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At IBR InfoTech, we develop capital market software development solutions to optimize your trading operations. Deepening on your objectives, we can help you develop a custom trading platform from scratch.

We Provide Multiple Custom Trading Software Development Solution

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The current trading industry is advancing rapidly, causing various challenges that require attention. IBR InfoTech is well-equipped to tackle these challenges with our trading system development services that ensure your business flourishes. Our clients include hedge/mutual funds, brokerages, investment agencies, and other trading companies.

IBR InfoTech is a company that keeps up with the current trends in the trading industry and works alongside other companies in this industry. We understand that personalized trading platforms are crucial for providing your clients with practical features like analytics, tracking, detailed reporting, and order management. Whether you're a small start-up seeking a basic software solution or a large corporation in need of a complex custom trading platform, we can create trading solutions that meet the needs of a competitive industry and discerning customers.

Custom trading platform

Our team assists traders in developing and incorporating their own customized platforms that offer a multitude of functions such as placing trades, real-time transaction processing, and market monitoring. We construct personalized crowdfunding, p2p trading, and single-dealer platforms, enterprise-wide trading systems etc.

Financial trading solution

Our electronic trading software seamlessly integrates with financial solutions. Our range of financial trading software includes liquidity, fixed income, and order matching, and spread trading systems. We also offer payment gateway systems, trading software, financial data visualization apps, and accounting software for traders.

Automated trading software

Our custom trading software development services offer trading robots that can automate strategies and implement advanced algorithms to help with forecasting. This software is widely used to gather and process market data and execute automated actions.

Mobile trading application

We are technically skilled to create strong mobile apps that work on any platform. These mobile trading apps can help traders manage their activities, including trading while on the move. We have the required expertise to develop mobile trading apps with proficiency.

Analytical Solution

We provide customized analytics solutions that enable traders to stay informed about all the activities within their platforms. Our team offers software for visualization and technical analysis, helps with risk management and planning, and enables informed forecasting and decision-making.

Software security

Because we understand the security and confidentiality of trading, our experienced developers for trading platforms invest a significant amount of time and effort to create trading systems that are highly efficient, secure, and versatile. These systems streamline essential operations without any financial risks.

Advantages of Custom Trading Software Development

AI-powered trading solutions provide stock traders a way to minimize the manual labor involved in trading. By utilizing automated trading systems that analyze the market using trading algorithms, these solutions can select the most advantageous trades based on the user's investment preferences and execute orders automatically.

The trading industry is a precise one that requires accuracy and expertise. To achieve success, it's crucial to have custom trading platforms equipped with advanced analytics. These platforms can handle large amounts of market data and offer users valuable insights into market trends that helps in making informed decisions.

Trading software that is customized and equipped with AI can evaluate past data, news related to the trading industry, and even comments on social media to anticipate market fluctuations. The software can predict market changes, enabling traders to take required steps to minimize financial risks.

Real-time monitoring of stock prices is essential for traders as the prices keep fluctuating. This is where trading apps come in handy. These apps notify users about early-warning signals, which enables them to act promptly and maximize their returns.

Custom trading software equipped with continuous data monitoring and client background checks is instrumental in maintaining the integrity of trading businesses. This software prevents fraudulent activity, insider trading, and other forms of manipulation. With the reliability of trading platforms, these businesses can operate with honesty and transparency.

Capital Market Software

Data Management and Analytics

Our team of skilled and trustworthy developers are capable of creating trading analytics solutions that cater to your requirements. These solutions will provide you with valuable and profitable trading insights to improve your trading game.

Trading analytics – We specialize in providing customized trading analytics solutions that allow traders to monitor all trading activities. Our analytics provide a comprehensive evaluation of their trading portfolio, highlighting potential areas for growth or loss.

Market analysis integration – Our team utilizes cutting-edge market forecasting and back testing software. We have a skilled on-demand team who specialize in integrating your stock data analytics software with various third-party applications.

Custom dashboard and reports – Our team designs personalized trading solutions equipped with trading dashboards and reports that are both visually appealing and interactive. These solutions can be accessed through web and mobile apps and provide a comprehensive view of the current market.

Macro and Micro analysis – Our trading software is tailored to meet your needs and enables you to carry out thorough Macro analysis. Additionally, you can perform Micro-analysis to obtain insights on the current investment.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the Capital Market Software Development companies in the world.

Why Choose IBR InfoTech for Trading Software Development?


Our team of Middle and Senior tech specialists always provide top-notch and error-free code, regardless of the type of software you require.


Keeping transparency at its core, we consistently provide updates on the progress of our work and our clients can expect to receive weekly updates as a standard practice.

Predicted workflow

We will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the scope of work, including all the necessary steps and estimated time, before we begin.


We sign an NDA and incorporate best practices to ensure that your code and associated infrastructure remain safe and sound.

Post launch support

We are always available to help you out with any updates, adjustments, or new features in the competitive trading market.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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