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7 Emerging Technology Trends in Restaurant Industry to Consider

Published on: April 07, 2023 | Updated on : June 09, 2023 | By : Mohammad Suhel
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For years restaurant businesses has not been very much adaptive towards latest technologies to run business. But, today to the evolvement of technology and customer’s expectation for fine dining experience incorporating technology has become indispensable for restaurant business owners. Contactless payments, digital menus, QR codes, online ordering solutions (mobile app), cloud-based POS systems, air purification technology etc. are today’s essentiality to operate restaurant business and meet consumer expectations.

As digitization has transformed the way restaurant business operate, it is crucial to adapt smart restaurant technology to deliver satisfactory experience to end users. This blog uncovers emerging technology trends in restaurant industry. Make sure you give a thought to implement these technologies to your restaurant business.

Online Ordering and Food Apps

The outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in a multitude of changes in the operations of restaurant owners and the consumers. Owners were facing uncertainty in their business, seating capacity was restricted, and strict hygiene regulations had to be followed.  

Thankfully, the availability of online ordering and food delivery apps has proved to be a saving grace for all. This technology enables restaurant owners to operate with fewer staff, smaller spaces, and lower expenses.

At the same time, it empowers customers to receive their food in a manner that suits them best – everywhere, anytime. If you are restaurant is still delivering offline orders, now is the time to implement restaurant software development to your food business operations. It is of no surprise that today the online food delivery market revenue is project to reach US$0.91tn in 2023 – states Statista.

Digital Table Reservation System

In the past, diners would call restaurants to reserve a table, but now, with the rise of apps, many prefer to use online systems to book. These systems allow restaurant-goers to view available tables and book at their leisure, resulting in a more immersive dining experience.

For restaurant owners, online reservation systems also make it easier to manage seating, waitlists, staff, and other services. Furthermore, these systems provide valuable data on customers' dining and ordering habits, which can be used to improve the restaurant's services.

Digitized Menus

If you as a restaurant business owner want to thrive on your competition and deliver highly satisfied customer service, accepting digital menu software technology in restaurant industry is what you should focus on to streamline your back-end processes.

Digital menu boards is a super easy thing to allure consumers visiting to your restaurant. Kitchen display system integration into your restaurant’s POS system will also streamline the process of staff management and other resources.

Consumers can easily access digital menus on their smartphones, making it the convenient solution. With the digital menu, you can track inventory, control and prioritize orders, customize food related requirements which results in efficient workflow. Moreover, an appealing digital menu can make your restaurant business stand out among the competition letting you build a brand image in the market.

Inventory Management System

The restaurant industry faces strict demands when it comes to their supply chain. To manually keep track of the raw materials inventory can be a time-consuming and monotonous task.

In the restaurant business, an automated inventory management system can be a useful technology for managing such tasks. It not only enables the tracking of food and beverage stocks but also facilitates effortless scheduling of orders.

QR Codes

Restaurants are using QR codes as a contactless technology to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. These codes are affordable and include automatic scanning barcodes that can be placed on tables, glasses, posters, and other locations to access the digital menu, order food, give feedback, pay bills, etc. This technology can help restaurant staff focus on serving customers instead of taking orders and collecting payments. The best part of QR technology is that customers do not need to install any apps to use it.

Digital Feedback System

The utilization of food delivery and online ordering not only simplifies the booking process, but it also provides an opportunity to handle customer feedback. While tech companies have been utilizing instant communication via text messaging, the restaurant industry has been slow to adopt this standard.

Nowadays, customers have the ability to leave ratings and reviews on various platforms, including public reviews, social media posts, food ordering apps, and restaurant websites. It is important to have a method to integrate, analyze, and respond to feedback across multiple channels. A proficient feedback system enables guests to easily provide feedback, while also making it effortless for staff to address or respond to it.

Kiosk for Self-ordering

Smart restaurant technology is on the rise, with self-ordering kiosks gaining popularity in fast-casual restaurants, as well as commercial areas such as food courts, airports, and shopping malls. By investing in a kiosk, businesses can improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience through an easy-to-use interface for ordering food.

Furthermore, self-order kiosks allow restaurants to operate with fewer employees, resulting in lower labor costs. These kiosks can also be used as a means of advertising menu items on their large screens. Ultimately, self-order kiosks facilitate up-selling, reduce waiting times in lines at the counters, and ensure greater accuracy in customers' orders.

Well, it is no denying that technology has already occupied a solid space in the restaurant industry which is changing the way restaurant of restaurant operations. The future of restaurant business seems fully automated which will enable food industry to be more efficient and help expanding the customer base.

Today, if you are looking your restaurant business to be profit-making platform, integrating restaurant software development strategy is something you must consider an important deal.

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