. Its primary function is to aid brokers, agents, agencies, and carriers in optimizing their work processes and reducing time and expenses. However, it should cater to both the client and administrative aspects.

    On the administrative side, insurance software facilitates underwriting, policy issuance, team management, claim tracking, regulatory compliance, and policy information updates.

  • Insurance software development costing vary depending on several factors such as:

    • Functionality scope
    • Chosen technology and tools
    • Architecture design
    • Third-party integrations
    • Expected deadline
    • Etc
  • We offer tailored insurance software development solutions that cover a range of services, such as consultation, system implementation, and integration.

  • Our team of expert developers hold hands-on experience with following technologies:

    • ML and AI
    • AI-powered Chabot
    • Big data
    • Block chain
    • IoT for secure data collection and sharing

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