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We offer healthcare providers customised telehealth software, virtual care solutions, and telemedicine platform development services. We make sure that our solutions are compatible, compliant, and data-encrypted for web and mobile platforms.

Transform the healthcare sector with IBR Infotech Telemedicine Software Development

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Telemedicine software development aims to develop high-quality software for remote consultations and patient monitoring. Healthcare providers can automate regular care management tasks via telemedicine, which also improves patient involvement, health outcomes, and accessibility to care.

IBR Infotech develops reliable software that are suitable for the requirements of patients and providers in order to assist healthcare organisations and software product firms in utilising telehealth technology. We provide comprehensive telemedicine app development solutions depending on your requirements. Our IBR Infotech team has more than 8 years of expertise in developing healthcare IT solutions and strong domain knowledge.

In-depth analysis

We implement a secure discovery approach and do in-depth research on your anticipated future product while taking into account your corporate ecosystem, market trends, competitors, customers, and possible investors. It enables us to put out our best effort and provides reassurance that the programme is progressing according to schedule.

Scalable and secure infrastructure

We make it simple to alter or eliminate certain processes, which is something that commercial software solutions cannot guarantee. The system's easy and quick expansion is made possible by its seamless interaction with business practises or specific users.

Make Your Ideas a Reality

With the help of our Telemedicine software, you might be able to make even the most intricate custom Telemedicine software ideas a reality. IBR Infotech is in a great position to take ideas from the drawing board and launch them into the market because it has developed over 20 software.

Rapid innovation and regular releases

If any modifications are made, every stage of the services offered is tested and reviewed. We make sure to regularly update all of our services to make sure software functionality is up to date on the most recent changes.


We operate with a serious commitment to data security. Your data, which is securely and regularly backed up in the cloud, is entirely yours. Our application is supported by Google Cloud, which upholds the highest reliability and data security requirements.

Diverse customization

IBR Infotech is a professional software development company that creates better, custom Telemedicine Software development solutions for your organisation that are specific to your particular needs and requirements. Our team can add many other functions like video conferencing, billing, and stock records in your software easily.

What can you do with the Telemedicine Software Solution?

We create specialised telehealth software for hospitals to improve doctor-patient communication, ensuring that patients have uninterrupted access to medical care even during a pandemic. To accommodate an increasing number of patients, enable scalable, highly effective, and secure video conferencing.

IBR Infotech's unique telemedicine software solutions aid in remote health monitoring by gathering real-time telemetry data from IoT devices. Manage doctor calendars to prevent missed appointments, double bookings, etc., by automatically updating medical records, enabling polite reminders about an impending appointment, and more.

Easily connect EMRs and EHRs to telehealth software systems to synchronise patient data. Schedule appointments, automate billing processes, monitor inventory levels etc. Utilise Internet of Things (IoT) devices to gather real-time health data from glucose monitors, oximeters, other devices to make diagnosis easier.

This allows physicians to evaluate patient history before an appointment by securely transmitting and storing data etc. This supports better care, reduces wait times, improves the effectiveness of in-person visits, etc. Additionally, individuals receive a unified view of all patient data, increasing the precision of subsequent analysis and diagnostics.

We create HIPAA-compliant products that let healthcare providers manage several medical activities. Integrate eHealth records and apps like chronic care management, primary care management, and transitional care management directly. Software keeps track of patient-doctor communications automatically for simpler reporting.

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How we build a Telemedicine Software Solution team for you

Lead developers – Our team of expert developers hold in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end programming languages. The underlying ideas of CRM systems, including customization, integration, and migration ensure a fully functional software.

Interdisciplinary skills – Our programmers are proficient in document request models, offline storage, and third-party libraries in addition to REST APIs. They are experts of prop types, typescript, unit testing, and code debugging.

Delivery mindset – Our team of developers are able to eliminate the performance barriers. From planning to deployment, our team of specialists has a thorough understanding of the entire lifecycle of developing mobile applications.

Effective communication – To ensure a seamless development process, our expert developers carefully develop UI components and apps using conceptual concepts and wireframes to help you create a unique software experience.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading Telemedicine Software Solution companies in the world.

Why Tech Managers build their Telemedicine Software Development Solution Team with Us

Our agile approach

Our expert team of Telemedicine developers works collaboratively to maximise your ROI. Plus, they make sure to follow a feedback approach that helps in improving overall workflow and services.


Our Telemedicine experts leverage DevOps to deliver quality software. Plus, by practising continuous response in DevOps we focus on improving application release.

Performance metrics

Being a Telemedicine software development company, we aim to develop the healthcare platform keeping all the performance metrics in mind.

Industry-specific solution

Our Telemedicine software solutions are developed to function seamlessly across all gadgets giving you extensive reach and driving traffic to your healthcare platform.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience and a dedication to building products focused on our customers’ business goals allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with clients.

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