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TypeScript is a transitional stage of coding between languages that are different from JavaScript. The finest alternatives for complex apps are explored and developed by skilled Typescript development services. Together, TS/JS produces webpages and apps that are faster and of higher quality.

Hire a Typescript web development company and Create Something Awesome


Typescript development services technology has been able to attract entrepreneurs and developers with its not-so-complex and effective structure that comes with a wealth of benefits. The bigger and more ambitious your project is, the more you can benefit from TypeScript.

By fusing Typescript development services with JS frameworks and libraries, we transform your concept into a practical service. Our TypeScript development services are very effective and advanced. Our perfect application proves to be an asset to your company. Our research team develops a realistic customer persona for your industry before we start developing, and creates a relatable service.

We offer specialized TypeScript development services focused on business. Overall, TypeScript is a strong tool for usage in big Typescript development company teams and boasts sound design principles. It enables the production of scalable applications.


Half the battle is won by knowing. Knowing what you want from your product is key to discovery, the motive, vision, objective, and everything else. We sit down with you, get a pen and paper, and discuss your needs. This is the first building block that makes a project successful.


Analyzing the flow and creating a raw sketch of the product are both parts of design and prototyping. The process is all about improving User Experience, starting with a wireframe that helps in comprehending the functionalities to create the displays and understand how an app will integrate.


This is where the awesome and award-winning Typescript development company team at IBR Infotech brings an idea to life. We can produce agile and scalable services considerably faster than others.


Deployment is challenging. We assist you in navigating this maze of regulations, which varies between platforms and retailers, streamlining the entire procedure. While this facilitates the process, we also foster a welcoming environment for users.


We offer the tools necessary to sustain your product after deployment, ensuring its authenticity and integrity in the market.

On-time Delivery

One of our primary focuses is completing the projects by the deadline. Our project managers ensure that work is delivered on schedule and in good condition.

What can you build with TypeScript?

Real-time dashboards

TypeScript development services work well with Node, just like JavaScript does. They are therefore the best option if your web application relies on user input and output of several data kinds. The likelihood that a firm will contact our Typescript web development company increases with the level of user interface interactivity. Developers like these are capable of producing efficient Node API development for web and mobile. Typescript for web development and mobile applications powered by Node.js and TypeScript demonstrate exceptional efficiency.

Web App Development

Businesses benefit from our experience in world-class web application development. To create innovative web apps that excel in the competition, we program in the TS scripting language and put the framework together in JS.

We code in TS and design the framework in JS, and the end product is a creative masterpiece.

TypeScript App Development

We have a skilled developer who can create enterprise-grade mobile apps that are resilient, scalable, and engaging for every device and screen size. Our developers can produce user-friendly apps in a range of sectors, including retail, insurance, banking, healthcare, entertainment, education, and more. They guarantee the faultless and high-quality delivery of mobile app service with a unique, rich user interface.

JS To TS Migration Service

With our pragmatic strategy, switching from the current JavaScript to TypeScript involves no risks. Your current JavaScript application will be upgraded to the most recent Typescript development services version with the aid of our talented developers, who can also assist you with straightforward and risk-free server migration.


Another crucial component of building and scaling effective Typescript for web development is architecture. Using a microservices-based design, you may distribute your app’s components as loosely linked services. They can then be scaled separately. By doing so, you may conserve resources while improving overall performance. Microservices and TypeScript development services-complement one other since they both work with Node.


How we build a TypeScript development team for you

Our whole recruitment approach incorporates Typescript for Typescript for web development constantly. The majority of our developers have a computer science background and expertise working with powerful languages like Java. Therefore, they naturally gravitate toward TypeScript, regardless of whether they work with frontend, backend, or mobile development.

Lead developers – These are our most skilled developers. They will assist you in organizing your plan and ensuring it is carried out.

Interdisciplinary skills – Our developers possess a wide range of experience and various full-stack developer traits. They are adaptable and demonstrate their worth in daily life.

Delivery mindset – Event quality development is only beneficial when it stresses continual delivery and is in line with corporate objectives. We insist on this tight commercial relationship since we are fully aware of this.

Effective communication – We spend a lot of effort developing the most effective communication practices. The entire procedure is open and honest.

According to industry rankings, IBR InfoTech is one of the leading TypeScript development companies in the world.

Why Tech Managers Build their TypeScript Development Team with us

Flexible engagement model

We engage with our clients based on their business requirements to fit the scope and size of their operations.

Experienced team

Our industry-leading professionals are at the top in their field and possess cutting-edge skill sets.

Quality assurance

We make sure the finished product complies with the brand’s quality standards.


Data and content security are our prime focus. We uphold exemplary client data privacy.

Agile methodology

We manage a project by segmenting it into several phases, incorporating ongoing stakeholder participation, continuous improvement, and iteration.

After support

We offer full client support after the project is finished.

Save weeks of TypeScript development with our RAD Modules

Rapid application development (RAD) is a software development process that replaces comprehensive planning with fast prototyping in place of traditional software development. RAD is an iterativeprocess that employs short iterations, reusable prototypes, and a large number of software modules.

Form your durable team with us

In-depth expertise with erupting technologies, long experience, and a dedication to building products focused on the business goals of our customers allow IBR Infotech to build long-term cooperation with our clients.

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