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We produce adaptive, on-demand, and reliable software products as an entertainment software development company to assist you in making the most of your digital strategy. To enable content creators and distributors to create linked experiences spanning numerous touchpoints, this would include technologies like digital asset management, OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming, and more.

IBR Infotech will assist you in optimising media operations and personalising content with advanced analytics, whether you are a local ad agency or a multinational DOOH (Digital Out of Home) service provider. We can help you upgrade your IT system and move it to the cloud for better data management, dissemination, and optimisation.

Trends that Will Shape the Future of the Media & Entertainment Industry

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming an important tool for media firms to increase audience engagement with their content and intellectual property. With markets growing and the media industry adopting these developments, this is setting off a future monetization model. Companies are establishing connections with NFT marketplaces to build products that enable viewers to interact with their favourite actors, films, and TV shows.

Companies in the media and entertainment industries are embracing and integrating cutting-edge technologies in order to mainstream the metaverse and provide engaging watching experiences for their audiences.

As the metaverse develops, entertainment firms are using more AI and VR in their operations to deliver digital-first, immersive experiences. Companies that produce films and live performances are trying out with omnichannel entertainment options that use AI and VR. As a result, consumers will be able to consume entertainment on many digital platforms and in the virtual metaverse.

Digital communities are gradually making their way onto the main stage. In addition to helping firms adapt, they are also considering cultural and technical changes. Social media platforms are adopting their algorithms in an effort to boost interaction. Live social media events that expand to other platforms are creating new communities.

Voice-activated technology is the way of the future. Voice-enabled platforms allow customers to interact with your goods and services by speaking commands. On devices with voice control, we combine Alexa voice services with iOS and Android applications to boost user engagement. We also create voice commands in a number of different languages to expand your user base and draw in additional customers.
Custom Software Development Trends

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Live Video Streaming Software

IBR Infotech designs and develops robust live video streaming systems that send high-definition video and audio streams to any device.It enables you to record, create, and transmit high-quality films to your viewers wherever they may be. We create media player apps for mobile devices and the web that can play videos, music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Custom Video Production Software

IBR Infotech creates top-notch video production tools with powerful digital editing capabilities for the media and entertainment sectors. We create robust cross-platform video editing tools for Mac, Windows, and Linux that let you quickly edit beautiful videos and also software for film and video production that is specifically designed to meet the business and creative requirements of every film producer.

Custom Music Software

Our professional audio software engineers are dedicated to creating top-notch audio applications and software to increase the creative flexibility of today's music industry professionals. With multi-device compatibility, IBR Infotech helps to develop your very own custom audio streaming service for the distribution of music, audiobooks, podcasts, meditation tapes, and much more.

Custom Digital Publishing Software

We at IBR Infotech create customised software for digital publication, such as content management systems (CMS), social networking tools, DRM programmes, and others. To enable seamless designs for conventional books, eBooks, blogs, brochures, posters, newspapers, magazines, and more, we create digital publishing solutions.

Photography Software Solutions

We provide best-in-class, dependable, and fully adaptable photography software solutions to help photographers get the most out of their photographs. To help you organise, manage, and edit all of your digital images on a single platform, we develop strong, dependable, and robust photography software solutions.

Digital Rights Management Solutions

IBR Infotech offers dedicated software solutions made to prevent the alteration or distribution of your digital assets. Our DRM solutions enable customers to securely publish, share and embed content via their website, CRM, e-commerce site, or client portal as a PDF file or secure web link.

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Growth-oriented development

Media & Entertainment Industry Case Study

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is in charge as the old and new coexist. Over the past ten years, the media and entertainment industry has undergone significant change due to interactivity, digitization, multiple platforms and devices, and the globalisation of the services-based economy.

The following sectors make up the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry: television, movies/cinema, music, radio, publishing, internet, advertising, and gaming. For each segment, there are several sub-segments, geographical areas, and consumer segment trends and factors. This sector is unique in that different sub-verticals compete with one another, get along well, and coordinate to supply the expanding global demand for entertainment and information.

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Dedicated Development Team

Our professionals have developed custom media and entertainment website Solutions from scratch, migrated platforms, supplied specialised features and connectors during the growing phase, and completed. The media and entertainment website solution has been developed by vetted IBR team members who are experts in their fields.

Development and Innovations

We create new platforms or make adjustments to the ones we already have using UX-driven technologies. Moreover, to support, architecture, UI/UX design, programming, and testing, we offer a wider range of technical services. For firms looking to implement digital technology, develop a variety of customer value propositions, and foster innovation and growth, we offer consulting and innovation services.

Time Management

IBR Infotech Media and entertainment Website Solutions may help manage project timetables effectively, ensuring that projects are finished on time and under budget. In order to achieve the best results for your project, our Web developers are available to work with clients located in a variety of time zones in accordance with your business needs.


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  • Business Advice Sheet. Overview. Film, television, radio, and print all come under the heading of the media and entertainment sector. Included in these categories are films, television programmes, radio programmes, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books.

  • Media and entertainment software are tools utilised by experts in the media and entertainment industries to create and improve the quality of their work. These software solutions are made to meet the particular requirements of the sector and give experts the freedom to produce top-notch content quickly.

  • Software for digital rights management (DRM) minimises unauthorised copying and distribution of digital media and software while defending digital rights against copyright infringement. Movies, eBooks, music, works of art, video games, and confidential information are all protected by it.

  • With the software, you can have organised files, flawless images, and more time behind the camera while viewing, managing, editing, and publishing photos.

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