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Custom online meeting software is a customised software solution created to support virtual conferences, webinars, and meetings that are specifically catered to the needs of organisations or groups. Custom software, unlike generic online meeting platforms, offers a more individualised and adaptable approach to fulfilling particular objectives and fostering collaboration.

Businesses can benefit from a variety of features and functionalities that suit their workflows and objectives when using Custom Online Meeting Software. High-quality audio and video capabilities, interactive features, screen sharing, document collaboration, and interaction with other business systems are all possible. The software may be tailored to include branding features, security measures, and user preferences, resulting in a branded and seamless meeting experience. Furthermore, Custom Online Meeting Software has additional security capabilities to safeguard critical information discussed during sessions. To protect data and maintain compliance with privacy requirements, it may include encryption, access limits, and authentication methods.

Here are some key features commonly found in Custom Online Meeting Software:


Custom Online Meeting Software allows for customisation to meet the individual demands and branding of enterprises. It enables user interface customisation, branding components, and interaction with current systems. This guarantees that attendees have a consistent and branded meeting experience.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are given top priority by custom online meeting software. Sensitive conference material is protected by encryption mechanisms, and authentication procedures may be used to guarantee that only guests can access the sessions. This preserves the integrity and confidentiality of the information given during online sessions.

Recording and Playback

The software enables meeting recordings, allowing participants to capture important discussions, presentations, and decisions. Recorded meetings can be saved for future reference, sharing with absent participants, or archiving purposes. Playback features allow participants to review meeting content at their convenience.

Screen Sharing and Presentation Tools

Custom Online Meeting Software enables screen sharing, allowing participants to present slides, documents, or applications during meetings. It also provides annotation tools, whiteboarding features, and virtual laser pointers for interactive presentations and collaboration.

Reporting and Analytics

The software provides reporting and analytics features to track meeting metrics and gather insights. It generates reports on meeting attendance, participant engagement, and other relevant data. These insights help businesses analyze meeting effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Collaboration Features

The software offers real-time collaboration features to enhance interaction and teamwork during online meetings. Participants can engage in group chats, private messaging, file sharing, and co-editing of documents. This promotes effective collaboration, brainstorming, and decision-making.

What Can You Do With Custom Online Meeting Software

Custom Online Meeting Software allows organisations to hold virtual meetings in which participants can connect and collaborate remotely. It supports audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive tools like virtual whiteboards, questionnaires, and chat. Teams can use these features to have real-time discussions, share ideas, and make decisions, simulating the experience of in-person meetings. Customisation options enable businesses to customise the meeting interface and functionality to their requirements, delivering a branded and smooth meeting experience.

Custom Online Meeting Software is great for holding webinars and delivering interesting presentations to large groups. Its features allow presenters to submit slides, papers, or multimedia content, while participants can connect with interactive tools including chat, Q&A sessions, and polls. The software includes tools for handling webinar registrations, attendee tracking, and post-event analytics. Businesses can build professional and immersive webinar experiences that educate, enlighten, and engage participants with customisable registration forms and branding options.

Custom online meeting software is a great tool for planning and running online conferences, workshops, and trade exhibitions. It has functions for online networking, managing attendees, organising sessions, and registering for events. By offering interactive workshops, virtual booths, and networking opportunities, businesses can create immersive event experiences. Through live chats, Q&A sessions, and virtual conference rooms, the platform enables attendee interaction. Businesses can produce successful virtual events that bring together people from around the world with personalised event branding and integration possibilities.

Custom Online Meeting Software allows businesses to record meetings, webinars, or presentations for future reference. Recorded sessions can be kept and archived, making them available for playback and sharing with participants who were unable to attend the live event. This tool is useful for training, meeting regulatory obligations, or reviewing critical topics.

Businesses may enhance knowledge retention, allow asynchronous collaboration, and give tools for ongoing learning and growth by recording and storing meeting content.

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Why Choose Our Custom Online Meeting Software

Enhanced Collaboration Features – Our Custom Online Meeting Software includes a variety of collaboration capabilities to help you maximise virtual teamwork. We provide interactive technologies like screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, polls, and chat, allowing real-time participation and brainstorming.

Security and Privacy Measures – We place a premium on the security and privacy of your online meetings. Our Custom Online Meeting Software has strong security features such as encryption mechanisms, participant authentication, and access controls.

Custom Branding and User Experience – Our software allows you to customize the branding and user experience of your online meetings. You can incorporate your company logo, colours, and other branding elements, ensuring a cohesive and professional meeting environment.

Reliable Customer Support – We provide dedicated customer support to ensure a smooth experience with our Custom Online Meeting Software. Our support team is here to help with any technical issues, answer questions, and offer advice.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Custom Online Meeting Software Solutions companies in the world.

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