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IBR Infotech develops top-notch document management software solutions to assist healthcare providers, law firms, publishing companies, HR departments, and other enterprises in creating, storing, editing, and distributing a wide range of documents.

We Develop Effective Document Management Software Solution

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Document management software organises the whole document management process, from creation to storage to distribution all over the entire organisation. The program enhances productivity and lowers expenses connected with document management by reducing the need for paper-based records. The document control software may manage a wide range of documents, from basic forms to very detailed one-to-one contact. Document control software provides an easy-to-use interface for managing documents, such as indexing, version control, and workflow automation.

Furthermore, digital document management software may be integrated with other related systems such as digital asset management and knowledge management software, resulting in a full solution for document-related demands. This software is critical for businesses that handle a significant amount of paperwork and require effective document management. We at IBR Infotech provide custom document management software with systemized data management capabilities and total visibility of the company's workflow and employee efficiency.

In-depth analysis

Through a rigorous discovery process, we thoroughly examine the present state of your expected future service, taking into account competitors, the market, customers, potential investors, trends, and your corporate environment. It allows us to prioritise our work and ensures that the program is moving forward as expected.

Make Your Ideas a Reality

You may make your most complex document management software solution idea a reality with the help of our comprehensive development system. IBR Infotech, which handles over 20 solutions, is in an ideal position to bring ideas from the planning stage to the marketplace.

Rapid innovation and regular releases

Each version of a service is tested and analysed before being upgraded. As a result, we ensure that everyone is up to speed on the newest advancements and that all of our services are updated.

Keep Up with Trends

Experiments with cutting-edge technologies, design patterns, and development techniques are pushing innovation to higher levels. You gain an effective advantage as a result of our study into circumstances requiring new approaches.


Our commitment to data security is unwavering. Your data is backed up on the cloud safely and regularly, and you retain total control. Our application operates on Google Cloud, which complies with the strongest dependability and data security requirements.

Diverse customization

IBR Infotech is a professional software development company that provides superior, custom Document management software solutions for your organisation that is designed according to your specific demands and requirements.

How IBR Infotech makes Document Management Software Solution Easy yet insightful

We provide unique Personal Record (PHR) software for cloud and mobile implementations, as well as interface with Personal Records Systems for safe data exchange and transmission to a central database. Our electronic records management software development contains tools for handling demographic information and assessments, as well as Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code features, handwriting and voice recognition, and client portals.

We develop cloud-based DMS solutions on better Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) hosts, create user-friendly indexing tools, automate DMS with machine-learning software, and program data mining, mapping, and predictive coding software. We create multi-tenant collaboration solutions with extremely intuitive user interfaces, programming options for adding e-signatures, comments, and additional files, and workflow management tools that can be customised and automated.

According to current best practices and standards, we provide custom development of Information Technology software for connectivity, version control, cloud-based multi-point access, workflow automation, and built-in security.

To confirm a user's identity for a login or other transaction, we develop safe authentication systems that need several means of verification, such as two-factor (2FA) authentication from different categories of credentials. For an additional degree of protection to your platform, our document management software solutions provide e-signature features such as scanned images of ink signatures, mouse and stylus input, and biometric hand-signature software.

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How we build a Document Management Software Solution team for you

Prime Developers – Our programmers are proficient in front-end languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, as well as functional programming. They are also familiar with the fundamental concepts of bespoke software solutions such as component lifecycle, Virtual DOM, integration, revisions, and migration.

Diverse Expertise – Our developers are well acquainted with REST APIs, offline storage, and third-party libraries. They understand typescript, unit testing, prop types, and code debugging.

Test-Driven Approach – Our expert programmers may resolve performance issues. Our team members are familiar with the whole lifecycle of building a mobile app and software, from concept to execution.

Effective communication – We give our clients frequent updates on the status of their projects, as well as a comprehensive review of all essential technical choices.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Document Management Software companies in the world.

Why Tech Managers build their Document Management Software Solution Team with Us

Custom design

We have in-house designers who can provide pixel-perfect results. From the software development process to the visual interface, we produce professional software that stands out from the crowd.

Custom development

Our software development has the added benefit of being completely adaptable. We help you provide an exceptional customer experience by developing fully functional yet bespoke Document Management software that maximises your ROI.

Experienced developer

We are a team of skilled developers with web and app development experience. We strive to offer high-quality, high-performance software at an affordable price.

High-end security

Our company concentrates on client safety and product safety. We have agreed to provide our customers with source code, photos, and other project-related components.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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